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Danielle Levitt in Newsweek

Our February First Friday art show will showcase Danielle Levitt’s work. Her recently release book, WE ARE EXPERIENCED, earned a write up in Newsweek. Check out the post online here… And join us on Feb. 6th from 6-10pm for the show here at Nemo.  

CONGRATS Danielle!!!!



It really didn’t get much better than burning through a pack of sx-70 film. Ah, the memories…

“This photo changed my life” -Trevor Graves

Trevor came in this morning with this classic Grant Brittian print of Chris Miller. Immediately it caught my eye, I went over to TG and asked what was up with the shot. “This photo changed my life.” is what he says to me. ” You know when you draw an image over and over? It’s like an album cover you really like or something, I must have drawn this image over 100 times.”  I was a bit stunned staring at this photo while listening to TG go on like like a schoolgirl about this photo. This image inspired Trevor graves to pick up a camera, which in turn TG created images that inspired a myriad of shred photogs to do the same (raises hand). It kind of blew my mind for a split second knowing that if Grant never took this photo or if TG never saw this, I and many other photographers may not be doing what we’re doing now. Which makes me realize that inspiring creativity is much more rewarding than dollars and cents, make sense? Heavy stuff, right? Go check out Grants site, see if you can catch the inspiration bug yourself.

SLAP Magazine interviews Tobin Yelland.

“I would rather be broke doing creative work than making good money having no life” -Tobin Yelland

Nemo’s friend Tobin Yelland sat down with artist Kelly D. Williams and SLAP editor Mark Whiteley for an interesting chat covering Tobin’s past with Thrasher Magazine, his influences, where his career is heading and other little tid-bits that give insight as to what makes Tobin tick. Check out the convo HERE. I suggest you check his website out as well, classic shots from skateboarding’s past and the culture that surrounded it.

Happy New Year! And Congratulations Carlin and Miranda!

I spent the new years on the coast where my internet connection did not work, so I am sending everyone a belated happy new year! I hope your new year is filled with excitement and fulfillment. I know one of our favorite photographers at Studio Nemo, Carlin Sundell, had a good new year’s celebration because I happened to be at his beautiful wedding that day. Congratulations Carlin and Miranda!