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I’ve been lagging my posts since the holidays began. I hope everyone’s holidays are wonderful and you’re enjoying the leisure time. In my leisure time I came across this wonderful new photo rep agency, Tinker Street. I love what founder Jessie Miller is doing, a rep after my own heart. His international collective of photographers are really inspirational : from Gothenburg (Thobias Faldt), Dusseldorf (Bernd Wichmann) and Paris (Estelle Hanania), in Los Angeles Ye Rin Mok  and Peter Sutherland and in New York Nicholas Haggard

Here’s an excerpt of Jessie’s interview with Avisualsociety:


1. Why the name Tinker Street?

Tinker is… hmm.   Well, I guess it’s just a little detour I like to take when ever opportunity shines my way.  It’s my road to happy accidents.

2. What is your background and experience?

Started as an artist/filmmaker/musician and ended up working in the commercial world to pay the rent.  It was the closest thing that I could find to do – given my priorities, skill set and attention span – short of being a full-time artist.  Aiming to meld the two now.

3. Can you describe the impetus that lead to the founding of Tinker Street?  What would the mission statement of Tinker Street be?

The impetus was to spend more time out of the city, work with people I liked and create a group that was closer to my heart artistically.

Be kind first. Work hard. See where it goes. 

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