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SnowDays Video Benefit

Snowboard Video Event @ Nemo from Austin Will on Vimeo.

Nemo’s own Austin Will and our good pal Nick Lipton of YoBeat put together a sweet little video premier at studio nemo Saturday Nov. 15th. They showed Airblaster’s new film August, Team Thunder’s new movie Gold Country, and Leeward Cinemas’ My Own Two Feet and Isenseven’s “Teenage Love Graffiti.”

With beer courtesy of Nike Snowboarding and Isenseven…it was a great night, no fights, no vomit, tons of new faces, prizes, smiles, and redbull! check out the whole story @ yobeat.

Airblaster’s “August” World Premier- Denver, Colorado

Day of Travel: Portland to Boulder from Austin Will on Vimeo.

Airblaster’s “August” Premier- Denver, Colorado from Austin Will on Vimeo

from Austin Will on Vimeo.

The JAM packed Boulder Theater housed hundreds of people for the world premier of Airblaster’s Latest film, “August.” August was shown with Absinthe’s “Ready,” Think Thank’s “Stack Footy,” MDP’s “Double Decade,” and Technine’s “Familia.” It was a night to remember. Special thanks to Nemo Design for letting me borrow a Cannon G9 to document the trip.