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I Went to a Rodeo.

I’ve hijacked Merzy’s account to take Studio Nemo up on their kind offer of letting you know I went to a rodeo. With a small arsenal of gear and my requisite Coors Light, I spent 3 days with the hosses and hossettes of the Pendleton Roundup. What I found was a fantastic blend of spurs, cheddar fries, complementary whiskey and flags on everything. Collected here.

Airblaster’s “August” World Premier- Denver, Colorado

Day of Travel: Portland to Boulder from Austin Will on Vimeo.

Airblaster’s “August” Premier- Denver, Colorado from Austin Will on Vimeo

from Austin Will on Vimeo.

The JAM packed Boulder Theater housed hundreds of people for the world premier of Airblaster’s Latest film, “August.” August was shown with Absinthe’s “Ready,” Think Thank’s “Stack Footy,” MDP’s “Double Decade,” and Technine’s “Familia.” It was a night to remember. Special thanks to Nemo Design for letting me borrow a Cannon G9 to document the trip.

StudioNemo visits the Innovative+Functional Furniture Show 2008 at PSU

Inovative+Functional Furniture Show 2008 from alex mertz on Vimeo.
A few of us here at StudioNemo took a trip this evening to PSU campus in Portland,OR to check out the Innovative+Functional Funiture Show 2008. Our good friend Dave Seoane was on hand exhibiting his work (killer table Dave.) among 40 other artists. AND HE WON 1ST PLACE!!! There were some very beautiful pieces, some odd, some just weird, but held their own, in their funky little ways. Be sure to check out the show all month long at the Shattuck Bldg. (3rd floor) on the PSU campus. Thanks to all the artists involved! Great work!

Carlin Sundell travels back in time, Brings back photos as proof!

Well not exactly, had to give the National Enquirer headline a shot. Carlin Sundell works as a freelance photographer here at StudioNemo and is a good friend of ours. He recently attended a workshop on wet collodion plate photography. Wet collodion plate photography was developed by Frederik Archer in the mid 19th century. The image is exposed on to a glass or tin plate covered in collodion, a viscous liquid, made by dissolving nitrated cotton in a mixture of alcohol and ether and then light sensitive salts are applied to the plate, exposed, to create the photo. You literally need a entire chemistry kit in the field and work quickly in an ether rich environment to develop the plate. At some point a gas lantern is involved in the process… Chances for “KA-BLEWY” go way up! I suppose that’s half the fun, eh? Well fortunately Carlin returned not looking like THIS, and brought us back some amazing photos. Gives you an appreciation photography’s early years in today’s mind-numbing point and shoot world.

Click ahead to see some shots of Carlin in action! (more…)

Talk about location!!!!

Aren’t we lucky here in the great NW to have the locations that we have. I am so happy to see that someone is using it well…Check out the beautiful photos that Raymond Meier took for New York Times T Magazine in the Olympic National Forest.  

Parenthetical Girls Music Video Shoot

StudioNemo was very excited to host the Parenthetical Girls in our studio last night to shoot their latest music video. They were recently signed to German label Tomlab and according to the Mercury, “[they] seem a band on the cusp of greatness.”

Though you’ll have to wait to see the video I can share some photos from the shoot and the music videos they drew inspiration from….

If you are interested in seeing them play at TBA…
Parenthetical Girls
When: Sun., Sept. 7, 10:30 p.m.
Price: $8-10
NORTH 240 N Broadway

Locations of the week – SEXY POOLS

Strength in numbers by Plain T

The power of a pair is undeniable. Every Bonnie wants their Clyde! And why shouldn’t they, it is the chemical urge to find our mate, the one that will be our partner in crime forever. Some couples look like they were made for eachother. Like a key missing its lock, without eachother they are without functionality. This couple from Helsinki Finland is the epitome of inseparability. Andreas (18) and Tanja (24) have a style that stands alone, but as you see, together they become something intangible and whole. I bet they even light each others cigarettes! Go to Hel Looks to find more Finish street.

Photos of students taking photos of riders in action @ HCSC

Here are a few photos of students of the HCSC Photo Workshop in action capturing the action!

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HCSC- Photo Workshop – Day #3 – Tim Zimmerman

steve huangsteve huangkevin_heitczman
We woke to Mother Nature playing a game with the weather. The mountain was socked in. While we waited for the clouds to lift, Tim Zimmerman instructed the class all about digital workflow, processing and storage. The clouds lifted on High Cascade and we hit the snow. Molly Aguirre, Hanna Teter, Jeremy Jones all hucked for the workshop shooters.

HCSC Photo Workshop- Day#2- video highlights

HCSC Photo Workshop – Day 2 from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Nike 6.0 Athlete Photoshoot @ Studio Nemo

Untitled from alex mertz on Vimeo.

Last week Nike6.0 photographer Josh Letchworth dropped in to our studios to shoot various 6.0 athletes while Nike was hosting the kids for migration week, which they do every summer. Migration is an activity filled week and a meet and greet for all the athletes from the different sports to get to know each other. Even after running around all day, the kids were good about having to stay up til 2am-ish to get their photos taken. We were hammering out 16-18hr days, everyone pulled their weight and kicked ass. It was also the biggest build we’ve done for a set to date! All in all, it was lots of lights, lots of fun, lots of laughs! BIG thanks to Josh, the athletes, and everyone involved!!!!! Enjoy the video.

Ben Horan- a cinderella story

Na huh?

So Ben Horan is this amazing wakeskater on the Nike 6.0 team. He is from Nahunta, GA. Just say it one more time….hear it start rollin’ off your tongue like a real southern boy. So, what do you call a “cinderella story” if it’s a guy? Just doesn’t sound right like that. Anyways…for lack of better words, thats the deal with Ben. He was picked up by a sheer matter of fortunate circumstances that put him and his abilities in front of the right people. I couldn’t wish for it to happen to anyone better. The kid is the most down-to-earth person you will come across, humbled by his peers and supported by the limbs of his distinct family tree.
I had the chance to spend a few days up in home town with him just doing what he does. That experience really put all the pieces together for me. It was clear to see why Ben is who he is. We made cheeseburgers with his mom, winched a rail on his neighbors farm lake, skated his satellite dish in the driveway, played with his turtle “shredder” and hung out at the DQ. I am sure there are 100 kids in other similar small towns doing nearly the same thing. Ok, so maybe not quite as good. Did i mention that his sister drives the winch for him? Well, yes she does. Thats pretty cool. Thanks for the hospitality
Ben, I’ll be back.


Ben Horan- a Josh Letchworth essay

Ben Horan- a Josh Letchworth essay

On Assignment with Amanda Friedman

Earlier this week I had the pleasure and the privilege to assist Amanda Friedman on location here in Portland. She is one of the few photographers today that still shoot entirely film! Her high energy and positive attitude made the job amazingly fun. At the moment I cannot disclose what the shoot was for or who it was of but ill give you a little taste of her skills…
Kari Rowe By Amanda Friedman

Kari Rowe By Amanda Friedman

Frozen Fish – Josh Letchworth on assignment

josh letchworthjosh letchworthjosh letchworth

“Back in the day” we used to have Pen Pals. Today, we Twitter, IM and email all our friends and colleagues. Josh Letchworth has been sending me the Eye Candy to keep me stoked up while I jockey my desk at Nemo Design. Josh is living at sea level doing the STANDARD magazine project. Recently, Ski Doo brought him up to the mountain to shoot snowmobiles and he shared some of his thoughts and shots from the adventure in Yellowstone:You know, now I understand the “fish out of water” feeling TG was getting when he was down in the keys for the Nike shoot last spring. In December, I had the chance to shoot up in West Yellowstone for Ski Doo. Yes it was cold, there was a lot of snow and I quickly learned that jeans and a pair of flip flops just wouldn’t cut it. So, before i left, I made this laundry list of questions to ask Trevor about how to survive out there. He kindly replied with some vital info and many links to REI’s website. Thanks, now I am addicted to buying really cool stuff that i will never use. Love it. The trip was great. I actually really enjoyed shooting in those conditions once I got in my rhythm. It was all about having the right stuff at the right time…like fingerless gloves, pocket warmers, lithium batteries and a good backpack. i found it nice to not be sweating, salty and sunburned. The light bounced around off the snow like a giant studio and when it did get cloudy, at least the light was even. I guess that’s what is fun about life sometimes….stepping outside of your comfort zone. You always come back a bit more perspective on things. I’d go back to shoot in the snow anytime, just have the fire burning and the hot toddy ready by 5. -josh josh letchworth ski doo shootjosh letchworth ski doo shootjosh letchworth ski doo shoot

Pillow Talk -Jeff Curtes

jeff curtes

Jeff and his wife Jess recently move to Portland and in all honesty, the guy is on the road more than he is not. Hotel rooms, ski resorts and airports all start looking the same. It’s not a glamorious as it sounds being the number one documentarian of the Burton Snowboarding brand. To get more insight to the life and times of Jeff Curtes check out his blog, “THIS IS MY BED”. www.jeffcurtesphoto.blogspot.com.

road Trippin

jeff curtes

jeff curtes