UofO tours nemo

Nemo set out to teach the UofO advertising students what producing a catalog and ad campaign was really like. None of those candy coated lessons you learn in the classroom. This was a real time schedule, budget and creative kick in the pants. Thanks to the students including, our buddy nick from yobeat for not only listening intently to the life and design lessons taught by senior designer Jay Floyd and Owner Jeff Bartel, but for truly ENJOYING IT! We’re glad we could shine some rather intense light on the ever expanding world of design!

3 Responses to “UofO tours nemo”

  1. your friend says:

    hmmm. i think i see my shoulder in one of those shots!

  2. nwlipton says:

    we actually go to the UofO.

  3. heatherhanrahan says:

    oops, sorry! It’s not like you guys are rivals or anything 😉

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