LOVECITYLOVE By Lucien Pellegrin @ StudioNemo this Friday!


By Lucien Pellegrin

I gain inspiration from the clean, dirty, gritty subcultures of humanity who have been torn and beaten by a social construct that is no longer conducive for their personal condition. Through this inspiration, I see the Beauty in all that we are. In essence, there is no one way to live life, no right way to make art, no perfect way to die.

Lucien Pellegrin lives and works in Seattle as a teaching artist for a non-profit organization by the name of Arts Corps. Come check the Lucians art out Friday Dec 5th 6-10 PM at StudioNemo 1875 SE Belmont st. Portland,OR.

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  1. Blaise Pellegrin says:

    Lucien, I loved your work, and the presentation. Nemo did you right. Love you son, you are awesome.

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