Bow The Mold: The stories behind their style- featuring Caleb Ruecker

This is the first instillation of what i hope will be many. Tasked with finding fashion forward thinkers in the action industry started with a mere fashion on the street type standard. But faced with the fact that i am no sartorialist, i cant just look at what a person is wearing and not try to figure out the personality behind the garb. I was determined to go deeper.

I began to rack my brain and think of all the athletes i have met and the individual flair they bring to their sponsors and style i couldn’t imagine just documenting what they wore. As far as i am concerned “Name Brands, overpriced items and the hottest new style on the market all pale in comparison to the style brought together by individuals and their personalities.

This monthly essay is one that will strive to capture the real, the raw and the individuals i meet in a new light. Any stereotypes you may have had when first meeting the individual will melt away, confusion will in sue and you will want nothing more than to meet the individual with these fashion forward frame of minds.

The first of these young trendsetters is Caleb Ruecker. A Portland native and a BMX athlete iconic for his personal style, infinite flare and talent for bedazzling even the most plain of nails.

You see him fly by on the street, hop a curb and spin off into the distance, your initial though? “What a Punk” A reaction he has received with a smile for years and happens to be the same reaction I had as he was flying on his bike over a crew of us nemo workers as we enjoyed an afternoon at the loading dock. Once the intimidation and pure awe of his personal style settled in, i got a hold of him, it only took 3 years.We collaborated and talked, gossiped and giggled (yes girls he giggles) talked nails and fashion. Seriously, not the rail ogling, bmx jabber i expected. This is where the shattering of stereotypes idea came into play. I wanted to make a series of fashion essays in which this person who normally appears intimidating and hard would come across calm, collected, complex and the soft man i spent the afternoon in the park. Not the spiked, tattooed, ruecker the hucker that the world knows him as.

To my excitement he agreed. This is the series we created in an afternoon here at studio nemo.


An extra special thank you to Caleb and Camille V for spending a saturday in the studio with me.


Burton and Red Wing made a baby, his name is rover.

Its a snowboard boot people! That’s right, in this day and age there is no reason, unless you have baby feet like me, to not have a pair of fashionable and functional snow boots for shredding the gnar. With Nike Snow’s constantly upgraded Zoom boots, and now the new Burton x Red Wing ‘Rover’ boot you have fashionable options!

Travis Pastrana gets fashionably rad

If you open up the latest issue of GQ, you’ll see lots of metro dude stuff. But you also may find X-Games champ and lunatic extraordinaire Travis Pastrana gracing the pages in some damn fine suits. Travis rallied around the streets of downtown LA with photographer Peggy Sirota for the fashion piece on the summer’s “daredevil-ish” looks. Always fun/weird to see one of our own action sports athletes get all dressed up like a 9-5’er.
If you wanna be styled-out like Travis, the full article is here.

Nike Vision Vintage Collection

Back in December, a few of our Nemoites, along with fun-loving photographerEmbry Rucker, took a little trip down to sunny San Diego to enjoy bikes, beaches and bonfires to create the new campaign for Nike Vision’s Vintage sunglass collection. Needless to say the rest of us in the offices were stoked to see the photos, and not so stoked to see that they scored amazing weather in December. Anyways, the Vintage website just launched, and the images and video look awesome. Head over to Nike Vision to get yourself amped on summer.

The Sartorialist

For those of you who don’t follow The Sartorialist (sar·to·ri·al:of or pertaining to clothing, style or manner of dress), it’s an all-encompassing fashion photo blog, run by Scott Schumann showcasing his street photography in his hometown of NYC and other fashion hubs like Milan, Paris, etc. And for those of you who do already know about and follow this site (70,000 people daily), Schumann’s persona has been relatively hidden until now. Intel recently produced a short documentary piece on the life and times of The Sartorialist. The video is beautifully shot on the streets of New York, following Scott as he interacts with his “models.”

INFLUENCERS explores ever-changing social trends.

We live in a generation that shares everything, impersonal and personal. Check out this short little documentary titled INFLUENCERS, a film that explores the rapidly growing and changing world of cool-hunting, trend developing, and the social action/re-action exchange of the young and creative.

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Foam Magazine

A magazine containing the perfect mix of fashion, action, ocean, art, and music. Its a great entertainer for those of us girls who like to get out there in lineup next to the guys, then head home and blast our old records while picking out our favorite outfit.

They feature female riders from all walks of life, and never cease to present them with fashionable grace and ease. Making the natural beauty of these ladies glow with their great selection of photography.

The past few issues have featured nike 6.0 athletes Monyca Bryne-Wickey and Malia Manuel. Shot by our very own, Kari Rowe.

Check out more about the nike 6.0 surf team, and the digital version of foam magazine.

Beth Lesser


Beth Lesser is photographer and author who followed the birth and rise of the Jamaican dance hall movement in the 80’s. It is now a culture that spreads from the banks of Kingston to the streets of Tokyo. She published a book on the subject  “Dancehall the rise of Jamaican dancehall culture” which is full of many beautiful photos, check it out!

Jody Rogac for Lifetime Collective

Jody, a photographer out of BC is part of the Lifetime Collective. Lifetime is a company that started as a small basement t-shirt company and has now developed far beyond just their clothing. They are a collaboration of artists musicians, photographers, skateboarders, snowboarders, designers, writers and even small business. If you dont already know of or shop at their online store, checking it out is a must.

Sweet F.A. by Plain T

It is time once again! February has long been the month for Portland’s famed Doom Town Rock & Roll Fashion show, however this year it goes by a different name,the Sweet F.A. Rock & Roll Fashion show. The production is still headed by two of Portland’s mightiest design minds Erin “Beretta” Cry of Revolver Revolver and Elizabeth Mollo of Disorder Cloths. As for whats in store, i was able to sneak a look at the fashion and speak with some of this years featured designers, and it looks like this year is shaping up to be another Doom Town Productions smash! Get your tickets, and get your ass to the Fez Ballroom on the night of Feb. 21st.

An Art Retrospective by Nubby Twiglet @ StudioNemo

Nubby Twiglet Art Show @ Nemo Design from Austin Will on Vimeo.

On 10/3 StudioNemo was proud to host the fantastic work of Nemo Employee, Nubby Twiglet, AKA Shauna Haider. Nubby’s pop style art consists of stripes, shoes, and letterforms collaged on wood and ceramic, sealed in epoxy resin. The 30 pieces on display are compiled from three series and span over three years. We are ecstatic to have her work on our walls. Come in and check out Nubby’s art all month!!

photo of the day

StudioNemo’s friend Cel Jarvis sent us some eye candy today of her latest work for hawks by Geren Ford for Urban Outfitters. YEAH CEL! Your work is awesome. Check out more here

While you were sleeping by Plain T

Things got sweet last night at Nemo Design when Glass Candy made a special appearance on stage in Studio Nemo. Ida No and Johnny Jewel rocked a crowd of nearly 300 sweaty Portlanders till late in the night, and stayed after to dance. Here are a few pics of what went down, the rest of the party shots are soon to come, so stay tuned!

Camo-a-gogo by Plain T

Tired of standing out? Do you ever wish you could disappear, or just blend in? yes? Sweet, because Japanese designer Aya Tsukioka has got your  back! She has created a line of garments that transform you into inanimate objects such as vending machines, telephone booths, and fire hydrants. Aya’s inspiration was the threat of stalkers and the Ninja’s skill of concealment, which led her to seek solutions to let women hide in in their urban environment. So, ladies, next time that creepy dude that has been behind you for 8 blocks keeps lurking after you, just bust around the next corner and disguise yourself as a lowly telephone booth. And watch as your aggressor walks right by confused by his elusive prey.

We love Barack at Nemo

One of our own, Christopher Douglas, has designed these amazing T’s to show his (and I would venture to say all of our) support for Barack Obama for President!!!!! We had a short but fun shoot for them in the studio today. Beautiful shirt, beautiful photo (Carlin Sundell), beautiful models (Liz and Tyler) and a beautiful new start for the US of A. BARACK ME LIKE A HURRICANE!

Nemo Props

Nikita talked about us in their blog today….pretty cool! I love their stuff.

Strength in numbers by Plain T

The power of a pair is undeniable. Every Bonnie wants their Clyde! And why shouldn’t they, it is the chemical urge to find our mate, the one that will be our partner in crime forever. Some couples look like they were made for eachother. Like a key missing its lock, without eachother they are without functionality. This couple from Helsinki Finland is the epitome of inseparability. Andreas (18) and Tanja (24) have a style that stands alone, but as you see, together they become something intangible and whole. I bet they even light each others cigarettes! Go to Hel Looks to find more Finish street.

Mark Borthwick

Mark Borthwick is an amazing experimental fashion photographer but his creative doesn’t stop there. He often accompanies his photographic work with writing, drawings, and even live performances. As a photographer, musician and film maker, his work has a distinct feel of a still capture of a motion reel that you could really only get when you approach your work with this much original diversity. Theres a great interview with him on fecal face.

My new favorite fashion photog…

David Slijper is my new favorite fashion photographer.

The Row Clothing

I guess I’m on a roll with the fashion posts… out Todd! The Row by none other than the Olsen twins believe it or not is pretty awesome. Other than the price tags this line is everything i could want in my closet. Versatile and simple….their images are strong and their promo video is pretty rad too.

Boy, By Scott Sternberg

Boy is a brilliant androgynous clothing line by Scott Sternberg the designer of the famous menswear line band of outsiders. Scott seems to have discovered a perfect combination of boyish inspiration with the femme fits and cuts. For years I have been shopping in the boy sections of second hand clothing stores, taking my findings home and altering them to fit me. Its good to see that someone in fashion has finally figured this out and created an amazing clothing line. The pictures really just seal the deal…

FREESTYLIN’ launch party


I grabbed the Canon G9 and headed to Brooklyn Projects opening and launch of the Nemo produced book FREESTYLIN’. Nike SB’s, John Martin asked Nemo creative director Mark Lewman if he could do anything for BMX what would he do. Lewman brought the old band together from the Freestylin’ days and put together an amazing historical outline of the pioneering days of freestyle BMX. Spike Jones and Andy Jenkins collaborated in their original roles and put together the book.

BMX racing will debut in China at the Olympics next month and Nike SB has been doing promotions to bring focus to the new event. Michael Lau designed special limited edition Blazers for the promotion and if you were at the party in LA the he also design two special edition toys and a show box that is so unique and original!

Thierry LeGoues – Soul

French fashion photographer Thierry LeGoues’ Soul series is both beautiful and provoking. Choosing “Soul” as this series title is very fitting, with the white set and the nude models and the fact that he is a “fashion” photographer, they have nothing to hide behind, both the model and photographer really are bearing their soul in the final image.

Get em did! By Plain T



The sun is coming an so are peeps, open toes, and unfortunately flip flops, which means the inevitable pedicure is fast approaching. So if you got your toes done up get the fingernails to match! Even if you’

re a turbo typing, rock climbing, function first girl there is no reason to neglect your digits. Treat those fingers like your cousins Monte Carlo, and put em on candy paint and dubs!

Above Kid sister is shown fronting her custom tips which she flips on a regular basis, to find out how find she is of this wild style watch her video Pro Nails featuring Kanye West. There she is shown flaunting dozens of styles and patterns, even black light colors! If it’s just not your style, give it a whirl, you may love your juicy tips, and for extra points coordinate a lollipop or gum to your color scheme. From the acrylic base to the gold on top, don’t be chippn’ and keep your nails like whoa!