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Photo of the day

Saverio Truglia’s photo is almost like a submersed neon sign. The surrealistic gathering of props and makeup combined with the seclusion of being under water make for an interesting juxtapose of familiarity and discomfort.

“It’s Fun, It’s Easy, It’s a robot” …ummm what is it?

The GigaPan Epic is a little contraption that well, takes panoramic photos robotically. You just set your area that you want to cover, and this sucker goes to work. It takes hundreds of photos with robotic precision. You then run it through its software and it aligns and merges all the single images into one single cohesive panoramic. Basically takes all the fun of photoshopping all your images together and throws it out the window. Personally, I stay away from panos for that reason. But somewhere out there some sorry bastard is out of a job (pricetag is less than 400.00). Great timing GigaPan, Jeez! Click ahead to see the GigaPan in action at Obama’s inauguration, make sure to zoom in all the way, it’s pretty nuts. Check it here.

Wheels and Wax dot com

A fellow photo nerd friend of mine introduced me to this site today. Basically a action sports photographer forum set up where you can post your latest shots and get nearly instant critiques back. Also useful for equipment reviews and lighting tips for the curious and budding photogs. Take a look, think I’ll join up and post some shots, look for my username, that will go something like this: Mertzy420_69_XTReM_Dude … hmm, maybe I’ll have to work on that one.

Click here to peep it!

What is this, an inauguration for ants?!

This is what roughly 2 million people look like during 44Th president Obama’s inauguration just one week ago, taken by the GeoEye Satellite. WOWZA! Almost 3 times the population of AK was in attendance. (I grew up in AK, I had to calculate some frame of reference, heh.) Mind. Blowing. Check out more images from around the world here

Fifty People, One Question

A simple, creative concept, artistically executed. Crush and Lovely decided to travel around the world visiting five hundred and forty cities, asking two questions. In response they received nine hundred and eighty two answers. This is their video from London.

Fifty People, One Question: London from Crush + Lovely on Vimeo.

Get greasy, get nasty, get home for just $10 Bucks.

Get on the Grease Bus, for just $10 bucks gets you to Mt. Hood meadows and back! What a deal! Just sign up on their website and wait at your designated pick up spot and sit back while used veggie oil takes you up to get down on some shred! check here for more info and get down with grease!

Photographer craig cameron olson new website up and running!

Hop over to Craig Cameron Olsen’s new site and check a large catalog of work. Looking good dude.

Winter X Games 13 – Mark Kohlman

Congrats goes out to our boy Shaun White and his back to back victories at the X Games. Studionemo alumni Mark Kohlman was a contracted gun to cover the event for ESPN. Pictured here in the essence of a still image telling a stroy. Sarah Burke took home the gold for the third time in the pipe. Burke is the first female to successfully land a 720, 900 and 1080 in competition. 


Mark has always taken the path less taken when it comes to photography. At the X Games there are plenty of shots form the obvious angles. Always the craftsman, Mark searchs for that shot that stops you in your tracks! 

Coolest Commercial Ever!!!

A Glass Half Full Productions  Cadbury’s somewhat mythical production company has created an ingenious piece of work. Enjoy!

Cole and his eternal repository of skill.

As photographers we are all tormented by the same story, you know, the one where the client or photo editor of any publication will undoubtedly pass over the countless gems and gold you sent in and pick that one piece of pyrite thrown in for good measure.

That historically unwavering tale changes a bit for our young friend Cole. He has not a single piece of pyrite with which to taunt his editors. However, his story takes a turn towards the norm in the chapter where the the shiniest of all his lifestyle gems remain unseen. Take a gander at a bit of his booty on the transworld website Cole Barash Photography Collection. Its sure to make your jealous bone tickle…but if that doesn’t put the feather to your jealous joint his blog surely will.

New Danny Kass Nike Commercial

Pretty funny art direction here, song tops it really. Remember kids, don’t eat the yellow snow.

Whats that ya say, sonny?? POLAROID IS COMING BACK?!?!?!

Polaroid is back! Well…kinda. A group of Ex-Polaroid employees and fans came together bought an old Polaroid factory in the Netherlands and plan to be fully operational by the beginning of 2010! Thing is they’re starting from scratch, that means new formulas and compounds for processing the instant film (old pola chemicals are no longer available), engineering new equipment, so on and so on… like their site says, they are re-inventing instant film. They have quite the challenge in front of them and their deadline is only 1 year! This comes as great news to all fans of Polaroid, this is like the resurrection of fun! I fully support and endorse this “zombie Polaroid” project 100%, and you should too! Check out their web site here for more info.

Bryce Kanights Show

Legendary Skate and BMX photographer Bryce Kanights is showing at the Department of Skateboarding. Go check it out on Jan 30th…

Tim Zimmerman Interviewed by Quicksilver

StudioNemo’s good friend, Photographer Tim Zimmerman was recently interviewed by Sarah Burlingham of Quicksilver. In the recorded phone convo we get exclusive behind the frame info and personal insight to the images Tim created while shooting for “That’s It, That’s All”. Quicksilver and Red Bull’s snowboard film epic. Groundbreaking video w/ the still images to back it up! Now watch all the interview’s already!

Photo of the Day- Happy MLK JR. DAY

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta King

Photo by Gene Herrick/The Associated Press

An amazing candid photo of one of the greatest men in history, Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta King. Happy Birthday! Check out more amazing photos in this tribute from the Seattle Times Newspaper.

Danielle Levitt at Nemo

Save the date! This show is going to be amazing. Powerhouse books has just published Danielle Levitt’s book We Are Experienced that takes an inside look at the teenagers of today. She is going to be gracing Portland and studio nemo with her presence. Don’t miss it!

Photographer/videographer of the day Autumn de Wilde

Sometimes, I feel like I’m in the seven degrees of Autumn de Wilde. She seems to know so many people that I do and people say, “you should meet  Autumn,” but alas, our paths never cross. Never-the-less, I love her work and am inspired by her creativity. Though I love her photography, I wanted to share a video she recently did of the Raconteurs where she filled the forest with 8ft mirrors to create a truly surreal world. 

Old Enough from Miky Wolf on Vimeo.

Crispin Cannon photo gallery @ Deep Winter Photo Challenge in Whistler

5 invited photogs were given 3 days to shoot in-bounds on Whistler and Blackcomb and create a 3-5 minute slide show for the judges and an audience. My slideshow, photo gallery and story are on If you have a minute you can check it out. -CC

Lori Hersberger

I’ve got a nonstop craving for all things neon, Swedish artist Lori Hersberger has got my fix. With the perfect marriage of shape, color, and texture. Lori has taken the buzzing tubes of noble gasses we take for granted everyday and transformed them into a visual experience the late Timothy Leary would trip on.

2009 Michael Kellicutt International Juried Photo Show

This years theme, Through A Lens: Contrasting Elements.

Click here for more information and entry form, and make sure to check their website to get more info on past competitions and judge bios.

Michael Cogliantry @ StudioNemo

Michael Cogliantry @ StudioNemo from alex mertz on Vimeo.

Nemo’s friend, photographer Michael Cogliantry stopped in to use our studio for his new photo series: “The trouble with exercise”. Interesting stuff, can’t wait to see the whole thing!

AIGA PSU college students tour StudioNEMO

Heather and Todd were part of a Nemo Factory tour. It is always fun to give back to the college students in the Portland area!

Alex Mertz’s photos featured in +81 Magazine

Cover Photo: Hedi Slimane

This summer I had the opprotunity to shoot with artists Aaron Rose and Michael Leon’s portrait/lifestyle for their interview articles in +81 Magazine. I just got the mag in the mail the other day! Pretty excited.+81 is a Japanese art/artist/design magazine that is very high quality in content, it also has interviews with Hedi Slimane, Ari Marcopoulis and Sheppard Fairey just to name a few, this mag is a good read. It’s a hard find but defiantly worth the search to pick one up. +81 Vol. 42 “Beginnings on Boards issue” Special thanks to Andy Westhusing & Ken Goto.

Smith Surf Shoot @ StudioNemo

Smith Surf Shoot @ StudioNemo from alex mertz on Vimeo.

Cj Hobgood and Yadin Nicol stopped in StudioNemo for a Smith09 shoot. Hilarity ensued… Take a look!