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Let Them Eat Crack! Banksy round 2

My friend Mikey H. in NYC just Ichatted me saying he just saw the Banksy show mentioned below (Which he said was rad.). He asked me if I have seen photos for the giant rat pieces Banksy did in Soho, they’re all legal too since they are commissioned pieces. Simply put, amazing stuff. Click on for more!

Photo cred: Mikey’s friends Iphone! (more…)

Banksy new work

When I was in NY last, I picked up a book for TG on Banksy’s art. His street art is really amazing, but this newest venture may take the cake. It’s so bizarre!!! The “Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill” is a tiny storefront that opened without notice or fanfare in NY. It has drawn confused crowed to its “animals” displays such as chicken mcnuggets, drinking from a communal bbq sauce, hot dogs under heat lamps in aquariums, and a leopard in a tree. Read more about it at the Wooster Collective¬†or check out the photos and video below…