My Week in Utah with Nikita Outerwear Team.

I’ll give ya the quick and dirty, this was one of my more favorite freelance photo shoots to date, It may have been due to the surprising openness of everyone involved to G.S.D. no matter what! All the girls were awesome and open to suggestion and copped zero attitude, I know some male riders that are more high maintenance to deal with compared to any of these girls. Ha. Nikita has a solid group of riders, killing it from the pow, park, pipe, streets and their focused. Special props go to Nikita office crew that absolutely killed everything from buying large amounts of avocados and string cheese daily to keep the small army shredding to putting a roof over our heads. I like to think I came out of this trip with everything I set to accomplish and like 20+ new friends I can’t wait to run into in the near future. Well enough rambling… go to Yobeat to get the full scoop as told by Brooke Geery! Make sure to check All the pics and DAILY video coverage! Click here.

Thanks Nikita!

2 Responses to “My Week in Utah with Nikita Outerwear Team.”

  1. heatherhanrahan says:

    we miss you alex!

  2. Malia says:

    To all the fellas out there, you need to step your game up. These ladies kill it. Nikita is the most shred-terrific steez for female riders. Go get yourself hooked up, and look good while you 270 butter-cup that flat rail. A little bird told me the deals for your outerwear needs are Try them out; they bring the awesome.

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