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Agency of the month…

I’ve been lagging my posts since the holidays began. I hope everyone’s holidays are wonderful and you’re enjoying the leisure time. In my leisure time I came across this wonderful new photo rep agency, Tinker Street. I love what founder Jessie Miller is doing, a rep after my own heart. His international collective of photographers are really inspirational : from Gothenburg (Thobias Faldt), Dusseldorf (Bernd Wichmann) and Paris (Estelle Hanania), in Los Angeles Ye Rin Mok  and Peter Sutherland and in New York Nicholas Haggard

Here’s an excerpt of Jessie’s interview with Avisualsociety:


1. Why the name Tinker Street?

Tinker is… hmm.   Well, I guess it’s just a little detour I like to take when ever opportunity shines my way.  It’s my road to happy accidents.

2. What is your background and experience?

Started as an artist/filmmaker/musician and ended up working in the commercial world to pay the rent.  It was the closest thing that I could find to do – given my priorities, skill set and attention span – short of being a full-time artist.  Aiming to meld the two now.

3. Can you describe the impetus that lead to the founding of Tinker Street?  What would the mission statement of Tinker Street be?

The impetus was to spend more time out of the city, work with people I liked and create a group that was closer to my heart artistically.

Be kind first. Work hard. See where it goes. 

read more here



Local famed commercial photographer Lars Toplemann was spotted by TG doing an infomercial for a Kodak point and shoot. I can’t find the infomercial but if you do, please share. In the meantime here is a lovely Lars photo to enjoy that reminds me of one of my favorite radio shows that I’m currently listening to, American Routes



Jeff Brushie Part 3 &4

Vbs has posted the second half of the brushie spot. Its awesome!

Artist of the Day…

One of my favorite contemporary painters Kehinde Wiley’s work is featured in Anthem. His work transgresses historical narratives of black men, as hyper masculine, violent and sexualized beings and actually inserts them into art history, from which they have been missing. He uses the work of 17th and 18th century painting masters as inspiration and places his contemporary subjects in similar poses with backgrounds that are traditionally considered feminine in motif. 

And… as it relates to us in Portland and Nemo, he paints some of his subjects with Nike Sportswear and SB clothing and shoes! 

Tech lite…

Terry Richardson for Sisley with his t4

With all the talk of evolving camera technology, it’s sometimes nice to relish in the simpler things in life, like the discontinued Yashica T4. One of the best point and shoots out there, not to mention, one of Terry Richardson’s favorite fashion devices. The Zeiss lenses give the photos a beautiful quality. And it’s so easy to use. Just point and click. Ahhhh, easy. I’d like to get one of these in my hands and when I do, I’ll post some pics. 

Check out some photos shot with the T4 Here


The Gap Narrows…

The difference between the cinematographer and the photographer has narrowed even more. Photographer Richard Walch, traditionally a photographer who had never shot a movie, took out the EOS 5D Mark II to test drive its HD video capabilities at the annual Zürich. He loved it. 

One of the positive aspects of this transition that photographers are taking is the foresight to think about shooting stills in a narrative style. They are finding a way to tell a story better, whether in fashion or advertising.

Walch sees another plus, Richard explains: “For me the camera changed the way I work over night. When I presented the video ‘D-Style’ to a client I instantly got a job for a photo and video production for the car company Infiniti taking place in Paris. ”

Clients see the benefit of doubling up and finding a consistent storytelling style. Check out his video here


Jeff Brushie On VBS TV

Our friends at Vice featured the one and only Jeff Brushie on their Powder & Rails series. The episodes are packed with pictures from Trevor’s history. There are two more episodes coming up next monday and tuesday so keep your eyes peeled, the next two promise even more entertainment.

Trevor Graves does the “Throw Back Retro Show” at FICE


Nemo’s Trevor Graves at FICE in Salt Lake from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Snowboarding legend Laura Hadar approached about the idea of showing some of the old work at here new high end boutique in Salt Lake City while we are on a photo shoot in Russia for Nike Snowboarding. Salt Lakes finest photog, Andy Wright showed up to share some stories and a beer. 

Portland Lumberjacks visit Studio Nemo…

We were pretty excited this week to shoot the Portland Lumberjacks here in the studio. They are Portland’s premiere professional Lacrosse team and we caught them in action! 
LumberJax @ StudioNemo from Nemo Design on Vimeo.    

Martha Cooper’s Tag Town

Tag Town, is a new book of photos from photographer Martha Cooper. Published by Dokument Forlag, this is the first book to showcase early tags in their context. It’s a lesson in street art, containing early photos of tags dating back to the 1960s. Back in the ’80s, Cooper shot NYC’s infant tagging graffiti scene that included only a handful of artists. This was the absolute beginning of what you call street art today and Cooper recorded it tirelessly. She did this out of curiousness, pure interest and love. She thought this was a movement of the minute. She had no idea that her lens was capturing the very beginning of one the greatest art movements of our time.
Take a gander, she’s got a ton of cool shit to say.

For more of her interview and to check out some of her pictures see the Fecal Face blog.

LOVECITYLOVE by Lucien Pellegrin

LOVECITYLOVE By Lucien Pellegrin from Nemo Design on Vimeo.

StudioNemo was proud to present Lucien Pellegrins’ LOVECITYLOVE show on Dec. 5th. Nemo was spewing with creativity in many forms at the show. With Lucien talking to most all patrons and giving insight into his work and also gaining new perspectives from other people, it was a inspiring event for many. The creation station table was a big hit, more of an interactive group art project everyone was free to contribute a drawing or words on the table,or just hang out and chat. Music was provided by Amos Miller kicking all his original beats. Good times and great vibes had by all. Definitely stepped up to a new caliber of show here at StudioNemo. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Nike 6.0 Writing on The Wall Invitation

Please join Nike 6.0 for the WHQ premiere of Writing on the Wall, a BMX Film starring Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Mike Spinner, and Nigel Sylvester.

This Thursday
December 11th
4:00-6:00 PM
Stanford Theatre, TWC

Kids and families are welcome.
Nike 6.0 athletes Nigel Sylvester and Mike Spinner will be signing autographs. No RSVP required. Spread the word!

About Writing on the Wall
The four-man crew of Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Nigel Sylvester, and Mike Spinner spent over a year living out of suitcases to film the first Nike 6.0 BMX movie, Writing on the Wall. From 4-wheelin’ to 4-star, ditches to public parks, the 6.0 crew scoured the corners of the Earth to discover the undiscovered and lay down new lines. Battling school calendars, narcolepsy, ridiculous competition schedules, and border patrol; the crew rallied to capture amazing riding. Writing on the Wall showcases the distinct style of each rider, from Nigel’s street skills to Spinner’s technical prowess; from Dennis who rides anything at any time to Garrett’s assault on cities around the world. The 6.0 crew represents the next generation of riders driving the progression of BMX. Enjoy the tour, as one of today’s most diverse BMX teams travels to Beijing, Dubai, Barcelona, NYC, Australia, and more.

Add Nike 6.0 Writing on the Wall to your page

Corey Arnold: Fish-Work Pt.2

As we promised, StudioNemo dropped by the artist opening reception at Hartman Fine Art Gallery for Corey Arnold’s Fish-Work series here in Portland,OR. Corey completed this series while spending a total of 3 moths at sea in the unforgiving Bering Straight off the coast of eastern Alaska. We caught up with Corey to ask him a few questions about his experiences at sea and what he plans to do in the future.

Corey Arnold: Fish-Work Pt.2 from Nemo Design on Vimeo.

LOVECITYLOVE By Lucien Pellegrin @ StudioNemo this Friday!


By Lucien Pellegrin

I gain inspiration from the clean, dirty, gritty subcultures of humanity who have been torn and beaten by a social construct that is no longer conducive for their personal condition. Through this inspiration, I see the Beauty in all that we are. In essence, there is no one way to live life, no right way to make art, no perfect way to die.

Lucien Pellegrin lives and works in Seattle as a teaching artist for a non-profit organization by the name of Arts Corps. Come check the Lucians art out Friday Dec 5th 6-10 PM at StudioNemo 1875 SE Belmont st. Portland,OR.

best interactive experience…

The Places We Live by Jonas Bendiksen is an incredible art project and all around experience. And a good reason to give this season! I think this is the best interactive experience, because I feel somehow implicated in the scene. Enjoy this amazing project, then think about donating to organizations like Mercy Corps instead of gifts this season, or just learning more here.