BMW burns their logo into viewers eyeballs

Sorry, that headline probably came off much more graphic than what is actually happening. However, the folks over at BMW have gotten pretty crafty in their latest ad/stunt in Germany. Merging knowledge of technology and human sensory reactions, the car giant played their new tv commercial at a local theatre for a select audience. While the film was playing, they fired a profoto strobe through a BMW logo through the back of the screen, into the audience’s retinas, without them really even noticing. But when the viewers closed their eyes at the end of the show, they were left with letters BMW projected on their eyelids. Check out the sly tv spot below (though the flash effect doesn’t work over YouTube)

(via gizmodo)

Photoshop Tutorial Rap

Here is a little tutorial to help out everyone’s photos and christmas cards this year. The rap is a little wack, but the dude surprisingly knows what he’s talking about. CMY-Killa covers red eye removal, “blinging” your text, and applying filters to your unicorn…

Olympus Pen commercial is pure photography

How do you tell the story of a classic camera? Olympus has done a pretty good job in their new ad for the iconic Olypmus Pen. This spot is pure photographic storytelling. With major inspiration from Mr Taijin Takeuchi, 60000 pictures shot, 9600 prints developed, and over 1800 pictures re-shot. And believe it or not, there was no post-production involved (old school, I know!).

INFLUENCERS explores ever-changing social trends.

We live in a generation that shares everything, impersonal and personal. Check out this short little documentary titled INFLUENCERS, a film that explores the rapidly growing and changing world of cool-hunting, trend developing, and the social action/re-action exchange of the young and creative.

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Surfers Get Matrix’d

Not sure how many surfers are out there reading this, but even if you don’t surf, this is worth checking out. Action sports are not yet well know for tv spots, but Rip Curl seems to be wanting to change that. Using 52(!) DSLR’s and multiple video cameras, this newly launched campaign features some of the most technologically advanced stop-action multimedia ever recorded. Check out a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Rip Curl team getting all matrix’d out in this wave pool in Malaysia (and see the final cut here).

Do wakeboarders want to be snowboarders?

I don’t know much about wakeboarding/wakeskating, and after seeing this video, I think I know even less. Check out Pro wakeboarder Nick Ennen and photographer (and friend of Nemo) Mike Yoshida take whatever-sport-this-is-called-now to the next level.

Mickey Smith- The Dark Side of the Lens

This video popped up on about a week ago, and since then has earned a lot of attention all over the web. The video is apart of Relentless Energy’s Short Stories competition, “a challenge to filmmakers around the world to explore, reveal, celebrate and define NO HALF MEASURES through the medium of film.”

Mickey Smith’s video is the first entry to this competition, and I think after seeing it, most will agree it will be a hard one to beat. Shot in super 16mm film, as well as groundbreaking work with Canon’s 5D mkII, Smith’s documentary/monologue along with some stunning shots throw us into the harsh world of surf photography in Ireland and the UK, a surprisingly up-and-coming locale for action sports.

For more info on Mickey Smith and the Short Stories competition, check out and

Department of Skateboarding closes its doors

As you may or may not have already heard, the building that The Dept. and Cal’s Pharmacy have occupied in Portland for the last 9 years was sold a few months ago. Obviously this is a huge bummer to many skaters in Portland’s skateboarding community. The Dept. always strove to be a positive contributor to that community and “will continue to do so in whatever way it can in the future.”

Department of Skateboarding from DEPT. on Vimeo.

Right Brain Left Brain The New Think Thank Feature

The next think thank video begins the day after the premier of the current years. With their constant creativity, interesting mix of riders and new innovative riding how can you not be stoked the day the trailer for their new video hits the interweb.