Model Mayhem… For “professionals” only? HA!

Man, I received a message from my boss TG this morning that said: ” www.modelmayhem.com Seems you guys might have something to say about this site.” Ok, F.Y.I. I really have wanted to stay away from bashing and otherwise hating on other peoples way of doing what they do, art is relative, blah blah, but I can bite my tongue no longer… Modelmayhem.com I’m talking to you. Well not the website it self, but more so the people the website has become populated with. I’m sure there is a small population of actual models and photographers looking to network and do legitimate work. Sadly, those few are vastly overshadowed by the sheer skull melting number of “models”  that look like they never got a call back from that  Suicidegirls.com casting call and waiting for their “big break”! Everyone knows showing your tits means your a professional model, any minute now ladies you’ll be a star! Don’t get rid of that latex jumper just yet!

Then we have the what even modelmayhem fondly refers to in the FAQ section as “GWC’s” or Guy with camera, here is their definition straight from the site:

What is GWC?
GWC is an acronym for “Guy With Camera.” It’s a derogatory term for an amateur photographer. And it has taken the intraweb by storm thanks to MM. It usually implies that said guy is only interested in photography in order to get hot ladies to get nekkid for him.

(Case in point.)

That pretty much sums up a good 98% of photographers on this site. Not to worry fellas even though the site calls your scam out, there will always be nieve young models waiting to take their tops off for your “art” (boner material) that will one day make them famous! Take a look around, it looks like a fucking soft core porn site, of poor photographic caliber might I ad. The saying “everyone is beautiful” should be taken with a grain of salt in this case. Phew! Well, If you made it through the vomit of text I just spewed, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Especially if your a member of gothicgirlsgivemeboners.co…I mean, ModelMayhem.

Mertzy, OUT!

What is it?!?! StudioNemo recives a surprise from Nate Silverstein.

Nate Silverstein is a Nemo alum and was an assistant to Trevor Graves back in the day. While I have met him once before when he visited nemo, I don’t really know Nate well enough to tell you something interesting about him. So I enlisted the help of my co-worker Kari Rowe who has known and worked with Nate since Nemo’s early days, this is what she had to say. ” Nate? He is a crazy motherf*#@*r. He’s one of the most creative people I’ve met. He recently moved back to Portland from NY with his girlfriend… Oh! I guess when he was in NY he took a break from photography and started taping pens to the bottoms of canes and would draw pictures with it. (uncontrollable laughter)”  With that being said, Nate dropped off a surprise the other day. He gave Nemo a copy of three photo books that he published. Very interesting imagery and original presentation for each series. The books include: Deep Freeze, Mary Please, and Polaroid IV.

p.s. Along with the packaging looking like Nate skinned a muppet, one of the books comes packaged in a faux bag of grass… Genius!

Nate Silverstein from alex mertz on Vimeo.


Carlin Sundell travels back in time, Brings back photos as proof!

Well not exactly, had to give the National Enquirer headline a shot. Carlin Sundell works as a freelance photographer here at StudioNemo and is a good friend of ours. He recently attended a workshop on wet collodion plate photography. Wet collodion plate photography was developed by Frederik Archer in the mid 19th century. The image is exposed on to a glass or tin plate covered in collodion, a viscous liquid, made by dissolving nitrated cotton in a mixture of alcohol and ether and then light sensitive salts are applied to the plate, exposed, to create the photo. You literally need a entire chemistry kit in the field and work quickly in an ether rich environment to develop the plate. At some point a gas lantern is involved in the process… Chances for “KA-BLEWY” go way up! I suppose that’s half the fun, eh? Well fortunately Carlin returned not looking like THIS, and brought us back some amazing photos. Gives you an appreciation photography’s early years in today’s mind-numbing point and shoot world.

Click ahead to see some shots of Carlin in action! (more…)

Happy 100 year anniversary of the almost end of the world!

In the early morning of July 1st 1908 in Siberia, there was a great explosion. Eyewitnesses close to the explosion reported the loud thundering sound moving east to north. The sounds were accompanied by a shock-wave that knocked people to the ground and broke windows hundreds of miles away. The explosion knocked over an estimated 80 million trees over 830 square miles. Estimates of the energy of the blast to be about 1000 times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It is estimated that the earthquake from the blast would have measured 5.0 on the Richter scale, which was not yet developed at the time. Since there was no discernible impact zone, meteor impact was ruled out, theories for the cause range from black holes, anti-matter, to a UFO crash. Today the more popular theory is whether it was a comet or meteor, it exploded 8 or 9 km over the earth’s surface, from immense built up pressure from traveling over 21,000mph into our atmosphere. Later in 1966 Guiness book of world records calculated that if it were to hit earth 4 hours and 47 min later it would have completly destroyed St. Petersburg, Russia! They say the earth gets these mid-sized hits once every 300 years or so. 100 down 200 more to go!

Trevor Paglen’s – The Other Night Sky

Since the launch of sputnik in 1957, amateur astronomers have been tracking the paths of satellites and recording their data for decades.  It is estimated that 189 “classified” satellites orbit our earth. Surely  being used for reconnaissance, and data gathering, it’s not hard to imagine that these, (as far as our government is concerned) “non- existent” satellites have more sinister applications.

Enter Trevor Paglen, artist-astronomer. With satellite data from “observer clubs” and special software designed to control a motorized tripod to follow the path of the stars (so they are static objects in the photo), you are then able to see the partial orbit of the “classified” satellite. In a recent interview Paglen said, “When you look at the number of satellites, what they’re doing and what they represent, it is really a vision of trying to have the world in your clutches.” All conspiracy theories aside you cant help but feel that “big brother” could actually be watching your every move. Bring on the tin foil hats!  Be sure to check out his art show coming to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2009.

More classified information after the jump!


Photo of the day

I received this image via Ichat from my friend Andy this morning, after dropping my jaw in awe of the photo, he told me about this site sorryimissedyourparty.com where he found it. After finding this image in the midst of beer bongs and drunk ass collage kid photos, the updated header on the photo mentioned it was a staged photo by photographer David LaChapelle. Staged or not you can image the scenario. It’s like walking into the wrong hotel room, seeing the worlds shadiest party, and leaving with this image ingrained into your memory for all eternity. Enjoy the night terrors. :)

Wim Delvoye’s art farm

Wim Delvoye is an oddly fascinating fellow, from creating a machine that actually manufactures REAL POO (!), to other artistic ventures ranging from stained glass field goals to other works of “poop art“. The Belgian artist bought a pig farm in Beijing, China and has been churning out tattooed pigs. Wim’s tattoo art ranges from Disney characters to Louise Vuitton signature pattern to Russian prison tats. Buyers have the option of “adopting” their pig and watching it via web cam while it lives out its days getting tattoos, being fed sugar cubes by visitors and frolicking in a grassy meadow. Each pig receives individual care from appointed “moisturisers” to keep the tats in good condition up until they reach maturity, then they harvest said tattoos in a few ways. You can either have your pig taxedermied, you can get the raw hide to hang on a wall and If you want it real classy, you can get it stretched over canvas. PETA would have a field day with this guy! be sure to check out more here!

Dine in or Kari out?

Kari Rowe is my co-worker and fellow photo assistant here at Nemo. Tuesday night I went out with my homie for Chinese food at the Golden Horse down in Chinatown, (bomb food btw…) and took home leftovers. The box literally says “Kari”not carry! I had to do something with this box and Kari. I ran the idea by Kari the next day and asked if she could use her photoshop wizardry to finish it up if i shot it, she was in. A few fun sodas and high 5’s later we were done! Now we leave you with “Kari out”

Stems by Plain T


Love your legs, they take you everywhere, so treat them like you owe them! The model wears slashed leggings by Mrs. Jones which in full stride give you a dizzy effect. Capping off either end is an Emilo Pucci jacket and Katarzyna Szczotarska shoes.

tools are cool?

I never thought id say this about Tools or Sears, but this is rad! Someone actually made this horrid 1470 piece tool set look amazing. I would have hated being the assistant on this shoot! But hell i guess when your trying to get people to drop 9 Gs on a tool set you’ve got to make it look this good.

PROPS to all those creative product photographers out there.

The not so good, the bad, the VERY ugly, Nemo beard party

When ever you get a bunch of dudes together that have been growing their beards for about 4 months and they all trim off their face fur at once, It’s gonna be rough. That was the case this past friday for the Beard Bake Off here at Nemo Design. While Trevor was documenting the occasion ( which you can read below) I set up the camera to capture blackmail photos eyecandy to share with the world!

*WARNING* Not for the faint of heart. Much more after the jump!


Adobe Lens? Hang on to your britches!


Adobe is synonymous with software, but hardware? It’s still in testing stages but Adobe has created a lens that takes 19 different images in a single shot. But what do you get with 19 simultaneous images? 19 depths of field! Along with the software that will come with the lens, you will be able to “paint in” your range(s) of focus. It’s almost too much to comprehend right now, click here for the popular science article. Posted a VIDEO(!) of the sucker in action make sure to check it!


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