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Nemoween on Craigslist?

wow, people are hungry for those tickets! found this on craigslist this morning…

All-film hawaii surf photo contest

Check out this contest just posted by surf photographer Jeff Flindt: 35mm film only, 1 contact sheet, to be shot on the hawaiian islands. Click the image to see the full rules and details. Long live film.

How to get your mom to skateboard

Remember pushing around the shopping cart, making sure no one was looking, and then hopping on the back bar to ride it down the aisle? Of course you do. Well if you ever wanted your peers to partake in the same fun, this may be the way to do it. (and surprise, the spot is by Volkswagen!)



If you havent already gotten youself on the guestlist do it now!

Of course there’s an App for that…

For all you photographers and media people who never seem to be on top of your model/location releases, once again, technology is here to save you. This is Easy Release, the App that “replaces inconvenient paper release forms with a slick, streamlined application, designed by professional photographers for professional photographers,” now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and for all you cool kids with iPads. Enjoy.

Think Thanks “Right Brain, Left Brain” in PDX

Dave Seoane Interview with Planet Earth Clothing

Planet Earth Clothing has done an awesome interview/videos with Dave!  Watch them and read the interview here! Check out more of Dave’s work at his website.

Surfers Get Matrix’d

Not sure how many surfers are out there reading this, but even if you don’t surf, this is worth checking out. Action sports are not yet well know for tv spots, but Rip Curl seems to be wanting to change that. Using 52(!) DSLR’s and multiple video cameras, this newly launched campaign features some of the most technologically advanced stop-action multimedia ever recorded. Check out a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Rip Curl team getting all matrix’d out in this wave pool in Malaysia (and see the final cut here).

Pop stars don’t like model releases.

Apparently the cool new thing in pop music these days is to create a cool album cover, and forge the model release. A few months ago, indie-pop band Vampire Weekend released their long-awaited new album, featuring a retro-looking (and attractive) woman on the cover. Turns out she didn’t want to be there. The woman ended up suing the band for $2 million, claiming the 1983 photo of her was used in their Contra album cover art without her consent.
And now, Dido (I could barely remember her too, don’t worry) is in a similar situation. Her new album cover is a 1984 photograph of NASA astronaut Bruce McCandless hovering above the earth, and Mr. McCandless is pretty pissed about it. Although his face is unrecognizable in the photo, “according to his lawsuit, the Dido album cover identifies him as the astronaut in the picture. And the same image appears on NASA’s web site, identifying McCandless as the subject of the photo.” Not only is Dido getting sued, but Getty Images is getting thrown in as well since they were responsible for licensing the image. Sounds like Bruce is about to get paid.
To read the rest of the story at PDN, and learn how to not get sued by angry people, head here.

Heavy Metal Heart goes off!

If you weren’t at Nemo friday night, you really mised out. Photos by 11 different photographers, Bikes by 3 different shops, and a packed house made for an amazing show, not to mention the beer and wine were flowing. Check out the party photos here.

Do wakeboarders want to be snowboarders?

I don’t know much about wakeboarding/wakeskating, and after seeing this video, I think I know even less. Check out Pro wakeboarder Nick Ennen and photographer (and friend of Nemo) Mike Yoshida take whatever-sport-this-is-called-now to the next level.