Deus Ex Machina- welcome to paradise

Head’s up- if you have any interest in surfboards, classic motorcycles, hand-painted art, custom bicycles, and/or photography, you may become extremely jealous after watching the following video. Deus Ex Machina, aka the “temple of enthusiasm,” is the brainchild of former surf photo legend and current ex-pat Dustin Humphrey. In 2006, Humphrey released Sipping Jetstreams, possibly the most successful and sought after photo book of this generation. In 2007, D. Hump disappeared completely, leaving the editorial surf world wondering where and why. Turns out he was putting all of his attnention into Deus Ex Machina in Bali, Indonesia- a paradise within a paradise. Take a tour of this wonderland in the video below. For further info on D. Hump and his what brought him to this new life, go here.

Deus Temple of Enthusiasm Walk Through. Canggu, Bali from Deus Bali on Vimeo.

All aboard the Grease Bus!

With all this snow Mt. Hood has been getting, we’ve all been in snowboard heaven. Anyone noticed a flashy purple bus with “feed me!” written on it cruising around? If you haven’t figured it out, thats the one and only Grease Bus, Portland’s best way up to the mountain. Our friends over at Nike Snowboarding and Salomon Snowboards have been sponsoring these guys since 2001, and we’re pretty stoked on it. Running on bio-diesel, the bus offers skiers and snowboarders roundtrip service from the city to the slopes for only $10! Not only that, the bus is fully equipped with magazines, Clif Bars, and a flat screen TV to get you amped for the day. Next time you’re heading to hood, skip the lonely drive by yourself and hop on the grease bus with a few buddies instead! Head over to the grease bus site to see schedules and events.

360° Viewer-Controlled Video is Here

In this digital age where we need to know everything that is going on around us all the time, some mediums may feel a little left behind. But video no longer has that problem. A company called NorthStudio360 has devised a way to shoot 360° video by apparently using six video cameras at once, and with their clever video player, you can control where you want to look while the video plays by just clicking and dragging with your mouse. Red Bull did a project like this a few years ago, strapping a a 360 cam to a hemet and towing surfers into teahupoo, but it didnt have anywhere near the customization of this new instrument. Northstudio360 is mostly marketing their device to tourism and travel sites, but I like the potential in the video below- viewer controlled sports, making it more personal than ever.
(the video may take a bit to load, it’s new technology, be patient)

Who is Elmo Tide?

Elmo Tide is a photographer. Atleast we think that’s who he is or what he does. Elmo has no website, no professional portfolio, no Facebook, no Twitter. The only proof that Elmo Tide exists is a flickr account that has been updated twice- once in 2008, and once in 2010. Yet somehow his images have shown in photo galleries worldwide. It’s safe to say Elmo Tide is an enigma if anything. His mysterious work shows a world few other people may ever see, his images seem like fantastical movie stills from odd film noirs. Look at his photos for long enough and you’ll feel that you’ve been pulled into to a gritty underground counter-culture, not sure whether you want to run for your life or join the party. You can see NPR’s very brief and very vague interview with Elmo here.

Color of Light- Ponomarev Boris

Always looking to make studio and lighting more fun, we were recently sent this wild little video. Watch these artists go nuts with day-glo-esque “fluoro” paint.

Mark Visser’s 2am Tow In At Jaws

What’s the best way to surf by yourself in perfect waves? Surf them in pitch black. Mark Visser may be crazy, but he may also be a genius. Maybe it’s because we love creative lighting. Maybe it’s because we love athletes raising the bar. Either way, you need to check out this video. Using newly developed light technology, Visser was towed into 30-40 foot surf while lighting his own path and remaining visible by helicopter and jet-skis. “The lighting technologies were created especially for the project by Solus Corporation using ground breaking NASA submarine lighting to ensure the wave and board were lit in the right places, at the right time and illuminated the wave without hindering the vision of Visser, the jet ski drivers and the helicopter pilots.”
This ride is the first part of Visser’s “9 Lives” project. Can’t wait to see how he risks the other 8!

Mark Visser Rides JAWS at Night! from Fortrus Sports on Vimeo.

Contest: Tell Us What to Do With This Relic!

While doing major re-haul on Nemo’s photo studio, we came across this antique from the 80’s. Back in the day, this Speedotron 2401A strobe pack was the top piece of equipment for professional photographers worldwide. Although it’s now totally busted and probably a little dangerous, we still think it’s a piece of celebrated Trevor-Graves-history. Long story short, we can’t just throw it away. So now we are recruiting you, our devoted readers, to tell us what to do with it! Should we make it into a robot? Get some snowboarders to jib it? Send your best diabolic schemes to jordanl@nemohq.com, and in 2 weeks we’ll pick the most creative idea to unleash on the speedotron.

Lady Gaga + Polaroid take us into the future

CES (consumer electronics show) was this week in Las Vegas, and while all the gadget nerds were focused on tablets and such, Polaroid‘s new ambassador Gaga was releasing the latest advancements in instant-image equipment, specifically, these space-age photo glasses. These monstrous sunglasses allow the wearer/shooter to record photo and video of whatever they happen to be looking at (not sure what the memory on them is though), display the images on the exterior of the lens, and export through a usb drive in the earpiece.
another notable piece of polaroid equipment was their pocket-sized wireless instant printer, allowing all of us smart-phone-addicted people to print our phone’s photos on the spot.
Check out Lady Gaga’s demo below (she kind of stumbles through her speech, but good for her for talking to all those nerds).

Happy Holidays from NEMO!

We’re wrapping up the year here at NEMO, and sending out our holiday gifts! Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, questioning, and hassling on our blog this year! Happy Holidays!

BMW burns their logo into viewers eyeballs

Sorry, that headline probably came off much more graphic than what is actually happening. However, the folks over at BMW have gotten pretty crafty in their latest ad/stunt in Germany. Merging knowledge of technology and human sensory reactions, the car giant played their new tv commercial at a local theatre for a select audience. While the film was playing, they fired a profoto strobe through a BMW logo through the back of the screen, into the audience’s retinas, without them really even noticing. But when the viewers closed their eyes at the end of the show, they were left with letters BMW projected on their eyelids. Check out the sly tv spot below (though the flash effect doesn’t work over YouTube)

(via gizmodo)

Photoshop Tutorial Rap

Here is a little tutorial to help out everyone’s photos and christmas cards this year. The rap is a little wack, but the dude surprisingly knows what he’s talking about. CMY-Killa covers red eye removal, “blinging” your text, and applying filters to your unicorn…

Is the photo industry already over the iPad portfolio?

Here is a cool article from Photoshelter.com discussing the surprisingly disputed topic of using, or even replacing, iPads for portfolios. It’s a convienient and tech-saavy solution from photographer’s eyes, but are photo editors tired of them already? Here are 3 photographer’s who have taken the iPad portfolio to the next level in order to better brand themselves while still showcasing their unique styles. Even if you don’t have time to read the whole article, check out the images of how these guys are integrating their portfolio cases to house their ipads/stands/cleaning cloths/promo cards/whatever else they can pack in. Check it out at Photoshelter.


We love when our friends start new projects, and look what they’re up to now: In true Oregonian-manly-badass fashion, Nemo friends Greg and Grey have launched Antler & Co., handmade housewares crafted from real deer antlers! Every antler&co. artifact is an original, individually numbered in a first edition of 1000. Of course these amazing pieces are crafted from the finest cruelty free shed antlers. Check out all of their fine (christmas/hanukkah/kwanzaa worthy) products here, and be sure to creep on them on facebook and twitter.

Olympus Pen commercial is pure photography

How do you tell the story of a classic camera? Olympus has done a pretty good job in their new ad for the iconic Olypmus Pen. This spot is pure photographic storytelling. With major inspiration from Mr Taijin Takeuchi, 60000 pictures shot, 9600 prints developed, and over 1800 pictures re-shot. And believe it or not, there was no post-production involved (old school, I know!).

How to get your mom to skateboard

Remember pushing around the shopping cart, making sure no one was looking, and then hopping on the back bar to ride it down the aisle? Of course you do. Well if you ever wanted your peers to partake in the same fun, this may be the way to do it. (and surprise, the spot is by Volkswagen!)

(via http://blog.swell.com)

Do wakeboarders want to be snowboarders?

I don’t know much about wakeboarding/wakeskating, and after seeing this video, I think I know even less. Check out Pro wakeboarder Nick Ennen and photographer (and friend of Nemo) Mike Yoshida take whatever-sport-this-is-called-now to the next level.

Leica M9 now with wifi and text messaging. Not.

What’s cooler than an iPhone 4? Decking out your iPhone 4 to look like a Leica M9.

San Francisco photographer Joey Celis is kind of a genius for designing this Leica M9 iPhone Skin. Sadly, it’s not going to be made for sale- Celis considers it a “one-off”. Definitely makes him cooler than the rest of us iPhone users, though (and way cooler than those Droid users!)

Photo Of The Day


A flotilla of Nomura jelly fish off the coast of Japan. These jellies have been invading Japanese waters in unheard of numbers over the last few years, scientists don’t yet know why there are so many in waters they do not normally venture.

Slideluck coming to PDX

Slideluck Potshow is coming to PDX. Find out more about it here. Food and photos, what more can we say???

Sony: Bravia-Drome

I remember for a science fair in grade school, I made a zoetrope to illustrate the illusion of motion from a series of still images, which at the time I think was a hand drawn stick figure skateboarder doing an ollie. Well looks like the zoetrope technology and made leaps and bounds since those humble science fair days. Sony Bravia, best known for their sleek, sexy flatscreens and groundbreaking creative direction for TV ads (click here), is back with a different approach. They built the worlds largest and fastest zoetrope installation ever and plopped it right in the middle of Venaria, Italy. From the looks of it, it looks like some kind of space ship/mod art, but when this thing gets moving, up to 50Km/hr, you get a surprising visual experience. In this case its Brazilian football star Ricardo Kaka kicking around the ball. All of this is used to debut Sony’s new Motion Flow technology, making for smoother action on their new line of flatscreens. Conceptually it’s very interesting, taking an ancient technology, beefing it up and have it explain how a new technology essentially works. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation from the production crew.

“It’s Fun, It’s Easy, It’s a robot” …ummm what is it?

The GigaPan Epic is a little contraption that well, takes panoramic photos robotically. You just set your area that you want to cover, and this sucker goes to work. It takes hundreds of photos with robotic precision. You then run it through its software and it aligns and merges all the single images into one single cohesive panoramic. Basically takes all the fun of photoshopping all your images together and throws it out the window. Personally, I stay away from panos for that reason. But somewhere out there some sorry bastard is out of a job (pricetag is less than 400.00). Great timing GigaPan, Jeez! Click ahead to see the GigaPan in action at Obama’s inauguration, make sure to zoom in all the way, it’s pretty nuts. Check it here.

Revarie from Vincent Laforet

Revarie is a short film by NYC photographer Vincent Laforet. What makes this film Unique is that it was filmed entirely with Canon’s new EOS 5D Mark II. Which up until recently had just been a DSLR. Now they have added the capabilities of 1080p HD video to its feature list. I think we’ll be seeing more of this crossover of mediums. Which is pretty exciting to think of what is next to come. Who knows any of us photographers could be a closet videographer and we just don’t know it yet! Check out the video on Vincent’s site here.

Sarah- Jane Lynagh

Sarah-Jane Lynagh

Surfing CPLUV this morning I stubbled upon the work of Sarah-Jan Lynagh. The metaphor of the shot and the actual production of this images are overwhelming. Who would have thunk that a dead cow heart, a hot model and technical lighting could flow thru a creative mind and come up with these solutions. Her bio talks about her work revolving around a cluster of issues chief among which are sexuality, death, identity, abjection, the monstrous feminine and loss. Either she is a Damien Hirst shock jock or a tortured child expressing her in most demons.


Sarah- Jane Lynagh completed a degree in Fine Art at the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland in 2003. She has just completed a MA in Fine Art photography at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, UK.

Let Them Eat Crack! Banksy round 2

My friend Mikey H. in NYC just Ichatted me saying he just saw the Banksy show mentioned below (Which he said was rad.). He asked me if I have seen photos for the giant rat pieces Banksy did in Soho, they’re all legal too since they are commissioned pieces. Simply put, amazing stuff. Click on for more!

Photo cred: Mikey’s friends Iphone! (more…)