China Design Now

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China Design Now opened this weekend at the PAM. I was lucky to see a preview of the show last week and it was incredible. Here is a little bit about it… 

China Design Now is an immersive, multi-sensory exploration of the graphic design, fashion, interior design, and architecture emerging from China today. By focusing on the creative output of three distinctive cities, China Design Now presents a rapidly changing cultural landscape that is transforming China and our collective definition of urban life.


NEMO is super excited to be a part of this event through community programming. We have a fantastic surprise for November’s First Friday show. Save the date for November 4th.  Check out more here…



Chet Childress + Bryce Kanights Nemo ollie

Bryce Kanights captured Chet Childress ollien’ out of the nemo loading dock onto the bank this last week. Austin Will was on the sidelines and this is what he captured.

Bryce & Chet @ Nemo HQ- Ollie into the Bank from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Photo Of The Day- Hoang Tran In Japan

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Hoang Tran, a pro rider for Sub Rosa recently took a trip to Japan. Along with shredding he took some great photos of his trip, to see some more of what he took click here to see what the Defgrip crew has.

Jesse Reno, Rooted in Stars and Magic

Nemo Gallery show 09/09 Jesse Reno from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Jesse Reno showed his most recent collection at Nemo on friday. The show was titled “Rooted in Stars and Magic” if you missed the show here is a peak of what went down. Enjoy!

Marilyn Manson Back in Rose City


Marilyn Manson played the Roseland Theatre this Monday! The house was sold out, the show was great, the crowd was insane and the light show and costumes were awesome! To see a little video from the performance click here.

Photo Of The Day


Two of my co-workers just got back from  Shanghai, and posted some great pictures. Here is my favorite, i love food, but the colors and motion blur are awesome! Thanks Erica and Tricia! To see the rest of their trip click here. Enjoy.

Photo Of The Day


I happened by this phone booth today, and it was just too good to pass up. This took some time and the detail is even more interesting, since it was surly done under the cover of darkness. Can you find the rabid rabbit? If you know where this phone booth is, give yourself a cookie!

David Byrne Cycle Enthusiast and Musical Genius

UPDATE: Mr. Byrne will be here in PDX promoting his  book Bicycle Diaries on September 30th at the Bagdad Theatre. 

One of my favorite artists of all times, David Byrne, is crossing over genres (which is no surprise, he seems to do it all the time) to curate a fantastic show based on his love of cycling. Unfortunately, his show will not be exhibited in our bicycle loving city, but at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT for its Bike Rides exhibit which opens Sept. 26 and runs through Jan. 3. If you are in CT, enjoy! I hope they chose to exhibit one of those sexy new Globe bikes that I can’t wait to get my hands on… they are a piece of art themselves.

 Jarbas Lopes' AERIALBIKEWAY (Cicolviaerea) series

And one of the best songs of all time for your listening pleasure…

Portland Looking Up by Chris Donnelly

StudioNemo’s August gallery show features  sculpture/painter Chris Donnelly and his take on our portland surroundings. Hope you enjoy!

Portland Looking Up by Chris Donnelly from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Kero One- Keep Pushin

Official music video by Kero One, directed by Johnny Le. Check it out to see a unique video and some familiar faces!

Rethinking the Dutch

Kathy Ryan, the director of photography for The New York Times Magazine (talk about an eye!) curated this month’s show “Dutch Seen: New York Rediscovered,” at the Museum of the City of New York. The work casts a modern gaze upon the historic ties of Colonial Dutch New York and the Dutch masters. Dutch art holds a special place in my heart, as does photography, so imagine my surprise and joy at this show. The variance of light combined with rich textured work and secret glances give works like Hendrik Kerstens’s a nod to the old masters. Yet at the same time, Kerstens’s humor provides a modern twist, as with this photograph “Bag.”Bag by Hendrik Kerstens’s

Photo Of The Day


Mark Weaver is graphic designer located in Atlanta. I recently saw some of his graphic design posted on defgrip, and really liked it! Upon examining his web site, i was able to look at some of his photography which is equally awesome! Check out his work and his portfolio on Behance. Enjoy!

Photo Of The Day


Today’s photo is by The Cobra Snake, who needs no introduction… unless you live under a rock. A rad photo from the “watch out canada” party on July 8th. Check out all the photos at his site The Cobra Snake!

Photo Of The Day


The Defgrip crew turned me on to this photo project by Brent Humphreys on the Tour de France. It is an artistic look at the lifestyle of the tour and the dedicated fan following. Hope you enjoy!

Photo Of The Day


A flotilla of Nomura jelly fish off the coast of Japan. These jellies have been invading Japanese waters in unheard of numbers over the last few years, scientists don’t yet know why there are so many in waters they do not normally venture.

Space by Steven Kilzer

SPACE from Steven Kilzer on Vimeo.

Austin Will sent this to me to post today…

“Steven Kilzer is a very talented cinematographer, editor, and director.  Enjoy.”

-Austin Will

Ryan Bubnis pt. 2

Featured Artist- Ryan Bubnis- Pt.2 from Nemo Design on Vimeo.

A look into local artist Ryan Bubnis’ living and work space. For more visit

Von Iva by Plain T

I just came home from the Von Iva show at Doug Fir, and this sunday night show was fire! Those three girls put on an amazingly energetic show and the crowd was no let down! Keyboardist Rebecca Kupersmith was really stoked on the poster i did for the show (props for Nemo!) and once that trio got on stage is was loud, fast and personal. Kelly was throwing her drums and Jillian was unbuttoning my flannel and flashing the fans! The Portland crowd roared and the girls came out for one more song after they finished their set, the show was ferocious.



Sweet F.A. by Plain T

It is time once again! February has long been the month for Portland’s famed Doom Town Rock & Roll Fashion show, however this year it goes by a different name,the Sweet F.A. Rock & Roll Fashion show. The production is still headed by two of Portland’s mightiest design minds Erin “Beretta” Cry of Revolver Revolver and Elizabeth Mollo of Disorder Cloths. As for whats in store, i was able to sneak a look at the fashion and speak with some of this years featured designers, and it looks like this year is shaping up to be another Doom Town Productions smash! Get your tickets, and get your ass to the Fez Ballroom on the night of Feb. 21st.

Learning and working and Working and learning…

So, here I am trying to wrap my jobs from the previous week, spending a little time in front of the computer today. I decided to listen to my friend Connie Wohn’s interview on the newly launched w+k radio and the experience snowballed!

They have some great podcasts available with visiting and in house talent. I was listening to an interview with Renny Gleason Global Director of Digital Strategies, and he gushed about this conference, TED, that’s happening as we speak. I had heard about it, but never grasped the impact this particular conference holds. This led me to the TED website where there are a plethora of inspirational, educational, and in all other ways fantastic presentation videos available. And interestingly (and relevant time-wise), they have launched an iphone app with videos of their presentations (YES!!!!!! For a person who loves her iphone mostly because it has a public radio application, I am ecstatic!). 

I began listening to the Jonathan Harris presentation and found myself mesmerized by a digital exploration of human emotions called, WE FEEL FINE (which, yes, I do realize I may be one of the last people on earth to have heard of this). Harris created a system that real time searches blogs for the occurrence of the phrases “I feel” or “I am feeling.” The result is an interactive experience that sorts and slices, by feeling, and or demographic. He talks about an emotional footprint that is left online. This footprint is not new, but maybe relevant because of the number of people it can track.

It’s like a global emotive meter. When I visited a few minutes ago, the above screen grab was the result. People in the world are 1st and foremost feeling like they are failures, and secondly, like the are lucky. It’s like an emotional reflection on the state of the economic global situation. It’s frightening, touching and somewhat consoling to know that there is a consensus.

Cool use of stop motion…

Stop motion is used a lot these days, but this is a unique and wonderful result… 

Music Video- Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

Photo of the day

Saverio Truglia’s photo is almost like a submersed neon sign. The surrealistic gathering of props and makeup combined with the seclusion of being under water make for an interesting juxtapose of familiarity and discomfort.

Fifty People, One Question

A simple, creative concept, artistically executed. Crush and Lovely decided to travel around the world visiting five hundred and forty cities, asking two questions. In response they received nine hundred and eighty two answers. This is their video from London.

Fifty People, One Question: London from Crush + Lovely on Vimeo.

Get greasy, get nasty, get home for just $10 Bucks.

Get on the Grease Bus, for just $10 bucks gets you to Mt. Hood meadows and back! What a deal! Just sign up on their website and wait at your designated pick up spot and sit back while used veggie oil takes you up to get down on some shred! check here for more info and get down with grease!