Backyard Bang in Portland,OR

Backyard Bang Rail Jam- 2008 from Austin Will on Vimeo.

Photos, video and words by Austin Will.

Salomon and Bonfire went for gold this year for their second annual Backyard Bang Rail Jam. Teaming up with the Art Institute of Portland gave them prime location in the heart of the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. 30 some odd competitors climbed the scaffolding time and time again to impress the celebrity Judges, Josh Dirksen, Nick Dirks, and Tim Windells. Sadly, only a handful could make it to the end of the rail, another handful couldn’t even make it down the initial slope without face-planting, which gave announcer Jesse Burtner a lot to talk about. Granted one can’t expect to much from an amateur rail jam in the middle of the city, the riders who made it to the finals stood out miles ahead of the rest. Between hanging in the VIP Free Beer section and the judges booth, I heard some notable honorable mentions. Jarad Hadi was granted most consistent. Alex “Wildcard” Burton was noted as the most Hazardous Material, and best trick on the wall-jam. Tyler Verigan easily took the best trick with a first try 180 switch nose press. A bum danced his way into a VIP pass courtesy of Salomon. Austin Sweeten received first place by doing 180 wizard switch up swivel variations on everything. There were some great bails, good tricks, and over all it was a fun time with amazing friends and fantastic beer. Cant wait for next year. Click ahead for some photos.

Photos, video and word by Austin Will.

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  1. Spectacular, absolutely spectacular.!

  2. squid says:

    I saw me, freaky! ha ha ha

  3. Austin says:

    Since the contest I have found out that the dance talent is actually, and im quoting from him, “From Marz.”

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