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Shift Blog features Nemo Art Show!

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Boogie’s Art Show Tomorrow!

If your in New York be sure to check out Boogie’s show @ the Altamont Showroom tomorrow night!

funeral_flag Altamont-Boogie-Murphys

May’s show is up on Urban Outfitters’ blog today…

Nemo’s art show for May is a collaboration with Portland’s Pattern People. It’s called Beneath the Surface. It’s an international sensation. So much so that Urban Outfitters put it up on their blog today. Check it…

Furverts is Out!


Remember Michael Cogliantry’s Furry Kama Sutra show at Nemo last year? Well, now you can enjoy it all day long, everyday, because it was just published. Michael’s book, Furverts, is available here. Buy one for all your friends. 

Still Life with Snow


If you should find yourself in Mammoth Lakes, CA on May second, go check out Still Life with Snow. TG’s work is in it! 

It’s a group photo show of snowboarding and snowboarders from some of the photographers who have and continue to shape the look of snowboarding. 

Still Life with Snow
Opens Saturday May 2nd, 2009
in The Village at Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes, CA
directly across from the Gondola
3pm to 8pm


When I think Michael Muller…

I think hollywood, over image sharpening, color desaturation, Wolverine and post production. But when i came across his under water series i was blown away, there is almost a complete disconnect between this project and the rest of his commercial laden portfolio.

v reborn
Check his whole portfolio here.

Preserving Tokyo


With the gentrification of seedy neighborhoods on the rise, the release of Watanabe Katsumi’s book Gangs of Kabukicho, serves as a visual record of Shinjuku’s red light district.  The photographs are from the 1960s and 70s and capture characters of violence, sex and transgression. Watanabe died last year at the age of 67. This book is a testament to his incredible ability to capture subtlety.


Slideluck coming to PDX

Slideluck Potshow is coming to PDX. Find out more about it here. Food and photos, what more can we say???

slides are only worth $7 what the *&%^?$?%^&*(&(&(*)_)^^

TG sent me the following rant this morning. He mentioned that when his basement flooded all those years ago, he was able to get compensated for his lost slides. He said this compensation helped him stay afloat while he was starting Nemo Design. Thank god for that money or else I wouldn’t be here! Now, a precedent has been set that a professional photographer’s original slide is only worth $7. Is this for real? The scathing rant below points out that at that price it would be cheaper to compensate an artist then send back the slides? 



Paul Melcher attacks everyone below, check out his site for a response from Daryl Lang of PDN who claims that they have covered the story a lot….




If you thought that the money you had given to this or that photo trade organization was useful, think again. ASMP, APA, EP, PPA, WHNPA, SA, and all of the other siblings are guilty of the same crime. Silence. Chris Usher has lost his appeal after a seven year battle against Corbis and each of his 12,640 images lost will be compensated for a lousy $7.00 a piece.

(see previous post for more detailed explanation)

This ruling means that from now on, any agency, any magazine, any publisher will never have to worry about losing your photographs, since it will cost them peanuts to pay you back. It will be cheaper for them to trash them then returning them to you.

Also guilty are PDN, supposedly a trade news magazine, and other photography blogs, that are more interested in getting volumes of traffic to please their advertiser rather than report fairly on this industry.

They should all be put on the wall of shame for ignoring one of the longest and possibly important case in modern photography. Chris Usher was maybe crazy to take on the infinite cash Corbis but he did what he thought was a fair battle and lost. Not just because he couldn’t afford a legal team as powerful as the Bill Gates funded Corbis, but also because everyone ignore his battle, probably thinking it was a personal one.

In times where it is even more challenging to be a photographer than ever before, it is sad to see how helpless this industry has become, especially on the photographer’s side. It is sad to see how apathetic everyone is in face of challenges that will surely, one day, affect them too. Finally, it sad to see that, in the face of adversity, a photographer has no friends.




Design for a good cause…

The Bread Art Project was created to, “increase awareness of the growing hunger problem in the US.” For every design submitted, $1 will go toward Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief organization.

Eat locally made bread! Support the growers closest to you! And help feed families who can’t feed themselves. It’s dire times out there. 


Helmo: Betes De Mode (Fashion Animals)

Helmo is a graphic artist from France, his new series is entitled “Betes De Mode”. I love the strong imagery and dramatic lighting on both beauty and beast. Follow this link for more. Amazing stuff.

A Time For Lions @ Studionemo

StudioNemo invited Jonny Fenix And Blake Britton to do an art opening. With the warm weather, awesome art and hundreds of people in attendance this was an awesome way to start off the spring/summer art show season! Thanks to everyone that helped out and showed up for one of Studionemo’s most talked about show.

StudioNemo Hits Up Lincoln Highschool for a Nike Bag Shoot.

We headed off to Lincoln High for the day to shoot Nike backpacks. It went incredibly smooth, even dodging hundreds of students during period crossings and stormy spring weather were never a hindrance. Big thanks to all involved and high 5 to all Lincoln Cardinals.

The biggest nemo show yet…

Please don’t miss the most amazing first friday show tomorrow April 3rd from 6-10pm at Nemo Design 1875 SE Belmont with the work of Jonny Fenix and Blake Britton!


Welcome to… Augmented Reality!

Not sure what is going on here as far as what the web site is for, but it sports some nifty augmented reality web cam goodies. Essentially what you do it print out the special icon, your web cam reads this and that’s when it gets a little crazy. Read up on augmented reality here. Click ahead for instructions how to work it and have fun! (more…)