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Hood To Coast 2009

Nemo’s one and only Team Meat Omen gears up for another Hood To Coast relay. Sweat, blood, tears… and thats just getting the car decorated. Good luck guys and gals!

Hood To Coast 2009 from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

101 Billionaires

Rob HornstraRob HornstraRob HornstraRob Hornstra

I received my new copy of Aperture today and was struck by a series of photographs the presented from Rob Hornstra. The series precipitated from a an article the Dutch photographer read about Russia’s super rich. Horstra traveled to the peripheral towns untouched by such proseperity and explored the limited choices most people in Russia are facing. His rich work captures tensions between past and present amongst a crumbling nationalist landscape.

Photo Of The Day


Two of my co-workers just got back from  Shanghai, and posted some great pictures. Here is my favorite, i love food, but the colors and motion blur are awesome! Thanks Erica and Tricia! To see the rest of their trip click here. Enjoy.

Photo Of The Day


I happened by this phone booth today, and it was just too good to pass up. This took some time and the detail is even more interesting, since it was surly done under the cover of darkness. Can you find the rabid rabbit? If you know where this phone booth is, give yourself a cookie!

David Byrne Cycle Enthusiast and Musical Genius

UPDATE: Mr. Byrne will be here in PDX promoting his  book Bicycle Diaries on September 30th at the Bagdad Theatre. 

One of my favorite artists of all times, David Byrne, is crossing over genres (which is no surprise, he seems to do it all the time) to curate a fantastic show based on his love of cycling. Unfortunately, his show will not be exhibited in our bicycle loving city, but at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT for its Bike Rides exhibit which opens Sept. 26 and runs through Jan. 3. If you are in CT, enjoy! I hope they chose to exhibit one of those sexy new Globe bikes that I can’t wait to get my hands on… they are a piece of art themselves.

 Jarbas Lopes' AERIALBIKEWAY (Cicolviaerea) series

And one of the best songs of all time for your listening pleasure…

National Treasure Unleashed




National Geographic Society has decided to open their photo archive to the fine art world. For the first time, vintage prints (many of which were never published) will be available to art collectors. The society chose the Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea to handle the sales of their archive. According to the NY Times, NG will consider offers on all of their work. Nothing will be held back, since the organization is a non profit and has a goal of raising money for education and awareness.

An Unlikely Weapon Trailer

Looks intense!

“1/500th of a second to get the shot… a lifetime to forget it. Eddie Adams photographed 13 wars, 6 American Presidents, and virtually every cultural and historical figure of the last 50 years. History would be changed through his lens. But the photo that made Eddie famous would haunt him for his entire life.”

Portland Looking Up by Chris Donnelly

StudioNemo’s August gallery show features  sculpture/painter Chris Donnelly and his take on our portland surroundings. Hope you enjoy!

Portland Looking Up by Chris Donnelly from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Photo Of The Day


I was perusing Kyle Emery Peck‘s photos of a ramp jam and came across this hawk feasting on the deck of a mini at Hood Games. Awesome photo! Even mother nature was shredding that day!

Kero One- Keep Pushin

Official music video by Kero One, directed by Johnny Le. Check it out to see a unique video and some familiar faces!

Photo Of The Day


A shot of the 400lb beast  that was pulled up in a crab pot in Oregon’s Depot bay earlier this week. A reminder that Shark Week is not just on discovery channel. For more on the story click here.

Rethinking the Dutch

Kathy Ryan, the director of photography for The New York Times Magazine (talk about an eye!) curated this month’s show “Dutch Seen: New York Rediscovered,” at the Museum of the City of New York. The work casts a modern gaze upon the historic ties of Colonial Dutch New York and the Dutch masters. Dutch art holds a special place in my heart, as does photography, so imagine my surprise and joy at this show. The variance of light combined with rich textured work and secret glances give works like Hendrik Kerstens’s a nod to the old masters. Yet at the same time, Kerstens’s humor provides a modern twist, as with this photograph “Bag.”Bag by Hendrik Kerstens’s

“Don’t let the craft die”


Kevin Vertucio had a funny, yet oh-so true article in issue 3 of Living Proof Magazine. Please read  for a good chuckle and a heavy dose of truth!

Photo Of The Day


Mark Weaver is graphic designer located in Atlanta. I recently saw some of his graphic design posted on defgrip, and really liked it! Upon examining his web site, i was able to look at some of his photography which is equally awesome! Check out his work and his portfolio on Behance. Enjoy!

A Little More Melvin Sokolsky

As a little bonus…here are a few old Polaroids he shot that i fell in love with.


Melvin Sokolsky…why not?!

Since i seem to be on this “great photographers of old” kick…here’s a photo of the day by Melvin Sokolsky. Shot in Paris in 1963 for Harper’s Bazaar “Bubble” Spring Collection. No photoshop here folks!picture-1

Richard Avedon

His history of work has always inspired and amazed me….so i thought id share some of my favorites.

7l richard_avedon_m_08

HCSC Photo workshop Campers Slide show

Some amazing work from the High Cascade Photo Campers of 2009!

Untitled from Kari Rowe on Vimeo.