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The future of design…

The future of design lies in an incredibly smart woman Neri Oxman. Her education led her from a degree in medicine, to a degree from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, before enrolling in the PhD program in design computation at MIT. Her work focuses on “living-synthetic constructions.”  It is the fusion of art, science, and biology, creating useful objects that respond like living organisms. MoMA, exhibited a series of hive-like sculptures that respond to light, heat, and weight behaving living tissue. These sculptures could be the beginning of green building in the future. Oxman’s dream is to create a design studio full of scientists who think of science like art.



Picture 31We’ve made the news again… it’s only Wednesday and I need to do a week in review already. That’s good stuff.

Juxtapose Magazine has an article about, “yet another of Nemo Design’s impressive art gatherings.”

Picture 30

And we did our first studio tour of the week with UofO students. Kari keeping them entertained and educated. 1 down, 1 to go.

These Americans

These amazing photos are documentary images from a project called These Americans which is a collection of archival footage between 1950 and 1980.

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I Am Snowboarding – PORTLAND

Jan. 08, 2010

Nemo welcomes the Jeff Anderson Memorial show “I Am Snowboarding” to Portland! Over 500 friends came to view the art and listen to DJ JOELSKOOL and  snowboard legends, Jamie Lynn’s band, Kandi Coded.


I AM_2711


Snowboarding being the youngest of the core sports (surf, skate,snow) the maturation of the art has prgressed in this show to strat to play along side the older siblings. Mark Gonzales has grown from a pro skateboarder to being a contemporary artist. Snowboarding artist are getting there. Mike Parillo‘s sophistication with his strokes, Michael Jager has been part of the XBox brand building, and Kevin Zacher has branched out of snowboarding to having commercial success as a photographer. I look forward to where Ryno, Lenhardt and Haynes will take their craft.



Jeff”s be gone for 7 years now and many of the folks in the space never had the pleasure of meeting him. The early memorials of Jeff were with close family and friends. What is so interesting is how the positive energy of that groups love and sincere missing their friend has resonated for years and even into other countries. “Newsweek” writer Ken Auchincloss calls this “event grief,” in which “emotion is the glue that fastens people to an event played out in the papers or on television. Emotions of this sort hardly count as feelings at all; they’re a form of participation. They’re like screams at a pop concert, which don’t signify love or even admiration but just exuberance at being part of the show.” In our often-isolating society, joining others to mourn for a stranger helps people feel connected, part of a larger community and a simple reason for being.

There was a honest sense of community that resonated in the studio, in a small way, bonded the group, just for a few hours. Carpe diem.

i am_2078


Set up in the back of the studio was a quiver 4 boards. There was no sign explaining what they were doing there. If you knew, you were impressed, if you didn’t you missed a piece of history. Terry Kidwell made the trek up from Tahoe to share his legacy with the greater snowboard community. You could have easily missed him. A quiet man, who in his career wanted his riding to speak the loudest about him, not the antics like other of his era. The very first pro model snowboard EVER, will be auctioned off on eBay during the Olympics in February.

I am SNOWBOARDING at studionemo

Kari and Todd prepare the Jeff Anderson show

Kari and Todd prepare the Jeff Anderson show

Jan. 08, 2010
In honor of Jeff’s 30th birthday and to raise money for the JLA Memorial Fund, a group of world-renowned photographers and artists, friends of Jeff and of snowboarding have come together to create a unparalleled body of work titled, I AM SNOWBOARDING. View and purchase prints CLICK HERE!

One photographer is paired with one artist to create an original 30” x 40” piece. A photo of Jeff, shot by the photographer, has been enlarged onto archival canvas upon which the artist paints or uses any medium to create a unique collaborative work.

The resulting pieces are one of a kind, the partnerships formed in this project a tribute to the depth of the snowboarding, skateboarding and art communities. Portland’s got its pride with contributions from Jeff Curtes, Tim Zimmerman, Chris Brunkhart, Matt Donahue, Chris Owen, and Trevor Graves.

Photographer – Artist

Danny Zapalac – Bryan Iguchi

Cheyenne Ellis – Matty Thompson

Chris Brunkhart – Matt Donahue

Jane Baer – Mark Gonzales

Tim Zimmerman – Mike Parillo

Jared Eberhardt – Michael Jager

Jane Baer – Jamie Lynn

Billy Anderson – RYNo

Shem Roose – Scott Lenhardt

Patrice Miller – Dustin del Giudice

Jeff Curtes – Nick Russian

Todd Hazeltine – 2jaws

Ryan Boyes – Ben Brough

Dean “Blotto” Gray – Shane Charlebois

Jane Baer – Devon Weniger

Stan Evans – Robert “Sticky” Shaw

Jamie Mosberg – Jojo Whitmarsh

Trevor Graves – Adam Haynes

Chris Owen – Tyler Lepore

MMSA/Steven Brown – Stormriders crew

Billy Anderson – Jamie Heinrich

Kevin Zacher – Ethan Anderson


Please Join us this Friday the 8th from 6-10 pm for the I AM SNOWBOARDING event. It is a benefit for the Jeff L. Anderson Memorial Fund and the Brothers Skate Park. LOTS of art and prizes. Art work by: Jeff Anderson, Trevor Graves, Mike Parillo, Jamie Lynn, Mark Gonzales, RYN o, Adam Haynes, Jeff Curtes, Ben Brough, Michael Jager, Danny Zapalac, Blotto, Shem Roose, Cheyenne Eliis, Jared Eberhardt and more
Picture 20

Nemo Tours are the BEST

PSU’s Graphic Design class will be gracing Nemo’s halls again this year and boy are they excited. I guess we will need to step it up…
Picture 19

Sam Wells + Too Much Chocolate= Nemo Love

Our friend Jake Stangel over at Too Much Chocolate interviewed former StudioNemo-ite, Sam Falls, over the holidays. Sam got his start at Nemo and has been evolving ever since. Check out the interview and work here.

Sam Falls "Locks of Love"

Sam Falls "Locks of Love"

Sam Falls "Untitled"

Sam Falls "Untitled"


We welcome 2010 and promise to have regular and rad posts. Hope you all have a fruitful year.


Team Nemo