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Swimsuit Cover runs in the Iooss family

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hit newsstands last week. Many of you may know of the great Walter Iooss jr., the legendary Sports Illustrated photographer who has amassed 11 covers after shooting for the magazine for numerous decades. But times have changed for Iooss jr., most notably because of his son and fellow photographer, Bjorn.
On a run-of-the mill filler shoot, Bjorn was asked to snap some images of Russian model Irina Shayk (along with a few other models), “purely for advertorial purposes.” A week before the magazine was released, the younger Iooss was informed his shot had made the cover, beating out hundreds of other images from seasoned swimsuit vets, including dear old dad. The stranger part? Shooting swimsuit models is the last thing he planned on shooting. Bjorn considers himself a fine art photographer, claiming he couldn’t care less about sports. “I’ve kind of always tried to do my own thing. To be in this position is a little bit out of my comfort zone.” He seems to be doing just fine to me, especially considering he just schooled his own dad.
(via New York Times)

Communication Arts call for entries

This is a big one. Communicaton Arts Magazine’s 52nd photography competition is upon us once again, giving young (and old) photographers the chance to be apart of the “most influential juried competition” in photography. And heads up, the deadline is March 25, 2011. Even if you don’t win, the chance to have your images spread worldwide in the photography annual, and on, is priceless.
Check out all the rules, categories, previous winners and more at Communication Arts

who ever said photography was easy!

the team at Swanson studio take you behind the scenes of the making of their art show!
I feel inspired!

Wavegarden; man made surfing

Wow! this is truly amazing. Wavegarden is a simulated ocean break that dates back to 2005, when engineer Josema Odriozola and sports economist Karin Frisch decided to combine their expertise in designing and building sport facilities, particularly skate parks, with their passion for surfing! i want to ride!!!! this video will make you want to too!

Wavegarden (Short) from wavegarden on Vimeo.

Pangea Archive

These two have taken on a huge project. They are going to begin an archive of previously unseen and unused music/band photos. Check out their site and donate if like what they are doing!

Time: The ALL-TIME 100 Albums

YES! is all i can say! Time magazine has put together the all-time 100 albums and have chosen the corresponding photos very well. They seem to have taken the photos that not only capture the emotion of the moment but also the personality of the artists. Artists that include but are definitely not limited to Johnny Cash, ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Willie nelson, the sex pistols, the Ramones, and Neil young!

Lovers of photo, music, history and culture will enjoy this all the same!

Sex Pistols; 1973, never mind the bullocks, heres the sex pistols

360° Viewer-Controlled Video is Here

In this digital age where we need to know everything that is going on around us all the time, some mediums may feel a little left behind. But video no longer has that problem. A company called NorthStudio360 has devised a way to shoot 360° video by apparently using six video cameras at once, and with their clever video player, you can control where you want to look while the video plays by just clicking and dragging with your mouse. Red Bull did a project like this a few years ago, strapping a a 360 cam to a hemet and towing surfers into teahupoo, but it didnt have anywhere near the customization of this new instrument. Northstudio360 is mostly marketing their device to tourism and travel sites, but I like the potential in the video below- viewer controlled sports, making it more personal than ever.
(the video may take a bit to load, it’s new technology, be patient)

One Motorcycle Show recap

finally finished the recap from the one motorcycle show!

How to shoot wakeboarding in the studio

The guys at F-stoppers never cease to amaze me with with the behind-the-scenes video they manage to find. This one actually comes straight from the editor, Patrick Hall. After getting tired of shooting traditional wakeboarding actions shots in his hometown, and desiring a commercial feel, Hall decided to get intense in studio. Employing a crew of nearly 10 assistants, multiple strobe packs, 5 pro wakeboarders, and an intricate rope system, definitely some impressive images made in the end. Pay attention to how well the models hold their look when the buckets of (probably cold) water are tossed at them!

Fstoppers Original: The Wakeboard Studio Shoot from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Trevor’s Birthday

Yesterday at nemo we celebrated TG’s Birthday. For Mark Lewman‘s birthday TG decided to hire a Bret Michaels impressionist to serenade him. Mark Lewman vowed he would get him back. So he hired “a walk on the wild side” to bring in an 80lbs albino python. They hid it in the bathroom and told Trevor the pipes burst. He goes running down there to document the destruction. But he found more than water!

Throttled with Ray Gordon

Today at W+K in Portland!

go check out ray’s work and drink a beer. if you ride a motorcycle you will get priority parking right in front of w+k where they will apparently be blocking off the street for a hotrod/motorcycle gathering.

It goes from 4pm-9:30pm and then the party moves to Beauty Bar, where there will be a few more of Ray’s prints, a badass metal DJ, and of course the beer will be flowing.

the people of the omo river

for 6 years, Hans Silvester documented the people of the Omo River in Ethopia. The photos he got are breathtaking, these people use the natural minerals that surround them and paint their entire bodies. They adorn themselves with natural elements and they themselves become a work of art.

The One Motorcycle show!

This Saturday!

starts at 5:00 pm and goes late.
come check out 50+ original motorcycles and inspired art.
movie shorts and installations.
its free!
more info

see you there!

Who is Elmo Tide?

Elmo Tide is a photographer. Atleast we think that’s who he is or what he does. Elmo has no website, no professional portfolio, no Facebook, no Twitter. The only proof that Elmo Tide exists is a flickr account that has been updated twice- once in 2008, and once in 2010. Yet somehow his images have shown in photo galleries worldwide. It’s safe to say Elmo Tide is an enigma if anything. His mysterious work shows a world few other people may ever see, his images seem like fantastical movie stills from odd film noirs. Look at his photos for long enough and you’ll feel that you’ve been pulled into to a gritty underground counter-culture, not sure whether you want to run for your life or join the party. You can see NPR’s very brief and very vague interview with Elmo here.