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Goodwill trip to Africa

Chris Owen, Hannah and Amen Teter recently returned from Africa. Chris and Amen are regulars here around Nemo and though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Hanna, I really admire what she’s doing, so it’s our pleasure to share what cool stuff they  have been doing…

For the past two years Hannah has been sponsoring Kirindon, a community that has been severely impacted by the HIV and AIDS pandemic, with the generous donation of prize money from her successful snowboarding career and profits of her Hannah’s Gold Maple Syrup. Hannah has made a long term commitment to this struggling community and is dedicated to make a difference in the lives of the children in this West Kenyan village. Her ongoing efforts have been exemplified through numerous projects that include paying for school fees, home based care kits and trained in-home care for those suffering from HIV and AIDS.

On October 17th Hannah, in partnership with World Vision, visited Kirindon to see first hand how her efforts have made a difference in this poverty stricken community. Hannah and her dedicated crew documented their time interacting with the children, participating in the community and overseeing the construction progress on a water treatment plant that Hannah has been funding for the village. Before Hannah left for Kenya she made a stop at the United Nations Compassion Ball where she served as guest of honor and her charitable donations and community service efforts were recognized. After being honored by the United Nations and spending time with the children of Kirindon, Hannah headed to Saas Fee, Switzerland for early season snowboarding.