The Gap Narrows…

The difference between the cinematographer and the photographer has narrowed even more. Photographer Richard Walch, traditionally a photographer who had never shot a movie, took out the EOS 5D Mark II to test drive its HD video capabilities at the annual Zürich. He loved it. 

One of the positive aspects of this transition that photographers are taking is the foresight to think about shooting stills in a narrative style. They are finding a way to tell a story better, whether in fashion or advertising.

Walch sees another plus, Richard explains: “For me the camera changed the way I work over night. When I presented the video ‘D-Style’ to a client I instantly got a job for a photo and video production for the car company Infiniti taking place in Paris. ”

Clients see the benefit of doubling up and finding a consistent storytelling style. Check out his video here


4 Responses to “The Gap Narrows…”

  1. jared says:

    We took a Nikon D90 out for an urban snow session this past weekend and made a little video for YoBeat with the footage. This sort of shows what they can do in a total garbage weather situation. Check it out if you’re interested. This version is filmed entirely with the D90. Nikon’s current HD offering.

  2. DV says:

    I don’t see any benefit using a SLR to film this. Vicent Laforet shows what advantages a SLR has. Richard may use a wide range of lenses, but that seems to be the only thing.

  3. martha says:

    I don’t think the wide variety of lenses is the only thing it’s showing. It’s showing precisely the advantage of this camera — every photographic journalist now has the ability to have HD video in their bag, in the same device. Both mediums in one. It completely changes on site reporting.

    Sure it’s not showing you much Panasonic HD camera won’t do, but at the same time, I can have an ipod and I can have a phone, why would I want an ipod in my phone? Or a camera? Because it puts two devices I love to use into one.

  4. heatherhanrahan says:

    I agree Martha… and from a commercial production stance it saves a lot of money. As a photographer, you are able to offer a wider variety of services and it will save money in the end.

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