MOCC in Portland

I am totally in love with the Museum of Contemporary Craft. They have had some great shows since they opened. This one is particularly interesting…

“War Bowl” by Domic Wilcox

Manuf®actured opens this Thursday at MoCC. The exhibition explores the use of “labor-intensive craft practices” to take apart and remold mass produced objects and materials. The wide variety of work examines questions of “overabundance, appropriation, [and] reuse.” MoCC will, as always, stay open for the First Thursday artwalk next week. 

Exhibition • August 28, 2008 – January 4, 2009
Lecture • 6:30pm • September 18
Museum of Contemporary Craft • 724 NW Davis • 503.223.2654 

Stapled and Torn Poster Show on Vimeo

First Friday Poster Show at Nemo Design/Studio Nemo featuring the Northwest’s best poster artists.

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Poster show at Nemo

Stapled and Torn showcases some of the most talented poster artists in the NW. Come by and check it out tomorrow Friday August 1st from 6pm-10pm at 1875 SE Belmont.

Portland Bike Culture – Cycle Seen 08


We may be a bit late on blogging about this (since most of the art has come down already), but it was such a cool idea it’s deserves some credit. I am all for artists being more involved in our metropolitan day to day life. Did anyone see the art around town? 

Bridging communities of cyclists, photographers and artists

We are proud to announce a new event in Portland’s prominent bike culture. Cycle Seen is an exhibition of photographs, artwork and documentation representing the bicycle culture in Metro Portland. This project is a celebration of the bike community through pictures. Portland has an astonishingly diverse and unique community of cyclists ranging from daily commuters to bike performance groups. There are various sub-cultures that make up the dynamic mix of PDX cyclists.

The exhibition includes a combination of materials from invited photographers/artists and images selected from a call for submissions. Photographs and illustrations that represent a snapshot of cycling in PDX over the last two years will be displayed through out the city at various locations during the month of June. The locations will allow an intertwining of communities, artists and cyclists. A bike map/route and location guide is available to at the various locations and by download (pdf).


The Bachelorette…the reality of reality TV

So this morning I was sent this image with the tag line “remember this guy?”

Since I don’t really watch TV I was pretty confused. But he looked really familiar so I did my homework and now I’ve got it….

his name is Jesse Csincsak and he has been working hard killing it for the High Cascade photo camp for the past two years. I’m not sure if him winning the bachelorette deserves a firm “Congratulations” or a “Really?! You actually signed up for that shit!”

Either way he deserves a pat on the back for tearing up the half pipe every year.

Daniel Sharp – THE FREEDOM WHEELS, Aug 1st-29th, 2008

Daniel Sharp, The Freedom Wheels
Friday August 1st, 2008 through Friday August 29th, 2008
1st Friday Reception: August 1st, 2008, 6-9pm

Daniel Sharp’s series The Freedom Wheels is “a collection of photographs taken from 2003-present, many a documentary of my travels pedaling trough Europe and India where I discovered the world is already traveling by bike. Through these photographs I hope to celebrate the act of bike riding, to inspire the discovery that bicycling is freedom in so many ways. Whether it’s racing, touring or spinning around town, it’s all bike riding and I love all its forms.”

Pushdot Studio
1021 SE Caruthers St.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 224-5925
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm

Dave Kinsey at the Pursuit Gallery July 3-Aug 1, 2008

Our friends in sister city Burlington, VT. are presenting a solo by Dave Kinsey; Paper Trail.

Dave Kinsey was born in Pittsburgh in 1971 and attended the Art
Institute of Pittsburgh and the Art Institute of Atlanta before moving to California in 1994 to pursue a career as a designer and fine artist. His work captures the universal essence of the human condition mainly through an energetic portrayal of urban figures. Working spontaneously, and utilizing a range of mediums, he constructs multi-layered, textured environments easily likened to the complexities of contemporary life. His portraits depict beings who are both triumphant in their defiant stance to their surroundings, and tragic, as they transmit a visual display of raw emotion and jangled nerves. The style and substance of his body of work originates in street art, and in keeping with his goal “to expose as many people to art as possible and to honor the power art has when it’s created and accepted”, Kinsey founded BLK/ MRKT Gallery in 2001, allowing him to provide a crossroads for a new movement of young and electrifying iconoclasts. In addition to these pursuits his fine art has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide, among these a recent exhibition at the URBIS Museum in Manchester and Art Brussels in Belgium. He has also been featured in such publications as The New York Times, Black Book and BLK/MRKT One and Two, and invited to speak at numerous institutions such as The Art Center College of Design, UCLA, Montserrat College of Art and most recently, the Semi-Permanent conference in Sydney, Australia.

Seth and Skye
Pursuit Gallery
One Steele Street, Suite 125
Burlington, VT 05401


Another little tidbit from nyc…

Here are some pics from the Leo Kesting Gallery. Ironically, my favorite gallery show I visited in NYC happened to be work from the lovely and talented Jonny Fenix (living right here in portland, or). The rocking gun is amazing! And Jon Benet Ramsey, Jesus riding a bronco, the purple tiger!!!! I love it all. I hope you all enjoy these pics. 

Gary Schneider – genetic self-portrait

Poking around the net this morning as I watch it rain, again, even though the scientific weather man promised sun. How he gets to keep his job despited making mistakes in forecasting has me scratching my head. Thank goodness he isn’t a doctor. I am watching a CSI type science show and the showcased an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging). That made me think about this photo lab job I had in Albany, New York with GE, where we processed film of the MRI experiments they were doing at the R&D center. I always wanted to share it with friends and it passed the question, was it art?

Gary Schneider has crossed that line. The Warehouse Gallery opened its first solo exhibition with work by Gary Schneider titled genetic self-portrait. The show included 55 photo-based works that Schneider produced when he was offered a chance to create a new body of work inspired by the Human Genome Project (HGP). The HGP, a scientific race to uncover the mysteries of DNA, began formally in the 1990s and was completed in 2003. During that period, Schneider was able to collaborate with a number of scientists and was given access to advanced imaging systems from electron microscopes to x-ray machines.
Photography is so science oriented. The chemicals, the math, ratios all speak to science before art.
Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, who created the first permanent photograph with a camera obscura in 1827, was an inventor, not an artist. He aided the now more famous Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre with the creation of the daguerreotype, which was unveiled in 1839. William Henry Fox Talbot, inventor of negative/positive photography back in the 1830s, was a leading authority on optics and theoretical mathematics.The relationship between art and science in photography has endured. Take Harold Edgerton, who always insisted his now famous high-speed pictures were not art. But people decide for themselves and some of his images, like “Milkdrop Coronet” (1957), are collected and shown simply for their beauty, not for the advances they made in making new things visible to the eye.
Gary Schneider pen light light technique style is stark, sometimes grotesque. He has spoken of trying to get beyond the mask, a kind of posed face, that people offer to the camera.
Is it art?

Shayla Hason – Hope is a Muscle show at Nemo


Shayla Hason showcased her “Hope is a Muscle” show at the Nemo studio Friday night. One of the bands from the Rock and Roll camp for Girls, played a set. BluBird, played Little Lemon Yellow and I thought Shayla was going to cry.

SOLO – shooting installation for Nike with Marco Materazzi

I love it when high tech, creative solution to creative are “McGivered” into creation. Italian visual magician, Claudio Sinatti custom built a backpack/corsert/ Matrix inspired rigging and used 48- Samsung S760 point and shoot cameras to illustrate soccer super star Marco Materazzi.

April 16th – May 5th 2008

Nike studio
Via Sacchi 7, Milano
Tuesday to Saturday
from 12:00 to 8:00

Marco Materazzi Nike SOLO show.

View the installation: Click hereMarco Materazzi with camera rigging.

A night of Furry Kama Sutra

Nemo Design hosted Furry Kama Sutra, a photo show by Michael Cogliantry. Here are some images from the event in all its sexy costumed glory!




Roger Ballen Show

Nemo’s photo team took a little field trip yesterday to the opening of the Roger Ballen show, at Quality Pictures. A PhD in Geology led him to South Africa, where he began taking photographs of rural disenfranchised Afrikaners.  His work is beautiful, disturbing, darkly humorous, and sad. I think good art makes you feel…happy, sad, uncomfortable, etc. In Ballen’s work discomfort is a primary emotion. You can’t escape the looming question of exploitation and ethics, which in a way, makes his art even more engaging. Does his work spur awareness and action, or is it art for art’s sake- we look, feel and look away? 

Sam Falls – CEREMONY – May 9, 2008

Sam Falls at UnionDocs May 9th, 2008

UnionDocs presents a photography and video installation by Brooklyn-based artist, Sam Falls. Please come to UnionDocs on Friday, May 9th and enjoy the opening night shindig. Party time is 7-10pm.
In a departure from traditional studio portraiture, Falls uses expansive natural settings as the backdrops for carefully constructed portraits. The large color photographs in many of his series depict eerie scenes in which the viewer feels an unavoidable tension between the stillness of the landscape and the urgency of the protagonist.
Falls’s large color photographs depict an instant within a longer video piece–or vice versa–the video footage documents the process of taking a still photograph. For this installation, Falls recorded video footage of the same scene that he then photographed with his medium-format camera. The installation requires the viewer to literally stand between the static and the dynamic images, and in doing so, it urges the viewer to question notions of time and space in relation to photo-documentation.

Nemo Art Show First Friday

Nemo welcomes the amazing Michael Cogliantry and his Furry Kama Sutra show to our gallery on Friday, May 2nd. Cogliantry’s work is witty, humorous and a little dark. For his Furry Kama Sutra project he rented some of Vegas’ most colorful “by-the-hour” rooms as the backdrop for his hysterical twist on the Kama Sutra. Please join us for the show between 6-10pm on first Friday at Nemo” 1875 SE Belmont st. Portland, OR 97211

The not so good, the bad, the VERY ugly, Nemo beard party

When ever you get a bunch of dudes together that have been growing their beards for about 4 months and they all trim off their face fur at once, It’s gonna be rough. That was the case this past friday for the Beard Bake Off here at Nemo Design. While Trevor was documenting the occasion ( which you can read below) I set up the camera to capture blackmail photos eyecandy to share with the world!

*WARNING* Not for the faint of heart. Much more after the jump!


Vincent Skoglund- LIGHTYEARS April 10th-May 4th, 2008

Vincent Skoglund- LIGHTYEARS April 10th-May 4th, 2008

If you happen to get to Sweden during the week of April 10th, check out Vincent Skoglund’s show LIGHTYEARS! showing at the galleri-kleerup.

Baryshnikov behind the camera!

Baryshnikov behind the camera!

Baryshnikov’s newest incarnation is as a Photographer. Yes, I am talking about that Baryshnikov. Twinkle toes, White Nights star, Russian renaissance man.  Have I given away my affinity for him? He was just in Portland last year for a performance at Pica’s TBA festival. I was this close to seeing him live, but had to give away my ticket and go out of town on short notice. I may never get a chance to see him dance, but now I have the opportunity to see his photography of dance. For his latest project, Mikael Baryshnikov worked with choreographer Merce Cunningham taking photographs of his troupe. The photos are beautiful, conveying emotion, color and movement. Check out this NY Times slideshow/interview about his exhibit here

And for your viewing pleasure, a little reminder of his genius… [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.489246&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] from posted with vodpod

Nemo’s Easter Party

Nemo’s first party of the year was a blast. Our white studio was christened with “the blood of christ” for Easter morn. Lots of sweaty dancing and happy faces, well, except when TG was shining the 15 watt video light in your eyes….   [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.489185&w=425&h=350&fv=] posted with vodpod


This month Nemo Production is excited to present the work of Shane Brown. A resident of Oklahoma, Shane has put together an essay about the Oklahoma State Prison rodeo. McAlester has hosted the event since 1940 and it is the only rodeo held completely behind prision walls. If you really want to go just call direct at 918/423-2550. Attached is a clip of the evenings fesitivities.

Events- Whitney Biennial 2008

Mk GuthMK GuthOregon artist MK Guth will exhibit at the Whitney Biennial 2008, beginning on March 6th. Guth uses a variety of media to display her work. Her latest project, “Ties of Protection and Safe Keeping,” joins an increasingly participatory trend in the art world. Using the multiplicity of meaning behind braids, Guth weaves strips of fabric with messages people like you and me write to her, answering the question, “what is worth protecting?” One of the most interesting things about this project is the “meaning making”  behind it. The responses to her question can be social, local, political, personal, or all the above. Her project’s meaning takes different shape each time a strip of cloth answering her question is added to the braid. Guth’s projects over the past few years have taken many manifestations of the braid, including these photos of her performing with the braids as extensions. I love the idea of using braids, there are so many cultural meanings to draw from the plait. 

Michael Cogliantry Show

Rererato website

I had the pleasure of going to the Michael Cogliantry opening last night and wanted to share some of the experience. The show was hosted at a relatively new art/music space in pdx called Rererato, around 42nd and Killingsworth. The artists that run the space, Adam Keller and Stephanie Simek, moved to Portland from New Jersey about 6 months ago and from the looks of their myspace page they are more connected in the indie art scene than any old timer in Portland I know. Keep your eye on them; I feel great things to come in the future.
Adam was a close friend of Michael’s in college and subsequently became the subject of many portraits, most notably the disgruntled bellboy (as seen here-

The highlight of last night’s event -besides the amazing photography, of course- was the white linen suit on display that Michael wore every single day of his travels through India. As witnessed in his photographs, the suit drove approx. 2,000 km in a motorized rickshaw, hiked through a banana plantation, climbed out of a giant dirt hole and suffered the wrath of some delicious dal. Needless to say, the end result is a slightly less white (aka brown) and smelly suit. Michael mentioned to me that towards the end of the trip he was a little embarrassed walking into a hotel with it on. Lucky for me, the suit’s smell was covered by copious amounts of Nag Champa at last night’s festivities. Sadly, I don’t have a photo of the suit from the exhibit.

From Portland, Michael is heading to Nome, Alaska for his next project. Nome is an old gold rush town and the closest US town to Russia. Speculatively, the name came from a misspelling on an old map that beckoned for a town as yet un-“NAME”-ed. Michael told me he’s thinking snowscapes and bar scenes for his next project and noted that his contact in AK offered up helicopters and sled dogs. I can’t wait!

“Two Thousand Kilometers in Two Weeks”

I received an email recently from a photo rep agency named Cake Factory. It was a newsletter about one of their photographers named Michael Cogliantry. He’s having an opening for his show “Two Thousand Kilometers in Two Weeks” on January 31st here in Portland at Rererato. It’s a series of self-portraits he took while traveling in India ‘as seen through the eyes of a fictional character’. Some in the series are very reminiscent of Gregory Crewdson in their cinematic quality. While you’re on Michael’s site, definitely check out the Furry Kama Sutra project as well, they’re wild!
India, self-portrait, michael cogliantry

India, self-portrait, michael cogliantry

furry kama sutra