What have our friends been up to????

Just and update on some Studio Nemo friends…

Michael Cogliantry graced the cover of Reader’s Digest. Doesn’t get any better than national coverage holding the word dumbest in your hands… So FUNNY!


Also, he’s been working very hard on his Continental Crawler episodes. Somebody sponsor this man!!! If you haven’t seen them, here is one of my favorites…

The Continental Crawler – Episode 3 from Michael Cogliantry on Vimeo.

The lovely Ms. Danielle Levitt recently joined the ranks on twitter. Which, call my old fashioned, I can’t stand (twitter that is)- but, her posts make me laugh and laugh and laugh! 


Benji Wagner made a pretty movie for a small handmade bicycle company here in Portland. Enjoy!

Signal Cycles Cyclocross from Benji Wagner on Vimeo.

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