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Springtime in Paris…

If you are in Paris this week, you are in luck. I just got off the phone with Todd Selby who has an opening at Colette. It sounds fantastic!

Helen Levitt died at 95

“Helen Levitt, a giant of 20th century photography whose scenes of New York City street life provide a window into a vanished era, has died. She was 95.” -Associated Press

15014w_helenlevitt helen_levitt_frame_christies

I was listening to NPR yesterday afternoon and heard an interview with Helen Levitt shortly before she died. I couldn’t help but laugh at how simply she put it when asked to describe the deeper meaning of one of her shots…”its a nice photo….that’s all i can say. I’m inarticulate…that’s why i capture and express these moments through photos”.

Thank you Helen! I couldnt have said it better myself. We are taught in school to find some deeper meaning and some imaculate story behind our photos. But to try to conceptualize something thats as simple as a child playing in the street ends up being completely individual. The feeling and connection each viewer has with that photo changes constantly…that’s what i love about creating a photo. What may be completely foreign to you could be someone else’s daily routine…making that individual and personal connection to everyone who looks at it.

Helen Levitt and her fiery spirit will be missed!

My “extended” trip in Alaska… Thanks Mt. Redoubt

So for the past 10 days I’ve been in Anchorage, AK shooting photos w/ the Think Thank crew. Everything Started out great, perfect weather, hiking everyday, stacking shots, safe to say everyone was killing it. About half way through I get word Mt. Reboubt, an active volcano 100 some miles from Anchorage has erupted, no biggy just ash that wont hit town. Skip ahead a few days, we’re staying low in our hiking zone due to avalanche dangers from the 4 feet it dumped days before. Everything seemed perfect, blue skies, sunshine, and a sweet jump ready to go. Sam Hulbert is up first to test the jump shortly after he goes, someone yells holy S**T look! Massive fast moving ash ploom high in the atmosphere is headed right for us, all of the sudden it completely blocks out the sun, it had to have dropped 20+ degrees and now all the light was flat, no fun to shoot in. Soon after it passes, and watching the ash ploom, it heads right for Anchorage… this is not good as I’m supposed to leave the next day. Airports shut down multiple flights are canceled and over 1200 ppl are stuck just at the airport. This ultimately means I’m screwed as far as my flight goes. Now it’s Monday morning, my flight got pushed back to early Tuesday morn, volcano is still blowing ash and I’m just hoping it doesn’t come into Anchorage’s airspace again. Airplanes tend to fall out of the sky when they encounter ash, not good! So their is my sob story, blah blah, here are some pictures. Enjoy! Peep this video of the eruption and follow along w/ the AK volcano observatory.

Ash salting our game in the backcountry.

Gus Engle practicing proper respiratory safety.

Cris Larson w/ a switch 50-50 in the ashy snow.

The Ramp House

This was sent to me via i chat this morning….not much to say other than WOW. You can learn all about this Grecian Skate Heaven here.


Black Mountain feels so good…

For all those who missed the amazing Black Mountain last night (Mertzy!!!!), this is for you- ps the Sadies played and I didn’t get any footage, but you should check them out…

Black Mountain Live in Portland 03.25.09 from Heather Hanrahan on Vimeo.


And, on the walk home I saw this little ditty (click here to see after the jump)… (more…)

Just a preview of what’s to come…

Getting ready for our April art show next Friday, April 3rd, with Jonny Fenix and Blake Britton. Here’s a little taste… 



Rip City documentary about the Portland SK8 scene

Rip City Trailer from Milan Spasic on Vimeo.

When you travel it is hard to explain what it means to be part of the Portland community. Rip City is a great representation of how a skater in PDX might live. Artistic insight to the filming, editing and sound all make an experience that even make a place like Donald Oregon seem livable.

Rip City also has a kind of day-in-the-life feel to it, which, I think works really well. It reminds me a bit of the 2007 surf documentary, One California Day, in that in that it uses the stories of individuals to convey the bigger picture of what’s collectively going on. Chet Childress’ morning skate through the neighborhood, Sage Bolyard and Mark Red Scott’s Dreamland Skateparks segment, and Chris Nukala’s “toxic waste” project all seem to be happening at the same time and together with other parts define the core skate scene in Portland.

In the end, Rip City is like a painting, or rather a dual portrait of both Portland skater and Portland skating. It’s also an inspirational piece, although it differs from others like it. If a team skate video is like a candy bar as far as stoke factor goes, then Rip City is like a pasta dinner. The former might be appropriate as motivation for a quick session, but the latter is what you really need for long-term nourishment. Check it nice.

The Tale Of The Titan

I was reading a news article this morning about the fate of the 5,900 artifacts recovered from the titanic. This infamous tale is one we all know so well thanks to the dynamic duo Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio. However, i decided to do a little more reading on that fateful night.

I discovered that in 1898, 14 years before the titanic sank a merchant sailor named Morgan Robertson wrote a fictional book titled “Futility” or “The Wreck Of The Titan” which held uncanny resemblance to the dreary tale of the titanic. The titan of Robertson’s story was built to be unsinkable, packed with elites of the time, encouraged to break the speed record, sank on its maiden voyage after striking an iceberg, and only 1/3 of the passengers survive due to an inadequate amount of life rafts…and those were just a few commonalities between the two.

Robertson’s book originally went unpublished due to the unbelievable nature of his story, but was eventually published by M.F. Mansfield in 1898. Since the sinking of the titanic in 1912 there have been numerous versions of Futility printed.

Just thought I’d share this curious bit of history.

Jerk It by Plain T

Thunderheist’s new album set to release on March 31st has a killer video for their hit single “Jerk it” it is HOT, simple, and fun! Keep your fingers crossed that they stop in portland this summer! To demand a PDX Thunderheist show visit eventful to submit your vote. Now dust it off and jerk it!

Skateboard Film Festival by Plain T


This August 15th the very first annual Skateboard Film Festival will drop in on Seattle WA. This three day event will include not only screenings, but skate jams, workshops, and industry meet and greet just to name a few. Submissions are open to everyone and and can be sent at

The festival promises to be the start of something amazing and all of us at Nemo are anticipating it’s arrival.
Little Balloon from The Skateboard Film Festival on Vimeo.

Illustrations to live for…

Jared Buckhiester is one of my favorite illustrators (and his photos are great, too!). His series, Everyday is Halloween, has all the tenderness, awkwardness, fright and budding sexuality of your teenage years. Enjoy! 


Bell Helmets shoot in Seattle WA.

Bell helmets shoot by Studio Nemo from Todd Templeman on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard (Josh Letchworth,Wade Simmons, Bell, Mark Epstein, Brett Ferguson, Nemo and StudioNemo) on the shoot, the City of Seattle and the Evergreen Mt. Bike Alliance for use of the I-5 Colonnade Park.

My Week in Utah with Nikita Outerwear Team.

I’ll give ya the quick and dirty, this was one of my more favorite freelance photo shoots to date, It may have been due to the surprising openness of everyone involved to G.S.D. no matter what! All the girls were awesome and open to suggestion and copped zero attitude, I know some male riders that are more high maintenance to deal with compared to any of these girls. Ha. Nikita has a solid group of riders, killing it from the pow, park, pipe, streets and their focused. Special props go to Nikita office crew that absolutely killed everything from buying large amounts of avocados and string cheese daily to keep the small army shredding to putting a roof over our heads. I like to think I came out of this trip with everything I set to accomplish and like 20+ new friends I can’t wait to run into in the near future. Well enough rambling… go to Yobeat to get the full scoop as told by Brooke Geery! Make sure to check All the pics and DAILY video coverage! Click here.

Thanks Nikita!

Seen of Change – a skateboard photography show

2009 Seen of Change at Artery! from Dave Allen on Vimeo.
Artery opened a skateboarding photography exhibit called The Seen of Change, curated by Bryce Kanights. Fellow artists in the show include Grant Brittain, Jon Humphries, Joe Brook, and Ryan Flynn. The Seen of Change opened on Friday March 13, 2009 at Artery, 4114 N. Vancouver Avenue in Portland. I had the pleasure of being inspired by all these guys and couldn’t help but to “FAN” out! High energy and an amazing turn out to support the legends of skate!

Word for the day…

Caution!!! A sneak peak of our production happening today in Seattle. Live updates…

Von Iva by Plain T

I just came home from the Von Iva show at Doug Fir, and this sunday night show was fire! Those three girls put on an amazingly energetic show and the crowd was no let down! Keyboardist Rebecca Kupersmith was really stoked on the poster i did for the show (props for Nemo!) and once that trio got on stage is was loud, fast and personal. Kelly was throwing her drums and Jillian was unbuttoning my flannel and flashing the fans! The Portland crowd roared and the girls came out for one more song after they finished their set, the show was ferocious.



Cindy Sherman has competition…

The most admirable Cindy Sherman (I’m a fan!) has some competition and his name is Samuel Rosso.  The Times Magazine has a great article about this master of disguise.


Will we get a show with him…

Kari posted Who is Neil Krug and we finally got an answer. Read Fecal Face’s interview with the 25 year old prodigy here.  Next question, will Neil do an art show at Nemo this year…

Sam Kuhn’s Lion Attack!!!!

When I met Sam a few years ago my first impression was this kid is gonna kill it, since then, he hasn’t stopped impressing. His amazing work ethic, creative drive, positive attitude, knowledge of equipment and straight up talent set him far apart from his peers. His ever expanding client list already consists of the likes of Nike 6.0, Snowboarder Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, Community Transit, Avalara, Dellacio Collection, Imperial Motion, Stevens Pass, Bonfire, Ir77, Slow Runner, Roxy, your’s truly, Nemo Design and get this…he’s only 20!!!

Just about now you should stop feeling old and unaccomplished…instead, check out his motion picture collective Lion Attack. Keep it up Sam!

American Blur Video


American Blur from Kari Rowe on Vimeo.

Jody Rogac for Lifetime Collective

Jody, a photographer out of BC is part of the Lifetime Collective. Lifetime is a company that started as a small basement t-shirt company and has now developed far beyond just their clothing. They are a collaboration of artists musicians, photographers, skateboarders, snowboarders, designers, writers and even small business. If you dont already know of or shop at their online store, checking it out is a must.

UofO tours nemo

Nemo set out to teach the UofO advertising students what producing a catalog and ad campaign was really like. None of those candy coated lessons you learn in the classroom. This was a real time schedule, budget and creative kick in the pants. Thanks to the students including, our buddy nick from yobeat for not only listening intently to the life and design lessons taught by senior designer Jay Floyd and Owner Jeff Bartel, but for truly ENJOYING IT! We’re glad we could shine some rather intense light on the ever expanding world of design!

tonight, tonight, tonight (to the tune of phil collins)

This first friday please join us in welcoming two lovely lady photographers and the amazing sigmund henry. 


American Blur: Photos by May Juliette Barruel and Tamar Monhait


NEMO presents American Blur by May Juliette Barruel and Tamar Monhait, a photo exhibit opening on Friday, March 06, 2009 6-10pm. The show will run through Wednesday, April 01, 2009 at NEMO: 1875 SE Belmont Street in Portland, OR. The opening reception will include special musical guest, Sigmund Henry.

american pie. american eagle. american literature. american football. american cars. american dream. american english. american flag. american express. american dollar. american airlines. american idol. american frontier. american pitbull. american presidents. american blur. American Blur examines the images that make-up the “American” consciousness both individually and collectively. Barruel and Monhait exhibit work that creates the feeling of an overwhelming barrage of the social and physical landscapes identified as “American.”

A native of Grenoble, France and a resident of Portland, Oregon since 2000, May Juliette Barruel works as both an artist and curator. Her textile-based work and photography address the themes of nostalgia, foreignness, obsession and loss in an intimate and often voyeuristic fashion. As a curator, Barruel has been responsible for Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ downtown gallery since 2006. She also owns Nationale, a shop and gallery on Portland’s east side.

Barruel holds a master of arts degree in American Literature from l’Université de Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle and a professional certificate from New England School of Photography in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Tamar Monhait ( is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. She was born and raised in Chicago and has spent time between the two cities studying Electrical Engineering and Art. Her work explores process, ritual, music mathematics, technology, and time. She has participated in group shows at Disjecta, Hall Gallery, PNCA, Mark Woolley, Jace Gace, and the Newberg Gallery at the Glasgow School of Art. She also had solo exhibitions at Stumptown Downtown.


Todd Hido

Todd Hido’s work has an unmistakably eery feeling that resonates with the viewer long after they have finished perusing his site. There is a story to be told behind each picture and that story is left entirely to the viewer.