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Holy Oly Revival x YOBEAT x MertzPhoto.

This past weekend The Holy Oly Revival went off with out a hitch for the it’s 6th year now. Even the avalanche that took out Its usual spot for the course at Summit of Snoqualmie could not stop the NW best event from going off. Krush Kaluza and the rest of Snowboy Productions made it happen, with an assortment of jibs, bonks, logs, cobradogs and the biggest hip the Holy Oly has ever seen. Pro’s and random joe’s young and old came out to huck for that 1st place spot and a pallette… a whole freaking pallette of Olympia beer! Nick @ YOBEAT was awesome enough to trasnsport myself and video guy Austin Will to the event, Check out their site for more shots, video and contest results of the most Unholy Holy Oly, click here.