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American Gladiator -Monica Carlson

Monica Carlson By Trevor Graves

Life is a tangled web. A few years ago I had a shoot for Merrel shoes and had the pleasure of shooting with Portland Blazer cheerleader Moinca Carlson. She was kick ass and tons of fun to shoot. I saw her not so long ago at my sons school where she was dropping off her twin girls. Today I get a random text message about Amercian Gladiator and Monica.

“Monica Carlson is a 32-year-old mother of 8-year-old twins and a former Portland Trailblazer dancer. Growing up ‘American Gladiators’ was her favorite show. Her husband is a football coach and athletics plays a large part in the family. One of 11 kids growing up, Monica is in great shape and loves competition. She currently lives in Milwaukie, Oregon.”

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