Advice from the “30 under 30”

PDN‘s latest issue featured their pick of the top 30 photographers in the world who are under 30 years old, a highly coveted list by Nemo’s photo team. While we love seeing their work splashed across the pages, if a photo is worth a thousand words, often it’s more interesting to hear those words. Digging a bit deeper, this secondary article questions these up-and-comers on some their lessons learned throughout their educations. Here’s some highlights:

Katrina D’Autremont-“You never know what will come from showing someone your work. Very often results are not immediate but if you think about it, the best thing someone can say is that your work stuck with them, and that they still remember you months down the line.”
Bartholomew Cooke-“One of the things I’ve done since graduating is to fervently pursue every opportunity given to me. Even if doing so has not always generated the results I hoped for, it almost always opens new doors and is one of the main reasons I have had some success to date.
Liz Hingley-“I feel it is a process of learning and each stage produces a different kind of work. I don’t feel that experience always produces better work.
Rachel Barrett-“Diligence and organization are both crucial. It takes constant effort, on a daily basis: updating, filing, retouching, fine-tuning…the trick is to harness them and make them work for you, not against you.”

To read the rest and get inspired, get the full article on PDN.

Pangea Archive

These two have taken on a huge project. They are going to begin an archive of previously unseen and unused music/band photos. Check out their site and donate if like what they are doing!

One in 8 million

After a morning of brainstorming with our friend Jake Stangel; who, by the way, has an amazing project brewing. I sat down and lost myself in this site. Thanks for the recommendation jake! Its amazing.

New York is a city full of characters. Everyone has their own story, this project by the NY Times is a brief look into the lives of the individuals that make up that colorful community. The commentary from the individuals, sharing their story, the rough black and white imagery, and the grit of the city showing through every story, you are sure to be lost for hours in this site.

Heavy Metal Heart goes off!

If you weren’t at Nemo friday night, you really mised out. Photos by 11 different photographers, Bikes by 3 different shops, and a packed house made for an amazing show, not to mention the beer and wine were flowing. Check out the party photos here.

Heavy Metal Heart This Friday

Like Motorcycles? Like photography? This Friday, October 1st, Nemo presents Heavy Metal Heart, a show dedicated to these two passions. Featuring work by Mark Welsh, Scott Pommier, Jon Humphries, Benji Wagner, Molly Quan, Jake Stangel, Phil Stern, Roger Seliner, Ray Gordon, Wez Lundry, and Pasha. Find your inner Hell’s Angel and come check out this killer show!

Chris Burkard wins Red Bull Illume 2010

The Red Bull Illume image quest (the world’s premier action and adventure sports photography competition) just went down in Dublin last night. 4,773 photographers from 112 countries, 22,764 submitted photos, all showcasing their love and dedication to action sports. After nearly 6 months of sifting through photos, the 50 finalists were unveiled on August 31 at a spectacular ceremony in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. And at the end of the night, central California’s surf-photographer-extraordinaire Chris Burkard and his image of Pete Mendia riding refracting waves in Chile walked away with the grand prize: a Leica S2 camera worth €30.000 (roughly $38,000!)

Red Bull will also be releasing the Illume Photobook 2010, a record of their quest. The top 250 images have been published in high-quality hardback and will be available soon for purchase for fans of these stunning, breathtaking images.
To check out all the other insane finalist images, head over to Red Bull Illume

Sam Wells + Too Much Chocolate= Nemo Love

Our friend Jake Stangel over at Too Much Chocolate interviewed former StudioNemo-ite, Sam Falls, over the holidays. Sam got his start at Nemo and has been evolving ever since. Check out the interview and work here.

Sam Falls "Locks of Love"

Sam Falls "Locks of Love"

Sam Falls "Untitled"

Sam Falls "Untitled"

Reflecting China_StudioNemo gallery 11.06.09

Photographers Shen Wei and Jane Tam are the guest artists in StudioNemo for the month of November. The Friday nigh show went great, and despite the chili weather the house was packed! Check it out!

Reflecting China_ StudioNemo 11.6.09 from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

My Week in Utah with Nikita Outerwear Team.

I’ll give ya the quick and dirty, this was one of my more favorite freelance photo shoots to date, It may have been due to the surprising openness of everyone involved to G.S.D. no matter what! All the girls were awesome and open to suggestion and copped zero attitude, I know some male riders that are more high maintenance to deal with compared to any of these girls. Ha. Nikita has a solid group of riders, killing it from the pow, park, pipe, streets and their focused. Special props go to Nikita office crew that absolutely killed everything from buying large amounts of avocados and string cheese daily to keep the small army shredding to putting a roof over our heads. I like to think I came out of this trip with everything I set to accomplish and like 20+ new friends I can’t wait to run into in the near future. Well enough rambling… go to Yobeat to get the full scoop as told by Brooke Geery! Make sure to check All the pics and DAILY video coverage! Click here.

Thanks Nikita!

Todd Hido

Todd Hido’s work has an unmistakably eery feeling that resonates with the viewer long after they have finished perusing his site. There is a story to be told behind each picture and that story is left entirely to the viewer.

Wheels and Wax dot com

A fellow photo nerd friend of mine introduced me to this site today. Basically a action sports photographer forum set up where you can post your latest shots and get nearly instant critiques back. Also useful for equipment reviews and lighting tips for the curious and budding photogs. Take a look, think I’ll join up and post some shots, look for my username, that will go something like this: Mertzy420_69_XTReM_Dude … hmm, maybe I’ll have to work on that one.

Click here to peep it!

Cole and his eternal repository of skill.

As photographers we are all tormented by the same story, you know, the one where the client or photo editor of any publication will undoubtedly pass over the countless gems and gold you sent in and pick that one piece of pyrite thrown in for good measure.

That historically unwavering tale changes a bit for our young friend Cole. He has not a single piece of pyrite with which to taunt his editors. However, his story takes a turn towards the norm in the chapter where the the shiniest of all his lifestyle gems remain unseen. Take a gander at a bit of his booty on the transworld website Cole Barash Photography Collection. Its sure to make your jealous bone tickle…but if that doesn’t put the feather to your jealous joint his blog surely will.

Tech lite…

Terry Richardson for Sisley with his t4

With all the talk of evolving camera technology, it’s sometimes nice to relish in the simpler things in life, like the discontinued Yashica T4. One of the best point and shoots out there, not to mention, one of Terry Richardson’s favorite fashion devices. The Zeiss lenses give the photos a beautiful quality. And it’s so easy to use. Just point and click. Ahhhh, easy. I’d like to get one of these in my hands and when I do, I’ll post some pics. 

Check out some photos shot with the T4 Here


Nemo Halloween Photobooth

Jonny Davenport and Jeff T did it again with their amazing photobooth. Check out all the great photos of halloween guests on our Flickr account here

Go check out “Wild Beauty” at the Portland Art Museum

Boring poster I know, but if your in the PDX area you should go check out “Wild Beauty” at the Portland Art Museum. Its put together by the Northwest Photography Archive. It’s a collection of photos from various photographers such as Carleton Watkins, Lily White and Sarah Ladd. Its a look in to Oregon’s past and growth during the post industrial revolution era, pristine scenery captured on film at a time when people were just beginning to harness the Columbia for economic growth through trade/fishing, power etc… A definite must see.

Great curation…

The Ones We Love is a project highlighting young and talented photographers from around the world. Each artist contributed six photographs of the person(s) who is most important to them, taken outdoors in a natural setting. The goal of the website is to portray the people who are loved, cherished, and inspirational to these artists, and also showcase the differences and similarities in the photographs each of them took within the same guidelines.

I love the idea of a relational art and making biographical art through the places and people nearest to you. 


Photographer Paul Schiek

Paul has a show at the Stephen Wirtz Gallery in California from September 4th – October 18th titled the thing about you is you will end up like me. Check it out if you can! I wish i could.

I’ve been a fan of his work for the last few years, falling in love when i first saw into his Polaroid panoramics. Whether you’re a long time ogler of his work or are just learning of it now you will be stoked to know that These Birds Walk has just published a book of his work. This book is one of a series of affordable art books that include works from 3 more of my favorite photographers! Ari Marcopoulos, Mike Brodie, and Jim Goldberg. Ari and Jim’s books are yet to come but Mike Brodie’s (aka the Polaroid Kid’s) book was amazing. I cant wait to see what Jim and Ari have in store for us!

Bande á part – NY Underground 60’s-80’s @ Augen Gallery PDX,OR

Nemo went for a visit to the Augen Gallery in NW Portland. Featuring photographs from Danny Fields, Godlis, Anton Perich, Bobby Grossman, Roberta Bayley along with many others, and they even have some Andy Warhol prints on the wall too, phenomenal show!

Photos of students taking photos of riders in action @ HCSC

Here are a few photos of students of the HCSC Photo Workshop in action capturing the action!

Click the jump for MORE!


Juilia Fullerton-Batten’s – In Between

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a award winning young photographer from the UK. Her photos have an awkward, polished feel with her teenage models, which says a lot about those “in between” years as a young teenager. Those influential years a lot of us can relate to, not knowing exactly how the world works yet, not being completely opinionated, you find yourself well, floating.  Oh those gloriously awkward pimple filled days of young adulthood… sigh.

Click for more! (more…)