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Nemo Gallery Shows Trending Rock Art

starsoftrackandfieldvolcano choir

Two of our lovely artists from previous show are featuring their work on album covers this month!
Jonny Fenix, lent not only the name of his art show (Time for Lions), but his talented hand to the new Stars of Track and Field album and website.

Justin Vernon, best known as Bon Iver, has a new side project called Volcano Choir (that’s fantastic!) and the cover of that album features artwork by last September’s artist Adrienne Deboer.

Both are really fantastic! Great job guys.

The Preservation of Fleeting moments by Adrienne DeBoer @ StudioNemo

Adrienne DeBoer Photo Show at StudioNemo from alex mertz on Vimeo.

On 9/5 StudioNemo was proud to present Adreinne DeBoers “The Preservation of Fleeting Moments”. Adrienne explains that she is compelled to create a memory that will be transformed into the tangible before it is too late. Were excited to have her work on our walls, come in to check it out this month.

First Friday Gallery Show

Friday 09/05/08


1875 SE Belmont Ave. 


Please join us for First Friday at Nemo. We are excited to present the work of photographer Adrienne DeBoer. DeBoer explores memories through the topography of her childhood. Her work gives the viewer glimpses into issues of emotion, forgetting, tradition and collective realities. While a dark humor runs through the dreamy landscape, the more tangible reality of disconnection between childhood and adulthood; and the consciousness of city dweller vs. rural inhabitant are present throughout the work.