Terry Richardson and Kermit photoshoot


What do you get when you mix a provocative photographer, a reigning streetwear brand, and a certain chartreuse muppet? One not-to-be-missed show, that’s what. On March 3rd, Terry Richardson + Supreme + Kermit opens at Colette (Richardson has shot Supreme campaigns in the past), an photography exhibition featuring Richardson and Kermit, Kermit and a Supreme skate desk, someone dressed as Kermit dressed in Supreme…and just about every other combination of the three imaginable. No longer must you feel shame for being a Sesame Street fan.

Charged! by Plain T

Big dreams need big hair…or at least a little volume. The peak of hair metal and glam rock may have passed, but the big hair, body suits, and supercharged androgyny has found a permanent place in pop culture’s ensemble. Epic groups like the New York Dolls, Motley Crue, and T-Rex made an unmistakable impact on the look of rock and roll across the world.

So having a big head isn’t always bad, right? In fact a magnification in attitude is directly proportionate to the magnification of ones hairstyle, which of course refers to volume, as opposed to density. Its just science. Getting started requires some tools; you will need hair product with a good strong hold and matte or dull finish (we don’t want to look like Ponyboy). Next comes the hardware, a good blow dryer, comb, brush, and flat iron is about all you need to do just about anything. Don’t skimp on your flat iron, a good one will last longer, work much better, and be easier on your hair. So mess it up, piece it out, keep it charged and, oh ya, be ready for and attitude adjustment!

Literally Inspired by Plain T

Illustration by Shintaro Kago    Inspiration; something that stimulates the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art. Inspiration is an autonomous process that we are subjected to each day. Unfortunately many of us rarely include stimulation from an abstract, or disconnected source. We look at Vogue, or Elle for fashion inspiration and flip through Dwell for home decor ideas. What happens if we draw fashion inspiration from many detached sources and apply them in non-literal ways?  The above illustration by Shintaro Kago, is prime matter to be influenced by. Shintaro is a well know erotic grotesque manga artist, who was recently featured in last moths Vice magazine the 4-ACO-DMT issue. This images ability to influence and inspire is limited only by the viewer. One person may have an amazing idea about make up, or a new accessory. Personally, I see footwear inspiration in this image. I wonder how I can apply what’s coming out of her faucets to a lacing scheme on my favorite sneakers. Fastening inspiration from theoretical sources assures that it will be personal to you, stop being literally inspired.

Littman 45 Single Rangefinder

nullModified photo gear is always something that catches my eye. Be it a pinhole Polaroid land cam mod or a Modded holga that shoots 6×6 film, I got nuts for it all! When I saw this gem my jaw hit the floor.The littman 45 Single is a hand built rangefinder born from polaroid 110 land camera. Fashion Photographer William Littman debuted his hand made rangefinder at the 2001 NY Photo Expo Plus. This ragefinder will take on 4×5 to 6×9 film and everything in-between. It was designed for spontaneity, no need for lengthy set up time with the tripod and loupe on the ground glass. It uses the polaroids’ focusing system and your set to shoot.Backing the camera are some of the worlds top photographers like: Patrick Demarchelier, Bruce Weber, and Peter Beard. Even Hollywood is hopping on the train with Director’s Zach Snyder and Gus Van Sant as proud owners. I read that Bryan Adams rocks one and even Angelina Jolie got one for her am photog hubby Brad Pitt, nice choice Angie!Check the owner gallery from the L45S website!

Plain T

Little Bean15-year-old Francis Bean Cobain has seen little of the lens considering her mother and late father are some of the most prominent and controversial rockers to date. Most images show her clinging to here mother’s side on the red carpet, or spending time with her godmother Drew Barrymore, but her appearance in February’s Harper’s Bazaar is her most mature portrayal to date.Designers like Bottega Veneta, Zac Posen, and The House of Gucci have been used to bring the woman in Frances to the forefront of this movie themed photo shoot. In this photo inspired by Eva Peron, Cobain wears a belted jacket, skirt, and shoes from Dior by John Galliano, necklace by Isaac Manevitz for Ben-Amun, and gloves by LaCrasia Gloves. Francis reminds us that no matter how young and street you are, spotless and tailored is always cherished.

Herb Ritz

Herb Ritz

Herb Ritts is dead.
I stared across the table at Dona and I scrambled through my head to remember where and if I had even heard that. My first reaction was “No Way”. The 90s was filled with his imagery and I never remember him being an old guy per say. Tragically in 2002 on Dec 26th he passed on.

The conversation was about classy sexy imagery. Nude photography as an art form and differentiating plastic boobs and low budget porn was critical to the thinking. This brainstorm about photographers and their unique approaches to the subject lead to Herb’s “Wicked Game” video with Helena Christensen. He had clean lines and was able to keep the subject strong in all the work he presented. The film and the camera nor any technical wizardry was Herb’s signature to the work. You could feel that all his subjects were somehow emotional connected to Herb and in this creation process a trust was built. This sincerity became part of the strong lines and clean lighting to be a signature.

The memory of his work today was a testament to the work he created, His untimely death in many ways has immortalized the work.