Lonesome Queens by Micah john Directed by Sebastian Jaramillo

Micha John, local musician and a dear friend released his new music video directed by Sebastian Jaramillo, and guess who was behind the lens. Austin Will, Nemo’s own  go-to video jockey!

Directed, Edited, and Color Work: Sebastian Jaramillo

Director of Photography : Johnny Le

Follow Focus: Austin Will

Grips: Lonne Woodlee and Cory Demitriou

Production Stills : Carey Haider

Shot on a HVX in Portland, OR.

For more of Micah John’s music visit:

2 Responses to “Lonesome Queens by Micah john Directed by Sebastian Jaramillo”

  1. toddtempleman says:

    Lex and Kori rock!

  2. Sebastian J. says:

    Haha someone told me my video got posted on here!

    I’m trying to figure what happened with the compression that cause the second half to be not sync with audio, but oh wells! haha

    it works!

    This video along with various other music videos will be shown at The Alto Lounge in Portland on the 25th of this month at 9pm if anyone is interested!

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