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Photographer of the day- Pete Eckert

Pete Eckert is a blind photographer who uses his other senses to visualize the world.  


” I am not trying to depict the sighted world. I am trying to show the world I now see using my other senses. My memories, emotions, as well as sound and touch play a part. Some people don’t think I am blind after looking at my work. I am a visual person, I just can’t see.”


He certainly depicts a way of visualizing the world through energy perception. The concept and actualization are beautiful and inspirational! 

Freeman Transport

So, I ran into an old friend Nathan Freeman  and his lovely wife Emily this past weekend. I hadn’t seen his since he left to NY for graduate school. When I asked him what he’d been up to lately, he showed me this amazing bike and told me he was hand building them. He makes these all steel incredible single speed bikes with s and s couplings that break apart and can be put on an airplane for no extra charge! AND… to make it even better they go in the most amazingly stylish bags. Urban Outfitters blog just got wind of them, so I’m sure they will take off now. Check out Freeman Transport’s blog  here. Way to go Nathan!

Worthy of PDN?????

I was checking out the PDN blog this morning and was really sad to see not one, but TWO articles about celebrity baby photos- the ubiquitous Brad and Angelina twins and Jessica Alba’s baby. I guess it spurns the question of whether a blog should adhere to any standards? Of course it depends on the blog, but a blog linked to a respectable photography publication looses points in my book for even discussing paparazzi crap. Am I wrong? 

Just a reminder folks…

   great poster

My new favorite fashion photog…

David Slijper is my new favorite fashion photographer.