An Unlikely Weapon Trailer

Looks intense!

“1/500th of a second to get the shot… a lifetime to forget it. Eddie Adams photographed 13 wars, 6 American Presidents, and virtually every cultural and historical figure of the last 50 years. History would be changed through his lens. But the photo that made Eddie famous would haunt him for his entire life.”

3 Responses to “An Unlikely Weapon Trailer”

  1. austin says:

    Looks interesting…I’m pretty stoked to see it! Thanks for sharing.


  2. carly says:

    so excited to celebrate the power of the photograph. can’t wait to see. my fav quote from the clip “they say the written word. bullshit. the picture is what does it.” -eddie adams

  3. LAustin says:

    Wow. This looks amazing and powerful. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks for making me aware it even existed.

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