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Mat Hoffman’s “The Birth of Big Air”


Get your asses down to the Tribeca Film Festival this Saturday to check out an inspiring and incredible documentary, “The Birth of Big Air.” It’s the story of BMX legend Mat Hoffman and his quest to take BMX further than anyone thought possible. It was produced by Dickhouse Entertainment’s Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, along with Mark Lewman of Nemo.

Two hours before the screening, there are going to be demos and more…the screening is free and open to the public!

Saturday April 24

World Financial Plaza (West Street between Vesey and Liberty)

Event: 6:00pm. Screening: 8:00pm.

Boogie: because we love him.

Was just treating myself to a peruse of some of his amazing work and thought I’d post a photo (or two) of the day!

These shots are from his Istanbul series…and they are seriously breathtaking.

Picture 2Picture 3

The Dirt Has Me Hooked.

The Dirt, probably the best autobiography i have ever started to read. From the first page to 5th chapter (about how far ive gotten) and I’m sure to the end you are reading as fast as you can, jaw on the floor and eye lids aching to be blinked. Those guys were gnarly even before they were Motley Crue. SERIOUSLY!

So in true photo-nerd form i immediately started searching the web for the best images i could find of these: hairspray laden, leather clad, sexually ambiguous, awe-inspiring, fashion trending, true 80’s hair metal bands.

Here’s a few of my favorites so far. Send me links to the rock images you had plastered in your locker or covering the walls of your room in your teenage years….I’m dying to see more!

Photo of the day.

Neil Krug is still killing it! Love his work.


Studio On Fire; Letterpress Magicians


Yesterday, I had a meeting with our lovely friend and amazing designer Nubby Twiglet; during which she directed me to a site that I then spent a good portion of my night (i should have spent packing) exploring. They are an amazing letterpress printing company. I promise, after you look at their website you will come up with a reason to work with them!

For you designers who read this blog and are already familiar with the amazing letterpress process, skip this section and just jump to the eye candy that is their website. But for you creative readers who don’t know about letterpress here’s the wikipedia definition so you can become a print master!!

In short, letterpress printing is the old school way to print and emboss amazing pieces. Peruse there site and you will see what i’m talking about.

If you missed it…

Our April First Friday show was a hit. Tyler Kolhoff showed his fantastic photography and the installation collaboration with Justin Gorman was incredible, as well. Special thanks go out to musical guests Guidance Counselor and Breakfast Mountain. Here is a sneak peak into Exhibit A. Come by for more…