Hemingway photos surface…

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt was sent to photograph Hemingway for the cover of Life Magazine in the 50s in conjunction with the release of “The Old Man and the Sea.”
The photographer later recalled it as one of his most difficult assignments. Hemingway didn’t want to be photographed and felt if he was photographed he should be able to show off his “virile body.” Interestingly, Eisenstaedt insisted he be clothed for the cover and posed him in different portraits with sticks walking up a hill or standing at the top of a ladder. What’s confusing to me is that Eisenstaedt is famous for that candid kissing couple in Times Square and yet his approach to Hemingway was so staged. I wish he would have taken the photos of Hemingway in his ubermasculine virile old self.

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