“This photo changed my life” -Trevor Graves

Trevor came in this morning with this classic Grant Brittian print of Chris Miller. Immediately it caught my eye, I went over to TG and asked what was up with the shot. “This photo changed my life.” is what he says to me. ” You know when you draw an image over and over? It’s like an album cover you really like or something, I must have drawn this image over 100 times.”  I was a bit stunned staring at this photo while listening to TG go on like like a schoolgirl about this photo. This image inspired Trevor graves to pick up a camera, which in turn TG created images that inspired a myriad of shred photogs to do the same (raises hand). It kind of blew my mind for a split second knowing that if Grant never took this photo or if TG never saw this, I and many other photographers may not be doing what we’re doing now. Which makes me realize that inspiring creativity is much more rewarding than dollars and cents, make sense? Heavy stuff, right? Go check out Grants site, see if you can catch the inspiration bug yourself.

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  1. karirowe says:

    PROPS to Amy Graves(TG’s better half) for always coming up with sick ass presents!

  2. Thanks for the warm fuzzy feelings!

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