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It really didn’t get much better than burning through a pack of sx-70 film. Ah, the memories…

Tech lite…

Terry Richardson for Sisley with his t4

With all the talk of evolving camera technology, it’s sometimes nice to relish in the simpler things in life, like the discontinued Yashica T4. One of the best point and shoots out there, not to mention, one of Terry Richardson’s favorite fashion devices. The Zeiss lenses give the photos a beautiful quality. And it’s so easy to use. Just point and click. Ahhhh, easy. I’d like to get one of these in my hands and when I do, I’ll post some pics. 

Check out some photos shot with the T4 Here


Death of the DSLR. Is the future RED?

Today RED Digital Cinema Cameras issued a press release about their much talked about and hyped up Scarlet camera system. Looks like they’re giving the DSLR market a whirl as well. Aside from taking HD video, The scarlet’s “brain” unit as they are called, also takes quality stills. The “brain” of the unit is essentially an interchangeable sensor module, you can literally switch out between a feeble 4.9 megapixel to hefty 65 megapixel, even switch to a 261 megapixel panoramic back. Sounds sweet and dandy but, In my research it seems like people are on one side of the line or the other. On one hand you have the people who would give their first born just to get on the 1-2 year waiting list to throw down loads of cash-ola for this “revolutionary” product, on the other side you see people who are a bit more cautious to accept this DSLR “killer” as it has been called. Personally, I am not buying into this so soon.

Generally with all new product releases you have a very detailed tech spec sheet such as, ISO speeds, shutter speeds, flash sync, frames per second, you know, useful information. Not the case with the RED cameras, yes they do have some specs, but just enough to get your mouth watering, and if you have the budget why not, right?? But for those of us generally interested in this piece of equipment that threatens to render DSLR’s obsolete in one fail swoop, we’d like to see more information. Not raving applause from starry eyed gear fiends with cash to blow. I talked to a couple videographers about the red camera to get their perspective, They did generally agree that these are good quality video cameras, but from whats been said, that it beats 35mm film cameras and high end Sony cameras hands down with minimal evidence to back it up is a bit curious. A few movie clips here and test reels there was not enough to convince these seasoned videographers to make the switch.

As a photographer this makes me all too suspicious that people would put such blind faith in this case to a new DSLR that has yet to see the light of day. Yes, it is a cool feature to switch out sensors, you can even use Canon, Nikon, and RED lenses on the same body and bells and whistles to add out the wahzoo. Lots of flash and pizzaz around this one, but no meat on the bone, so to speak. Basically if this thing is going to put millions of neurotic control freak photographers out of biz we better have a good reason to run for the hills, instead of telling us the boogey man is real, does that make sense? Either way it will be interesting to see how RED cameras pan out in the long run. Hmm maybe it should come with these free pair of shades, I’d be sold!( Jim Jannard is both the CEO of Oakley sunglasses and RED Cinema. )

Smashed for a good cause…. Bid on Ebay

We are selling off TG’s masterpiece, the hammered G10 on Ebay. All proceeds go to Boarding for Breast Cancer. Own a piece of history! click here

Revarie from Vincent Laforet

Revarie is a short film by NYC photographer Vincent Laforet. What makes this film Unique is that it was filmed entirely with Canon’s new EOS 5D Mark II. Which up until recently had just been a DSLR. Now they have added the capabilities of 1080p HD video to its feature list. I think we’ll be seeing more of this crossover of mediums. Which is pretty exciting to think of what is next to come. Who knows any of us photographers could be a closet videographer and we just don’t know it yet! Check out the video on Vincent’s site here.

Canon G10- New but not improved

G10 review.

This is the review I have been excited to write for months. I have read the rumors on the blogs about Canon discontinuing the G9 and all the new and improved features for the G10. I pre order the rig on Amazon and sure enough it delivered today October 3rd, 2008. With the excitement of a 10 year old I ripped open the box and unleashed the new toy.

That is where the excitement ended.

Being intimately familiar with the G9 I intuitively reached for the Video function of the G10 as I have heard about the new and improves DIGIC 4 chip and the ability of it to produce HD quality video on an SLR. How exciting to have better video!! Wait, what’s this, small video format and NO TIME LAPSE feature. WTF??? I pay $50 more and Canon drops features that turned me onto the G9 in the first place. WTF!!! I am pissed! Who was the genius at Canon that is living in a bat cave to loose sight of what makes the G9 wonderful in this new world of bloggin! Was the decision maker a frustrated SLR engineer that wanted to gets rocks off on a 14.7 megapixel CCD senor? Why even have the G10 at all. Other point and shoots are smaller and have a large enough meg for decent prints, the larger SLR have better quality and better everything so why go with this G10 product that has nothing more to offer than less noisy images in low light and a faster processing speed that is negligible to the end user any way. WTF??? The over under dial is handy and more convenient but come on guys, I can tweak that exposure on the back end in photoshop and the G9 over/under function wasn’t that horrible. Shit even the lens cover looks cheaper than the original G9 lens cover. I bet this one scratches the lens in its poor construction too. WTF? You could have at least made that better for $499.

Sell me more hokus pokus BS features like Image Stabilizers and make me thin k I am getting an upgrade.

Mr. G10 engineer, you go thru the whole mechanic of moving the over / under dial on the physical body of the camera and the programmers can’t even make the RAW feature of the camera up front and easy to use. Get out of your retro film mentality and get on the digital age.

i-Contrast doesn’t even exist on my camera; I can’t find it to test it and who does this stuff in the camera anyway. This is all done in Photoshop. Come on guys. WTF??

Face Detection- come on. That’s all you guys got for advances in the G10.

Here is why I like the G9 and where you can go with the G11 to make this camera rock!

1. The G9 had a metal chassy that made it more durable for hard-core adventures like mountain bike rides and punk rock concerts.

2. The retro styling gave it a hipster flare that mad subjects feel important yet relaxed. A traditional SLR is too much camera for intimate setting where the goal is to capture amazing people being real.

3. It was a 12 megapixel camera that has the ability to shoot RAW. The fact that it shoots RAW implies that the user has Post Production skills and understands the art and craft of developing a digital image. How big a file do we real need? 8 meg is more than enough for most output use; I am not impressed with 14 meg over 12 meg as an added feature/ function in the G10. This just means I have a larger storage needs over the long haul.

4. VIDEO. This is where the G9 broke thru. It has the ability to shoot more than a 30 second clip of low res video. The convenient QuickTime’s were easy to flow into an I- Moive blog post. I am so sadden by the removal of the TIME LAPSE. You work hard on blowing up features that are needed in the chassis and better used in postproduction on a computer. The video you give me in trade on the G10 is 640 when I had 1080 on the G9, I feel ripped off. Its like you did get the whole magic of the g9. The G9 was able to switch back and forth from digital to still so quickly and efficiently. The G9 is a bloggers dream come true and the G10 proves that Canon has lost sight of its end user.

I hate being the hater. In true good sportsman ship it is only fair to include some constructive ideas to help my consumer experience and I am sure other fans of the G9

In this world where Nike ID allows me the consumer to go online and design my own color way shoes, products are called the IPhone, HP has a customizable computer called the Blackbird, why can’t we have a camera that is also customizable? The experience idea is like this:

The “I-camera” comes a 14 meg CCd sensor. It comes with the ability to shoot video and RAW images. Instead of pre loading the feature/ functions at the factory, include on the CD with the camera pre loaded bundles of feature/ functions that the I-camera loads up off their computer. The bundles could pre arranged for specialty shooters. The “Blogger” package has 72 dpi setting, good audio features and a range of video choices. The “Friends and Family” package includes more face recognition; in camera filter packages and the ability to upload to Flickr from the camera. The “Pro-sumer” package has RAW features up front and easier to adjust, action auto tracking, a better zoom lens feature. The “Landscaper” packing has filters with split ND for better sunsets; auto bracketing is up front and easy to use. The point is you already have these configurations on the camera from the factory yet you include it all and it comes off like you haven’t thought about anyone’s specific needs. Then you don’t drop a feature and discontinue the old model is sheer arrogance. Dropping the Time Lapse video feature along with the compact video feature was a huge mistake. Why not let me as the customer choose my experience with your product? I promise to break multiple cameras to insure that I continue to stay in your consumer circle and feed your corporate hunger, if you promise to appear to care about how I use your camera and the personal experience I want to have with it.

It feels like the Canon G10 team forgot what made the G9 cool and focused on some lame film throw backs with the design. It’s a digital camera, why bracket in 1/3 stops when in a RAW images you have plenty of latitude to adjust the exposure. Why not have the consumer choose their firm ware option and have an iCamera experience. It would be a unique palc ein the market place, it is easy enough to install and we are not robot consumers that will but what ever you put in front of us. Consider the user experience and give the people what they want!

Canon G10 review – New but not improved from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Carlin Sundell travels back in time, Brings back photos as proof!

Well not exactly, had to give the National Enquirer headline a shot. Carlin Sundell works as a freelance photographer here at StudioNemo and is a good friend of ours. He recently attended a workshop on wet collodion plate photography. Wet collodion plate photography was developed by Frederik Archer in the mid 19th century. The image is exposed on to a glass or tin plate covered in collodion, a viscous liquid, made by dissolving nitrated cotton in a mixture of alcohol and ether and then light sensitive salts are applied to the plate, exposed, to create the photo. You literally need a entire chemistry kit in the field and work quickly in an ether rich environment to develop the plate. At some point a gas lantern is involved in the process… Chances for “KA-BLEWY” go way up! I suppose that’s half the fun, eh? Well fortunately Carlin returned not looking like THIS, and brought us back some amazing photos. Gives you an appreciation photography’s early years in today’s mind-numbing point and shoot world.

Click ahead to see some shots of Carlin in action! (more…)

Booyah! Canon announces the new EOS 5D MarkII.

Finally! Canon announced the upcoming release of their new EOS 5D Mark II. After seeing what Nikon has been throwing down on the market ( D3 & D90). I was stewing with anger, due to the lack of response from Canon. But alas good things come to those who wait! Read on to check out all the glorious specs!


While you were sleeping by Plain T

Things got sweet last night at Nemo Design when Glass Candy made a special appearance on stage in Studio Nemo. Ida No and Johnny Jewel rocked a crowd of nearly 300 sweaty Portlanders till late in the night, and stayed after to dance. Here are a few pics of what went down, the rest of the party shots are soon to come, so stay tuned!

Now that’s growth

One of our many radical clients, Skull Candy received a well earned write up in this months Inc. magazine! They are number 31 of the 500 fastest growing private companies this year! Skull Candy’s bread and butter is audio head phones, but their market definitely focuses on the action sports world, and they sponsor a number of pro riders. Participating in our clients success weather large or small is always what we are after. Congrats Skull Candy!

Dave Seoane sizes things up. by Plain T



Dave Seoane, steward and fabrication genius of Nemo Design took it upon himself to create an apple box for one of our favorite photographers, Carlin Sundell. Dave saw opportunity for improvement when he spotted our 6′ 7″ Carlin, sitting awkwardly on a standard size apple box while shooting. So, he created an amazingly beautiful and much more functional box for Carlin. Using Plyboo he designed a sturdy, large, and wild looking apple box for Studio Nemo. Thank you Dave!

We love Barack at Nemo

One of our own, Christopher Douglas, has designed these amazing T’s to show his (and I would venture to say all of our) support for Barack Obama for President!!!!! We had a short but fun shoot for them in the studio today. Beautiful shirt, beautiful photo (Carlin Sundell), beautiful models (Liz and Tyler) and a beautiful new start for the US of A. BARACK ME LIKE A HURRICANE!

Chase Jarvis gets first dibs on Nikon D90! Luckyyyy!

Chase Jarvis is one lucky son of a B! Nikon teamed up with his crew and gave them all D90’s weeks before the official press release debuting the camera came out, check out the specs here and peep the movie to see all the fun things this camera can do!

Go Boom by Plain T

When i hear the word boombox, i immediately think of the scene in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing where Radio Raheem’s ghetto blaster runs out of batteries, and he has to go to the corner store to buy “20 D batteries”. Canadian photographer Lyle Owerko is so moved by this electronic icon he decided to make it the subject of a portrait-like study of the influence of the boombox. His visual time line of the boombox captures the transformation of a stereo into what Lyle describes as a form of portable entertainment and expression.

Freeman Transport

So, I ran into an old friend Nathan Freeman  and his lovely wife Emily this past weekend. I hadn’t seen his since he left to NY for graduate school. When I asked him what he’d been up to lately, he showed me this amazing bike and told me he was hand building them. He makes these all steel incredible single speed bikes with s and s couplings that break apart and can be put on an airplane for no extra charge! AND… to make it even better they go in the most amazingly stylish bags. Urban Outfitters blog just got wind of them, so I’m sure they will take off now. Check out Freeman Transport’s blog  here. Way to go Nathan!

Studio Nemo is proud to introduce… Our new Phase One digital back!

Recently here at Studio Nemo, we were having trouble with our 5 year old Imacon Ixpress, nothing severe, just time consuming hiccups that bogged down shoot time, not good for us or our clients. So after a few months of research and meeting with some digi back companies, we ended up going with the Phase One P45. Although the P45 is not 100% perfect I’d say the pros definitely outweigh the cons, the only cons being the software interface is not the most user friendly. The best part about the P45 is its portability compared to the Imacon. With the P45, you can slap in a Compact Flash card and shoot away. Unlike the Imacon where your lugging around and plugged into a power pack/hard drive you wear over your shoulder. Not to mention the resolution of the P45 sports 39 megapixels to Imacons 16! We did some test shots to see how they compare, check em out after the jump! (And yes, I did the cheesiest photoshop job on purpose! Kinda going for a Back To The Future pt.2 (above) and part 3(below) heh.)


LYNDA.COM can show you how to use your latest softwear

Did you ever sleep in class? I used to in college and I walked out of there with a 4.0 GPA. I learned that my “visual” brain worked at lighting speed, while my “audible” brain, or reading brain, wasn’t as quick to learn. I’ll try to clarify, when I would put my head down in the classroom, shut my eyes and truly listen to the lesson the teacher was giving, I would make up stories in my head to support the lesson. While my eyes were closed, I wasn’t distracted by the pretty girl from Buffalo or see my buddies in the court yard skateboarding. The brain was busy learning. The traditional sense of learning is to read a thick book. The same story telling goes on in the brain while reading and I understand the pleasure surrounding reading. However, my visual brain would “hog” the eye time and be on the scan for any composition, color, texture surrounding the essence of creating stills. While my head lay on the desk, I learned that I need to learn in a visual way as opposed the the traditional audible/ book way.

Mentors have shown me the ropes along the way. Nothing beats a professional showing you how it is done. Today, we have tools like videos, to help the visual learners of the world. One of these guides to higher learning is a website named Lynda. The video tutorials walk you thru the tools in a simple logical way. I went thru the Lightroom tutorial and it helped.

Here is the blurb on LYNDA:

The Online Training Library and CD-ROM titles include such subjects as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Office, digital photography, Web design, digital video, and many others.’s all-star team of trainers and teachers provides comprehensive and unbiased movie-based training to an international membership of tens of thousands of subscribers. Considering the speed at which technology evolves, the Online Training Library is a great solution for keeping your skills current. Library subscriptions begin as low as $25 a month, with no long-term commitment required.. For more information and to view free demo movies on all courses in the library, visit

Aiptek PocketCinema – a lazer pointer on steroids

The idea of sharing photos with friends and presenting to clients on the fly hasn’t been easy. An instant slideshow that fits in your pocket.

Aiptek is showcasing its PocketCinema V10 mini projector at Computex 2008.

Aiptek’s PocketCinema V10, is a pocket-size media player projector equipped with 3M’s revolutionary miniature projection technology, which can project a 50-inch image. The display content can come from a cell phone, iPod, Wii or other video capable device via the 3-in-1 AV jack. The device can also playback videos and photos from the 1GB internal memory or the SD/MMC/MS Pro card. The V10 supports JPEG, ASF, AVI and MPEG-4 formats and features a stereo speaker and built-in battery.

I’ll bet that battery last all of 5 minutes

Get em did! By Plain T



The sun is coming an so are peeps, open toes, and unfortunately flip flops, which means the inevitable pedicure is fast approaching. So if you got your toes done up get the fingernails to match! Even if you’

re a turbo typing, rock climbing, function first girl there is no reason to neglect your digits. Treat those fingers like your cousins Monte Carlo, and put em on candy paint and dubs!

Above Kid sister is shown fronting her custom tips which she flips on a regular basis, to find out how find she is of this wild style watch her video Pro Nails featuring Kanye West. There she is shown flaunting dozens of styles and patterns, even black light colors! If it’s just not your style, give it a whirl, you may love your juicy tips, and for extra points coordinate a lollipop or gum to your color scheme. From the acrylic base to the gold on top, don’t be chippn’ and keep your nails like whoa!

Charged! by Plain T

Big dreams need big hair…or at least a little volume. The peak of hair metal and glam rock may have passed, but the big hair, body suits, and supercharged androgyny has found a permanent place in pop culture’s ensemble. Epic groups like the New York Dolls, Motley Crue, and T-Rex made an unmistakable impact on the look of rock and roll across the world.

So having a big head isn’t always bad, right? In fact a magnification in attitude is directly proportionate to the magnification of ones hairstyle, which of course refers to volume, as opposed to density. Its just science. Getting started requires some tools; you will need hair product with a good strong hold and matte or dull finish (we don’t want to look like Ponyboy). Next comes the hardware, a good blow dryer, comb, brush, and flat iron is about all you need to do just about anything. Don’t skimp on your flat iron, a good one will last longer, work much better, and be easier on your hair. So mess it up, piece it out, keep it charged and, oh ya, be ready for and attitude adjustment!

Canon G9- In Review

Canon G9- In Review I have never written a review about a piece of hardware, ever. This Camera has me stoked to shoot and has become an accessory to my persona. By no means is this a replacement for the big guns, but as the cliché goes: “the right tool for the job”. A point and shoot that saves Raw filesI like to call point and shoot cameras, the “drunk cam”. The idea being that some great personality shots, lifestyle, the real deal images happen while you are out there living life. Point and shoots are convienient cameras and non-intrusive means to capture these moments, however, the average 5meg jpeg leaves a lot to be desired for professional use. I am sure you have all been in that situation where something amazing has happened in front of you, a sunset, car crash, crazy lady at the bus stop, that warrants a shot and there you are without a camera. If you were going to shoot it, wouldn’t it make sense to shoot at a high enough resolution to be included in your quiver of professional work? 12.1 mega pixel RAW seems plenty for reproduction. ISO The 12.1 (why .1 I have no idea, marketing?) mega pixel RAW function of this camera made it interesting to me. As with many point and shoots it has its limitations on the ISO setting. The noise is fine at ISO 200 and less, but gets noisier as you roll up the dial, (the manual dial on the left side is killer). Nothing new here. I world argue that when locking down for a time exposure at night, it isn’t the worse quality image on the market. Add a little Noise Ninja and BAM, all better. I hope in the next evolution they increase the size of the sensor to help minimize the noise. For $500, it’s fine! Hawthorne Bridge at Night   (more…)

Plain T

Little Bean15-year-old Francis Bean Cobain has seen little of the lens considering her mother and late father are some of the most prominent and controversial rockers to date. Most images show her clinging to here mother’s side on the red carpet, or spending time with her godmother Drew Barrymore, but her appearance in February’s Harper’s Bazaar is her most mature portrayal to date.Designers like Bottega Veneta, Zac Posen, and The House of Gucci have been used to bring the woman in Frances to the forefront of this movie themed photo shoot. In this photo inspired by Eva Peron, Cobain wears a belted jacket, skirt, and shoes from Dior by John Galliano, necklace by Isaac Manevitz for Ben-Amun, and gloves by LaCrasia Gloves. Francis reminds us that no matter how young and street you are, spotless and tailored is always cherished.

Re: shooting in the snow


My buddy, wake shooter and the STANDARD wake quarterly magazine editor, Josh Letchworth hit me up with an email the other day asking about some insight to shooting in the snow. In the spirit of knowledge sharing I have attached the context of the email in this post.