Photo of the Day

Travis Pastrana gets fashionably rad

If you open up the latest issue of GQ, you’ll see lots of metro dude stuff. But you also may find X-Games champ and lunatic extraordinaire Travis Pastrana gracing the pages in some damn fine suits. Travis rallied around the streets of downtown LA with photographer Peggy Sirota for the fashion piece on the summer’s “daredevil-ish” looks. Always fun/weird to see one of our own action sports athletes get all dressed up like a 9-5’er.
If you wanna be styled-out like Travis, the full article is here.

New Wrangler Campaign is Dangerous

Ad Agency Fred & Farid recently teamed up with photographer Cass Bird for a wild new set of ads for Wrangler jeans. Using professional stunt men (and women), scenes of people crashing though windows, blasted by explosions, and generally beaten and bruised were used to encapsulate the “We Are Animals” campaign. Looks pretty damn fun to me!
More info on the shoot, along with a rad little BTS video, can be found here.

Boogie: because we love him.

Was just treating myself to a peruse of some of his amazing work and thought I’d post a photo (or two) of the day!

These shots are from his Istanbul series…and they are seriously breathtaking.

Picture 2Picture 3

Photo Of The Day- Hoang Tran In Japan

Picture 2

Hoang Tran, a pro rider for Sub Rosa recently took a trip to Japan. Along with shredding he took some great photos of his trip, to see some more of what he took click here to see what the Defgrip crew has.

Marilyn Manson Back in Rose City


Marilyn Manson played the Roseland Theatre this Monday! The house was sold out, the show was great, the crowd was insane and the light show and costumes were awesome! To see a little video from the performance click here.

Photo Of The Day


Two of my co-workers just got back from  Shanghai, and posted some great pictures. Here is my favorite, i love food, but the colors and motion blur are awesome! Thanks Erica and Tricia! To see the rest of their trip click here. Enjoy.

Photo Of The Day


I happened by this phone booth today, and it was just too good to pass up. This took some time and the detail is even more interesting, since it was surly done under the cover of darkness. Can you find the rabid rabbit? If you know where this phone booth is, give yourself a cookie!

Photo Of The Day


A shot of the 400lb beast  that was pulled up in a crab pot in Oregon’s Depot bay earlier this week. A reminder that Shark Week is not just on discovery channel. For more on the story click here.

Photo Of The Day


Mark Weaver is graphic designer located in Atlanta. I recently saw some of his graphic design posted on defgrip, and really liked it! Upon examining his web site, i was able to look at some of his photography which is equally awesome! Check out his work and his portfolio on Behance. Enjoy!

Photo Of The Day


Today’s photo is by The Cobra Snake, who needs no introduction… unless you live under a rock. A rad photo from the “watch out canada” party on July 8th. Check out all the photos at his site The Cobra Snake!

Photo Of The Day


The Defgrip crew turned me on to this photo project by Brent Humphreys on the Tour de France. It is an artistic look at the lifestyle of the tour and the dedicated fan following. Hope you enjoy!

Stephen Wilkes- The High Line.


The High Line.

The High Line.

Stephen Wilkes set up the Cherry Picker from noon till dusk to assemble this sur real image of Tenth Street.

Photo Of The Day


A flotilla of Nomura jelly fish off the coast of Japan. These jellies have been invading Japanese waters in unheard of numbers over the last few years, scientists don’t yet know why there are so many in waters they do not normally venture.

Beth Lesser


Beth Lesser is photographer and author who followed the birth and rise of the Jamaican dance hall movement in the 80’s. It is now a culture that spreads from the banks of Kingston to the streets of Tokyo. She published a book on the subject  “Dancehall the rise of Jamaican dancehall culture” which is full of many beautiful photos, check it out!

Will we get a show with him…

Kari posted Who is Neil Krug and we finally got an answer. Read Fecal Face’s interview with the 25 year old prodigy here.  Next question, will Neil do an art show at Nemo this year…

A break

Portrait of my broken jaw by Kari Rowe. February 4th i was hit by a truck on my bike, broken jaw, stitches, wires, fun was had by all.

Photo of the Day – Little Guy.

Dave Lehl it the the staff photographer for Rome Snowboards. “I found this little guy behind my hotel in Park City, Utah one day”.

Photo of the day

Saverio Truglia’s photo is almost like a submersed neon sign. The surrealistic gathering of props and makeup combined with the seclusion of being under water make for an interesting juxtapose of familiarity and discomfort.

Whats that ya say, sonny?? POLAROID IS COMING BACK?!?!?!

Polaroid is back! Well…kinda. A group of Ex-Polaroid employees and fans came together bought an old Polaroid factory in the Netherlands and plan to be fully operational by the beginning of 2010! Thing is they’re starting from scratch, that means new formulas and compounds for processing the instant film (old pola chemicals are no longer available), engineering new equipment, so on and so on… like their site says, they are re-inventing instant film. They have quite the challenge in front of them and their deadline is only 1 year! This comes as great news to all fans of Polaroid, this is like the resurrection of fun! I fully support and endorse this “zombie Polaroid” project 100%, and you should too! Check out their web site here for more info.

Photo of the Day- Happy MLK JR. DAY

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta King

Photo by Gene Herrick/The Associated Press

An amazing candid photo of one of the greatest men in history, Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta King. Happy Birthday! Check out more amazing photos in this tribute from the Seattle Times Newspaper.

Happy New Year! And Congratulations Carlin and Miranda!

I spent the new years on the coast where my internet connection did not work, so I am sending everyone a belated happy new year! I hope your new year is filled with excitement and fulfillment. I know one of our favorite photographers at Studio Nemo, Carlin Sundell, had a good new year’s celebration because I happened to be at his beautiful wedding that day. Congratulations Carlin and Miranda!

Badass Portrait photo of the day…

A photo of one of my favorite people by one of my favorite photographers, Cass Bird. The bird is the word!


photo of the day

StudioNemo’s friend Cel Jarvis sent us some eye candy today of her latest work for hawks by Geren Ford for Urban Outfitters. YEAH CEL! Your work is awesome. Check out more here

Photographer of the day….

Ofer Wolberger is a photographer out of New York and a great blogger (read Horses Think). I really like his work. He has beautiful cityscapes, but I mostly like his work because of his portrayal of spacial relations. Hi work interestingly portrays an object in relation to another object, or in relation to its particular placement, and occasionally he will encorporate a person into his work and the gesticulate towards their place within a space. The work goes beyond place though, it’s a portrayal of the object or person in relation to nature, power, etc. Not necessarily as a dichotomy, but showing multiple relations that exist within one frame. Check him out here….