Nemo Initiation 2010

It’s that time of the year again, time to welcome the newbies to Nemo. And what better way to say “welcome” than with a spoonful of Viper hot sauce. Of course there were multiple cameras there to document the ritual. Miraculously, everyone survived.

re: Reciprocity

You are invited to a night of inspiration, learning, and discussion at NemoHQ for The New Communicator’s event September 15th from 5-9pm. The New Communicators is a three-day series of events exploring the ways we communicate with each other. Events are created by anyone and anyone can attend. It is an open forum for discussion, education and inspiration.
Come discuss reciprocity, linear storytelling, social media animals, culture, global citizenship, and Russian spies! It will be a great evening for creatives, social media pundits, and business folks alike.
We’ve opened our doors for those eager to present their ideas and stories, and are hosting a great line-up of people ready to inspire you with their thoughts and teach you with their experiences.

Reciprocity :
The New Communicators Event Hosted by NemoHQ

Wednesday Sept. 15th 5-9pm // 1875 SE Belmont St.

Narrative Storytelling in a Social Media World
presented by film/video director Jacob Hinmon of Four + One Productions
5:00 to 5:45

My Month as a Russian Facebook Spy
presented by Anna Chapman of Winborn & Company
5:45 to 6:30

2010 New Communicators Keynote
presented by Tim DuRoche, Director of Programs for The World Affairs Council of Oregon
7:00 to 7:30

Old Spice and Exotic Social Media Animals
presented by Dean McBeth, Sr. Strategist P&G Brands at Weiden + Kennedy and Community Manager of Old Spice
8:00 to 8:45

Please RSVP at
Find out more at

Department of Skateboarding closes its doors

As you may or may not have already heard, the building that The Dept. and Cal’s Pharmacy have occupied in Portland for the last 9 years was sold a few months ago. Obviously this is a huge bummer to many skaters in Portland’s skateboarding community. The Dept. always strove to be a positive contributor to that community and “will continue to do so in whatever way it can in the future.”

Department of Skateboarding from DEPT. on Vimeo.

Athlete Recovery Fund


Hey Kids, check it out, The Athlete Recovery Fund is a group that helps injured action sports athletes (skate, bmx, and fmx). How rad is that! And right now they are teamed up with Ball Park Franks who will donate $1 to the ARF every time you watch this video, so watch it all the way through at least once and help out those in need! Remember many professional action sports athletes do not have health insurance and cannot get it due to their high risk profession.

China Design Now

Picture 3

China Design Now opened this weekend at the PAM. I was lucky to see a preview of the show last week and it was incredible. Here is a little bit about it… 

China Design Now is an immersive, multi-sensory exploration of the graphic design, fashion, interior design, and architecture emerging from China today. By focusing on the creative output of three distinctive cities, China Design Now presents a rapidly changing cultural landscape that is transforming China and our collective definition of urban life.


NEMO is super excited to be a part of this event through community programming. We have a fantastic surprise for November’s First Friday show. Save the date for November 4th.  Check out more here…



documenting war

War is a reality and the documentation of it is very important. A very touchy subject, and a gruesome one at that. I read this morning how the Associated Press is getting grief for distributing a photo that was captured of Joshua Bernard, a 21 year old Marine fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was taken after he was hit with a rocket powered grenade and mortally wounded. This photo was shot by Julie Jacobson of the AP and this is what she had to say about it,”To ignore a moment like that simply … would have been wrong. I was recording his impending death, just as I had recorded his life moments before walking the point in the bazaar,” she said. “Death is a part of life and most certainly a part of war. Isn’t that why we’re here? To document for now and for history the events of this war?”

However hard it is to look at…we need to see it. If this isn’t seen then it dosent exist. It needs to exist to make a personal connection to those of us sitting at our desks sipping our morning coffee. I’m not saying there isn’t a boundary being over stepped for the family but its worth it for the world to see what they do so well to ignore. This could have been your loved one. This is the war you support. This is the war you ignore. This is us keeping the peace.


“Don’t let the craft die”


Kevin Vertucio had a funny, yet oh-so true article in issue 3 of Living Proof Magazine. Please read  for a good chuckle and a heavy dose of truth!

May’s show is up on Urban Outfitters’ blog today…

Nemo’s art show for May is a collaboration with Portland’s Pattern People. It’s called Beneath the Surface. It’s an international sensation. So much so that Urban Outfitters put it up on their blog today. Check it…

slides are only worth $7 what the *&%^?$?%^&*(&(&(*)_)^^

TG sent me the following rant this morning. He mentioned that when his basement flooded all those years ago, he was able to get compensated for his lost slides. He said this compensation helped him stay afloat while he was starting Nemo Design. Thank god for that money or else I wouldn’t be here! Now, a precedent has been set that a professional photographer’s original slide is only worth $7. Is this for real? The scathing rant below points out that at that price it would be cheaper to compensate an artist then send back the slides? 



Paul Melcher attacks everyone below, check out his site for a response from Daryl Lang of PDN who claims that they have covered the story a lot….




If you thought that the money you had given to this or that photo trade organization was useful, think again. ASMP, APA, EP, PPA, WHNPA, SA, and all of the other siblings are guilty of the same crime. Silence. Chris Usher has lost his appeal after a seven year battle against Corbis and each of his 12,640 images lost will be compensated for a lousy $7.00 a piece.

(see previous post for more detailed explanation)

This ruling means that from now on, any agency, any magazine, any publisher will never have to worry about losing your photographs, since it will cost them peanuts to pay you back. It will be cheaper for them to trash them then returning them to you.

Also guilty are PDN, supposedly a trade news magazine, and other photography blogs, that are more interested in getting volumes of traffic to please their advertiser rather than report fairly on this industry.

They should all be put on the wall of shame for ignoring one of the longest and possibly important case in modern photography. Chris Usher was maybe crazy to take on the infinite cash Corbis but he did what he thought was a fair battle and lost. Not just because he couldn’t afford a legal team as powerful as the Bill Gates funded Corbis, but also because everyone ignore his battle, probably thinking it was a personal one.

In times where it is even more challenging to be a photographer than ever before, it is sad to see how helpless this industry has become, especially on the photographer’s side. It is sad to see how apathetic everyone is in face of challenges that will surely, one day, affect them too. Finally, it sad to see that, in the face of adversity, a photographer has no friends.




PDN’s “30”, featuring Studionemo’s friends Corey Arnold and Cole Barash

We just received the new issue of PDN, inside they highlight their choice for their favorite 30 new and emerging photographers, 2 highlighted are Studionemo’s friends Cole Barash, and Corey Arnold. Click here to go to PDN’s online gallery featuring work from all 30 featured photographers.

Sony: Bravia-Drome

I remember for a science fair in grade school, I made a zoetrope to illustrate the illusion of motion from a series of still images, which at the time I think was a hand drawn stick figure skateboarder doing an ollie. Well looks like the zoetrope technology and made leaps and bounds since those humble science fair days. Sony Bravia, best known for their sleek, sexy flatscreens and groundbreaking creative direction for TV ads (click here), is back with a different approach. They built the worlds largest and fastest zoetrope installation ever and plopped it right in the middle of Venaria, Italy. From the looks of it, it looks like some kind of space ship/mod art, but when this thing gets moving, up to 50Km/hr, you get a surprising visual experience. In this case its Brazilian football star Ricardo Kaka kicking around the ball. All of this is used to debut Sony’s new Motion Flow technology, making for smoother action on their new line of flatscreens. Conceptually it’s very interesting, taking an ancient technology, beefing it up and have it explain how a new technology essentially works. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation from the production crew.

Baker Banked Slalom w/ Jake Stangel

Portland photog, Jake Stangel took a trip up to the 24th annual Mt. Baker Banked Slalom this year and has presented his article in an interesting format, like a mag quality story but for his web site. Solid portraits and and words from the riders really give you an “insiders” feel to what the Banked is all about. Target and Playstation be damned, this is real snowboarding! Check it out here.

What is this, an inauguration for ants?!

This is what roughly 2 million people look like during 44Th president Obama’s inauguration just one week ago, taken by the GeoEye Satellite. WOWZA! Almost 3 times the population of AK was in attendance. (I grew up in AK, I had to calculate some frame of reference, heh.) Mind. Blowing. Check out more images from around the world here

Get greasy, get nasty, get home for just $10 Bucks.

Get on the Grease Bus, for just $10 bucks gets you to Mt. Hood meadows and back! What a deal! Just sign up on their website and wait at your designated pick up spot and sit back while used veggie oil takes you up to get down on some shred! check here for more info and get down with grease!

New Danny Kass Nike Commercial

Pretty funny art direction here, song tops it really. Remember kids, don’t eat the yellow snow.

2009 Michael Kellicutt International Juried Photo Show

This years theme, Through A Lens: Contrasting Elements.

Click here for more information and entry form, and make sure to check their website to get more info on past competitions and judge bios.

Danielle Levitt in Newsweek

Our February First Friday art show will showcase Danielle Levitt’s work. Her recently release book, WE ARE EXPERIENCED, earned a write up in Newsweek. Check out the post online here… And join us on Feb. 6th from 6-10pm for the show here at Nemo.  

CONGRATS Danielle!!!!


LOVECITYLOVE by Lucien Pellegrin

LOVECITYLOVE By Lucien Pellegrin from Nemo Design on Vimeo.

StudioNemo was proud to present Lucien Pellegrins’ LOVECITYLOVE show on Dec. 5th. Nemo was spewing with creativity in many forms at the show. With Lucien talking to most all patrons and giving insight into his work and also gaining new perspectives from other people, it was a inspiring event for many. The creation station table was a big hit, more of an interactive group art project everyone was free to contribute a drawing or words on the table,or just hang out and chat. Music was provided by Amos Miller kicking all his original beats. Good times and great vibes had by all. Definitely stepped up to a new caliber of show here at StudioNemo. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Nike 6.0 Writing on The Wall Invitation

Please join Nike 6.0 for the WHQ premiere of Writing on the Wall, a BMX Film starring Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Mike Spinner, and Nigel Sylvester.

This Thursday
December 11th
4:00-6:00 PM
Stanford Theatre, TWC

Kids and families are welcome.
Nike 6.0 athletes Nigel Sylvester and Mike Spinner will be signing autographs. No RSVP required. Spread the word!

About Writing on the Wall
The four-man crew of Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Nigel Sylvester, and Mike Spinner spent over a year living out of suitcases to film the first Nike 6.0 BMX movie, Writing on the Wall. From 4-wheelin’ to 4-star, ditches to public parks, the 6.0 crew scoured the corners of the Earth to discover the undiscovered and lay down new lines. Battling school calendars, narcolepsy, ridiculous competition schedules, and border patrol; the crew rallied to capture amazing riding. Writing on the Wall showcases the distinct style of each rider, from Nigel’s street skills to Spinner’s technical prowess; from Dennis who rides anything at any time to Garrett’s assault on cities around the world. The 6.0 crew represents the next generation of riders driving the progression of BMX. Enjoy the tour, as one of today’s most diverse BMX teams travels to Beijing, Dubai, Barcelona, NYC, Australia, and more.

Add Nike 6.0 Writing on the Wall to your page

LOVECITYLOVE By Lucien Pellegrin @ StudioNemo this Friday!


By Lucien Pellegrin

I gain inspiration from the clean, dirty, gritty subcultures of humanity who have been torn and beaten by a social construct that is no longer conducive for their personal condition. Through this inspiration, I see the Beauty in all that we are. In essence, there is no one way to live life, no right way to make art, no perfect way to die.

Lucien Pellegrin lives and works in Seattle as a teaching artist for a non-profit organization by the name of Arts Corps. Come check the Lucians art out Friday Dec 5th 6-10 PM at StudioNemo 1875 SE Belmont st. Portland,OR.

Backyard Bang in Portland,OR

Backyard Bang Rail Jam- 2008 from Austin Will on Vimeo.

Photos, video and words by Austin Will.

Salomon and Bonfire went for gold this year for their second annual Backyard Bang Rail Jam. Teaming up with the Art Institute of Portland gave them prime location in the heart of the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. 30 some odd competitors climbed the scaffolding time and time again to impress the celebrity Judges, Josh Dirksen, Nick Dirks, and Tim Windells. Sadly, only a handful could make it to the end of the rail, another handful couldn’t even make it down the initial slope without face-planting, which gave announcer Jesse Burtner a lot to talk about. Granted one can’t expect to much from an amateur rail jam in the middle of the city, the riders who made it to the finals stood out miles ahead of the rest. Between hanging in the VIP Free Beer section and the judges booth, I heard some notable honorable mentions. Jarad Hadi was granted most consistent. Alex “Wildcard” Burton was noted as the most Hazardous Material, and best trick on the wall-jam. Tyler Verigan easily took the best trick with a first try 180 switch nose press. A bum danced his way into a VIP pass courtesy of Salomon. Austin Sweeten received first place by doing 180 wizard switch up swivel variations on everything. There were some great bails, good tricks, and over all it was a fun time with amazing friends and fantastic beer. Cant wait for next year. Click ahead for some photos.


StudioNemo successfully sells pulverized G10. All goes to a good cause!

If you remember a few weeks ago, Trevor Graves posted his thoughts about Canon’s new Powershot G10. I know I know, you can’t believe someone would ruin such a new camera blah blah. Before you get all in a twist about Trevor’s smash happy video again, remember we put  the smashed cam up for auction?  Well, it sold! We actually donated 100% of the proceeds directly to Boarding for Breast Cancer. We were surprised to even see people bidding on the thing, so we were blown away when 10 bids were placed. It topped out at $300.00. So here is to you anonymous bidder, you will receive your framed hunk of scrap art in a few days to remind you, you rule because you love boobs, and so do we!

Robbie Cooper – Immersion. *Update! Now with Video!*

Robbie Cooper set out on quite an interesting photo/video series this year. He set up a Red Cinema Camera up behind a screen to which children and teens played various video games. He captures something that we rarely see in people, raw character. In 2009 Robbie is teaming up with Bournemouth University to study the video footage, interviews and psychological profiles of new gamers and analyze their perceptions and reactions to playing war games. The project will appropriately be called: “War & Leisure” Make sure to check Robbie’s site for video of the kids playing.  Robbie Cooper’s website.

Death of the DSLR. Is the future RED?

Today RED Digital Cinema Cameras issued a press release about their much talked about and hyped up Scarlet camera system. Looks like they’re giving the DSLR market a whirl as well. Aside from taking HD video, The scarlet’s “brain” unit as they are called, also takes quality stills. The “brain” of the unit is essentially an interchangeable sensor module, you can literally switch out between a feeble 4.9 megapixel to hefty 65 megapixel, even switch to a 261 megapixel panoramic back. Sounds sweet and dandy but, In my research it seems like people are on one side of the line or the other. On one hand you have the people who would give their first born just to get on the 1-2 year waiting list to throw down loads of cash-ola for this “revolutionary” product, on the other side you see people who are a bit more cautious to accept this DSLR “killer” as it has been called. Personally, I am not buying into this so soon.

Generally with all new product releases you have a very detailed tech spec sheet such as, ISO speeds, shutter speeds, flash sync, frames per second, you know, useful information. Not the case with the RED cameras, yes they do have some specs, but just enough to get your mouth watering, and if you have the budget why not, right?? But for those of us generally interested in this piece of equipment that threatens to render DSLR’s obsolete in one fail swoop, we’d like to see more information. Not raving applause from starry eyed gear fiends with cash to blow. I talked to a couple videographers about the red camera to get their perspective, They did generally agree that these are good quality video cameras, but from whats been said, that it beats 35mm film cameras and high end Sony cameras hands down with minimal evidence to back it up is a bit curious. A few movie clips here and test reels there was not enough to convince these seasoned videographers to make the switch.

As a photographer this makes me all too suspicious that people would put such blind faith in this case to a new DSLR that has yet to see the light of day. Yes, it is a cool feature to switch out sensors, you can even use Canon, Nikon, and RED lenses on the same body and bells and whistles to add out the wahzoo. Lots of flash and pizzaz around this one, but no meat on the bone, so to speak. Basically if this thing is going to put millions of neurotic control freak photographers out of biz we better have a good reason to run for the hills, instead of telling us the boogey man is real, does that make sense? Either way it will be interesting to see how RED cameras pan out in the long run. Hmm maybe it should come with these free pair of shades, I’d be sold!( Jim Jannard is both the CEO of Oakley sunglasses and RED Cinema. )