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Undertow “testing the waters” Art Opening

If you weren’t here for the Undertow art opening on Friday you missed one awesome party! But the show will be up all week so come on in and check it out. Enjoy the video!

Undertow “Testing The Waters” from alex mertz on Vimeo.

Think Thank Premiere

Think Thank you Mertzy for the video!

Think Thank’s “Cool Story” Seattle Premiere from alex mertz on Vimeo.

Mertz Photo

Our dear Alex is back in Alaska for the summer…some manual labor should set him straight! I kid I kid…Mertz
we love ya and we love this photo of Mark!
Thanks for the eye candy from up north! Keep it coming! We Miss you!

My “extended” trip in Alaska… Thanks Mt. Redoubt

So for the past 10 days I’ve been in Anchorage, AK shooting photos w/ the Think Thank crew. Everything Started out great, perfect weather, hiking everyday, stacking shots, safe to say everyone was killing it. About half way through I get word Mt. Reboubt, an active volcano 100 some miles from Anchorage has erupted, no biggy just ash that wont hit town. Skip ahead a few days, we’re staying low in our hiking zone due to avalanche dangers from the 4 feet it dumped days before. Everything seemed perfect, blue skies, sunshine, and a sweet jump ready to go. Sam Hulbert is up first to test the jump shortly after he goes, someone yells holy S**T look! Massive fast moving ash ploom high in the atmosphere is headed right for us, all of the sudden it completely blocks out the sun, it had to have dropped 20+ degrees and now all the light was flat, no fun to shoot in. Soon after it passes, and watching the ash ploom, it heads right for Anchorage… this is not good as I’m supposed to leave the next day. Airports shut down multiple flights are canceled and over 1200 ppl are stuck just at the airport. This ultimately means I’m screwed as far as my flight goes. Now it’s Monday morning, my flight got pushed back to early Tuesday morn, volcano is still blowing ash and I’m just hoping it doesn’t come into Anchorage’s airspace again. Airplanes tend to fall out of the sky when they encounter ash, not good! So their is my sob story, blah blah, here are some pictures. Enjoy! Peep this video of the eruption and follow along w/ the AK volcano observatory.

Ash salting our game in the backcountry.

Gus Engle practicing proper respiratory safety.

Cris Larson w/ a switch 50-50 in the ashy snow.

My Week in Utah with Nikita Outerwear Team.

I’ll give ya the quick and dirty, this was one of my more favorite freelance photo shoots to date, It may have been due to the surprising openness of everyone involved to G.S.D. no matter what! All the girls were awesome and open to suggestion and copped zero attitude, I know some male riders that are more high maintenance to deal with compared to any of these girls. Ha. Nikita has a solid group of riders, killing it from the pow, park, pipe, streets and their focused. Special props go to Nikita office crew that absolutely killed everything from buying large amounts of avocados and string cheese daily to keep the small army shredding to putting a roof over our heads. I like to think I came out of this trip with everything I set to accomplish and like 20+ new friends I can’t wait to run into in the near future. Well enough rambling… go to Yobeat to get the full scoop as told by Brooke Geery! Make sure to check All the pics and DAILY video coverage! Click here.

Thanks Nikita!

Think Thank’s “cool story”

The think thank crew is at it again…these innovative Alaskan soles will be accompanied by Nemo’s own lens wizard Alex Mertz. He is sure to be creating some awe-inspiring eye candy of these wild-snow-wonders….so keep your eyes peeled as more of the video releases the photos emerge.

Dine in or Kari out?

Kari Rowe is my co-worker and fellow photo assistant here at Nemo. Tuesday night I went out with my homie for Chinese food at the Golden Horse down in Chinatown, (bomb food btw…) and took home leftovers. The box literally says “Kari”not carry! I had to do something with this box and Kari. I ran the idea by Kari the next day and asked if she could use her photoshop wizardry to finish it up if i shot it, she was in. A few fun sodas and high 5’s later we were done! Now we leave you with “Kari out”

A night of Furry Kama Sutra

Nemo Design hosted Furry Kama Sutra, a photo show by Michael Cogliantry. Here are some images from the event in all its sexy costumed glory!


Dry Ice Bottle Bomb

Alex Mertz and the Nemo boyz thought it would be a “good” idea to place dry ice in a sealed coke bottle. See the impending drama as it unfolds.