Too cheap to buy Adobe CS5? Now you can rent it.

For those of us who dread purchasing the whole Suite for $700+, Adobe has just launched a brand new rental program for their creative suite lineup. Programs start at just $29 a month, and go up from there (photoshop runs $50/month). If you haven’t been able shell out the cash, hate having to upgrade, rarely use it, or haven’t figured out how to steal it by now, this is an awesome option, especially for freelancers who may only need the program every so often for certain clients or jobs. Check out the rental page here.

Lighttrac for iPad- an outdoor photographer’s best friend

Winter is over in Portland! The sun is coming back out! I’m sure I’ve just completely jinxed the pacific NW with that, but still, it’s exciting be able to go outside again. With longer days and sunnier skies, photographers can get shooting back outdoors again. So here is a great tool for anyone depending on that big ball of fire in the sky to light up their models. Lighttrac is an app for iPad and iPhone that tracks and forecasts the position of the sun according to the shoot location- sunrise, sunset, directional light, time, duration, angle, everything you would need to get the sun where you wanted it without scouting the location days ahead. The app costs $3.99, which is well worth it to impress your friends with your new-found mastery of ambient light.

All aboard the Grease Bus!

With all this snow Mt. Hood has been getting, we’ve all been in snowboard heaven. Anyone noticed a flashy purple bus with “feed me!” written on it cruising around? If you haven’t figured it out, thats the one and only Grease Bus, Portland’s best way up to the mountain. Our friends over at Nike Snowboarding and Salomon Snowboards have been sponsoring these guys since 2001, and we’re pretty stoked on it. Running on bio-diesel, the bus offers skiers and snowboarders roundtrip service from the city to the slopes for only $10! Not only that, the bus is fully equipped with magazines, Clif Bars, and a flat screen TV to get you amped for the day. Next time you’re heading to hood, skip the lonely drive by yourself and hop on the grease bus with a few buddies instead! Head over to the grease bus site to see schedules and events.

360° Viewer-Controlled Video is Here

In this digital age where we need to know everything that is going on around us all the time, some mediums may feel a little left behind. But video no longer has that problem. A company called NorthStudio360 has devised a way to shoot 360° video by apparently using six video cameras at once, and with their clever video player, you can control where you want to look while the video plays by just clicking and dragging with your mouse. Red Bull did a project like this a few years ago, strapping a a 360 cam to a hemet and towing surfers into teahupoo, but it didnt have anywhere near the customization of this new instrument. Northstudio360 is mostly marketing their device to tourism and travel sites, but I like the potential in the video below- viewer controlled sports, making it more personal than ever.
(the video may take a bit to load, it’s new technology, be patient)

Contest: Tell Us What to Do With This Relic!

While doing major re-haul on Nemo’s photo studio, we came across this antique from the 80’s. Back in the day, this Speedotron 2401A strobe pack was the top piece of equipment for professional photographers worldwide. Although it’s now totally busted and probably a little dangerous, we still think it’s a piece of celebrated Trevor-Graves-history. Long story short, we can’t just throw it away. So now we are recruiting you, our devoted readers, to tell us what to do with it! Should we make it into a robot? Get some snowboarders to jib it? Send your best diabolic schemes to, and in 2 weeks we’ll pick the most creative idea to unleash on the speedotron.

Lady Gaga + Polaroid take us into the future

CES (consumer electronics show) was this week in Las Vegas, and while all the gadget nerds were focused on tablets and such, Polaroid‘s new ambassador Gaga was releasing the latest advancements in instant-image equipment, specifically, these space-age photo glasses. These monstrous sunglasses allow the wearer/shooter to record photo and video of whatever they happen to be looking at (not sure what the memory on them is though), display the images on the exterior of the lens, and export through a usb drive in the earpiece.
another notable piece of polaroid equipment was their pocket-sized wireless instant printer, allowing all of us smart-phone-addicted people to print our phone’s photos on the spot.
Check out Lady Gaga’s demo below (she kind of stumbles through her speech, but good for her for talking to all those nerds).

BMW burns their logo into viewers eyeballs

Sorry, that headline probably came off much more graphic than what is actually happening. However, the folks over at BMW have gotten pretty crafty in their latest ad/stunt in Germany. Merging knowledge of technology and human sensory reactions, the car giant played their new tv commercial at a local theatre for a select audience. While the film was playing, they fired a profoto strobe through a BMW logo through the back of the screen, into the audience’s retinas, without them really even noticing. But when the viewers closed their eyes at the end of the show, they were left with letters BMW projected on their eyelids. Check out the sly tv spot below (though the flash effect doesn’t work over YouTube)

(via gizmodo)

Photoshop Tutorial Rap

Here is a little tutorial to help out everyone’s photos and christmas cards this year. The rap is a little wack, but the dude surprisingly knows what he’s talking about. CMY-Killa covers red eye removal, “blinging” your text, and applying filters to your unicorn…

Polaroid Cameras back from the dead! (for a limited time only)

There’s nothing like the experience of a Polaroid. And they’re coming back, thanks to the skillful refurbishing of The Impossible Project and Photojojo.

The three models that are being brought back to life are the original SX-70, the Rainbow OneStep, and the Sun 660 Sonar. They span three decades of Polaroid development between 1972 and 1990, and each has been hand-inspected and retooled to work like new again.

And these aren’t just any Polaroids. The SX-70 was the first to use the company’s color instant film, the first to let you watch your film develop before your very eyes. The OneStep came into being during the days of disco—the rainbow stripe is a dead giveaway—while the Sun 660 was produced well into the 90s and features sonar focusing.

There aren’t many available, and they don’t come cheap. Impossible Project and Photojojo have restored 40 each of the OneStep and the Sun 660 (at $200 each, including a pack of film), while there are just 20 SX-70s ($350) up for sale. But these are working fossils, artifacts brought to life. “The memories they evoke, and the new ones they create, are worth every penny.” via Photojojo

Of course there’s an App for that…

For all you photographers and media people who never seem to be on top of your model/location releases, once again, technology is here to save you. This is Easy Release, the App that “replaces inconvenient paper release forms with a slick, streamlined application, designed by professional photographers for professional photographers,” now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and for all you cool kids with iPads. Enjoy.

re: Reciprocity

You are invited to a night of inspiration, learning, and discussion at NemoHQ for The New Communicator’s event September 15th from 5-9pm. The New Communicators is a three-day series of events exploring the ways we communicate with each other. Events are created by anyone and anyone can attend. It is an open forum for discussion, education and inspiration.
Come discuss reciprocity, linear storytelling, social media animals, culture, global citizenship, and Russian spies! It will be a great evening for creatives, social media pundits, and business folks alike.
We’ve opened our doors for those eager to present their ideas and stories, and are hosting a great line-up of people ready to inspire you with their thoughts and teach you with their experiences.

Reciprocity :
The New Communicators Event Hosted by NemoHQ

Wednesday Sept. 15th 5-9pm // 1875 SE Belmont St.

Narrative Storytelling in a Social Media World
presented by film/video director Jacob Hinmon of Four + One Productions
5:00 to 5:45

My Month as a Russian Facebook Spy
presented by Anna Chapman of Winborn & Company
5:45 to 6:30

2010 New Communicators Keynote
presented by Tim DuRoche, Director of Programs for The World Affairs Council of Oregon
7:00 to 7:30

Old Spice and Exotic Social Media Animals
presented by Dean McBeth, Sr. Strategist P&G Brands at Weiden + Kennedy and Community Manager of Old Spice
8:00 to 8:45

Please RSVP at
Find out more at

Chase Jarvis Appeals to tech geeks around the world.

Work flow is of the utmost importance….watch and learn.

Get greasy, get nasty, get home for just $10 Bucks.

Get on the Grease Bus, for just $10 bucks gets you to Mt. Hood meadows and back! What a deal! Just sign up on their website and wait at your designated pick up spot and sit back while used veggie oil takes you up to get down on some shred! check here for more info and get down with grease!

Death of the DSLR. Is the future RED?

Today RED Digital Cinema Cameras issued a press release about their much talked about and hyped up Scarlet camera system. Looks like they’re giving the DSLR market a whirl as well. Aside from taking HD video, The scarlet’s “brain” unit as they are called, also takes quality stills. The “brain” of the unit is essentially an interchangeable sensor module, you can literally switch out between a feeble 4.9 megapixel to hefty 65 megapixel, even switch to a 261 megapixel panoramic back. Sounds sweet and dandy but, In my research it seems like people are on one side of the line or the other. On one hand you have the people who would give their first born just to get on the 1-2 year waiting list to throw down loads of cash-ola for this “revolutionary” product, on the other side you see people who are a bit more cautious to accept this DSLR “killer” as it has been called. Personally, I am not buying into this so soon.

Generally with all new product releases you have a very detailed tech spec sheet such as, ISO speeds, shutter speeds, flash sync, frames per second, you know, useful information. Not the case with the RED cameras, yes they do have some specs, but just enough to get your mouth watering, and if you have the budget why not, right?? But for those of us generally interested in this piece of equipment that threatens to render DSLR’s obsolete in one fail swoop, we’d like to see more information. Not raving applause from starry eyed gear fiends with cash to blow. I talked to a couple videographers about the red camera to get their perspective, They did generally agree that these are good quality video cameras, but from whats been said, that it beats 35mm film cameras and high end Sony cameras hands down with minimal evidence to back it up is a bit curious. A few movie clips here and test reels there was not enough to convince these seasoned videographers to make the switch.

As a photographer this makes me all too suspicious that people would put such blind faith in this case to a new DSLR that has yet to see the light of day. Yes, it is a cool feature to switch out sensors, you can even use Canon, Nikon, and RED lenses on the same body and bells and whistles to add out the wahzoo. Lots of flash and pizzaz around this one, but no meat on the bone, so to speak. Basically if this thing is going to put millions of neurotic control freak photographers out of biz we better have a good reason to run for the hills, instead of telling us the boogey man is real, does that make sense? Either way it will be interesting to see how RED cameras pan out in the long run. Hmm maybe it should come with these free pair of shades, I’d be sold!( Jim Jannard is both the CEO of Oakley sunglasses and RED Cinema. )

Revarie from Vincent Laforet

Revarie is a short film by NYC photographer Vincent Laforet. What makes this film Unique is that it was filmed entirely with Canon’s new EOS 5D Mark II. Which up until recently had just been a DSLR. Now they have added the capabilities of 1080p HD video to its feature list. I think we’ll be seeing more of this crossover of mediums. Which is pretty exciting to think of what is next to come. Who knows any of us photographers could be a closet videographer and we just don’t know it yet! Check out the video on Vincent’s site here.

Carlin Sundell travels back in time, Brings back photos as proof!

Well not exactly, had to give the National Enquirer headline a shot. Carlin Sundell works as a freelance photographer here at StudioNemo and is a good friend of ours. He recently attended a workshop on wet collodion plate photography. Wet collodion plate photography was developed by Frederik Archer in the mid 19th century. The image is exposed on to a glass or tin plate covered in collodion, a viscous liquid, made by dissolving nitrated cotton in a mixture of alcohol and ether and then light sensitive salts are applied to the plate, exposed, to create the photo. You literally need a entire chemistry kit in the field and work quickly in an ether rich environment to develop the plate. At some point a gas lantern is involved in the process… Chances for “KA-BLEWY” go way up! I suppose that’s half the fun, eh? Well fortunately Carlin returned not looking like THIS, and brought us back some amazing photos. Gives you an appreciation photography’s early years in today’s mind-numbing point and shoot world.

Click ahead to see some shots of Carlin in action! (more…)

Booyah! Canon announces the new EOS 5D MarkII.

Finally! Canon announced the upcoming release of their new EOS 5D Mark II. After seeing what Nikon has been throwing down on the market ( D3 & D90). I was stewing with anger, due to the lack of response from Canon. But alas good things come to those who wait! Read on to check out all the glorious specs!


Now that’s growth

One of our many radical clients, Skull Candy received a well earned write up in this months Inc. magazine! They are number 31 of the 500 fastest growing private companies this year! Skull Candy’s bread and butter is audio head phones, but their market definitely focuses on the action sports world, and they sponsor a number of pro riders. Participating in our clients success weather large or small is always what we are after. Congrats Skull Candy!

Chase Jarvis gets first dibs on Nikon D90! Luckyyyy!

Chase Jarvis is one lucky son of a B! Nikon teamed up with his crew and gave them all D90’s weeks before the official press release debuting the camera came out, check out the specs here and peep the movie to see all the fun things this camera can do!

Go Boom by Plain T

When i hear the word boombox, i immediately think of the scene in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing where Radio Raheem’s ghetto blaster runs out of batteries, and he has to go to the corner store to buy “20 D batteries”. Canadian photographer Lyle Owerko is so moved by this electronic icon he decided to make it the subject of a portrait-like study of the influence of the boombox. His visual time line of the boombox captures the transformation of a stereo into what Lyle describes as a form of portable entertainment and expression.

Studio Nemo is proud to introduce… Our new Phase One digital back!

Recently here at Studio Nemo, we were having trouble with our 5 year old Imacon Ixpress, nothing severe, just time consuming hiccups that bogged down shoot time, not good for us or our clients. So after a few months of research and meeting with some digi back companies, we ended up going with the Phase One P45. Although the P45 is not 100% perfect I’d say the pros definitely outweigh the cons, the only cons being the software interface is not the most user friendly. The best part about the P45 is its portability compared to the Imacon. With the P45, you can slap in a Compact Flash card and shoot away. Unlike the Imacon where your lugging around and plugged into a power pack/hard drive you wear over your shoulder. Not to mention the resolution of the P45 sports 39 megapixels to Imacons 16! We did some test shots to see how they compare, check em out after the jump! (And yes, I did the cheesiest photoshop job on purpose! Kinda going for a Back To The Future pt.2 (above) and part 3(below) heh.)


LYNDA.COM can show you how to use your latest softwear

Did you ever sleep in class? I used to in college and I walked out of there with a 4.0 GPA. I learned that my “visual” brain worked at lighting speed, while my “audible” brain, or reading brain, wasn’t as quick to learn. I’ll try to clarify, when I would put my head down in the classroom, shut my eyes and truly listen to the lesson the teacher was giving, I would make up stories in my head to support the lesson. While my eyes were closed, I wasn’t distracted by the pretty girl from Buffalo or see my buddies in the court yard skateboarding. The brain was busy learning. The traditional sense of learning is to read a thick book. The same story telling goes on in the brain while reading and I understand the pleasure surrounding reading. However, my visual brain would “hog” the eye time and be on the scan for any composition, color, texture surrounding the essence of creating stills. While my head lay on the desk, I learned that I need to learn in a visual way as opposed the the traditional audible/ book way.

Mentors have shown me the ropes along the way. Nothing beats a professional showing you how it is done. Today, we have tools like videos, to help the visual learners of the world. One of these guides to higher learning is a website named Lynda. The video tutorials walk you thru the tools in a simple logical way. I went thru the Lightroom tutorial and it helped.

Here is the blurb on LYNDA:

The Online Training Library and CD-ROM titles include such subjects as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Office, digital photography, Web design, digital video, and many others.’s all-star team of trainers and teachers provides comprehensive and unbiased movie-based training to an international membership of tens of thousands of subscribers. Considering the speed at which technology evolves, the Online Training Library is a great solution for keeping your skills current. Library subscriptions begin as low as $25 a month, with no long-term commitment required.. For more information and to view free demo movies on all courses in the library, visit

Aiptek PocketCinema – a lazer pointer on steroids

The idea of sharing photos with friends and presenting to clients on the fly hasn’t been easy. An instant slideshow that fits in your pocket.

Aiptek is showcasing its PocketCinema V10 mini projector at Computex 2008.

Aiptek’s PocketCinema V10, is a pocket-size media player projector equipped with 3M’s revolutionary miniature projection technology, which can project a 50-inch image. The display content can come from a cell phone, iPod, Wii or other video capable device via the 3-in-1 AV jack. The device can also playback videos and photos from the 1GB internal memory or the SD/MMC/MS Pro card. The V10 supports JPEG, ASF, AVI and MPEG-4 formats and features a stereo speaker and built-in battery.

I’ll bet that battery last all of 5 minutes