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21 helmets on Hell For Leather

A little while ago nemo participated in our friend Thor of SeeSee Motorcycles’ colaboration with Bell and various artist’s around the portland area. The helmets turned out amazing and the show was awesome. Check out our studio shots of all 21 helmets and the behind the scenes with the artists, video by Jess Gibson.

All on Hell For Leather

AIGA Tours Nemo

Thanks for the wonderful tour! The AIGA artists had some thoughtful questions and the nemo crew had some great insight into the world of design/photo/web and job hunting.

Thanks again!

Artist of the Day…

One of my favorite contemporary painters Kehinde Wiley’s work is featured in Anthem. His work transgresses historical narratives of black men, as hyper masculine, violent and sexualized beings and actually inserts them into art history, from which they have been missing. He uses the work of 17th and 18th century painting masters as inspiration and places his contemporary subjects in similar poses with backgrounds that are traditionally considered feminine in motif. 

And… as it relates to us in Portland and Nemo, he paints some of his subjects with Nike Sportswear and SB clothing and shoes!