The agency for me?

As a photographer I judge agency’s on the works and skills of their selected artists. Santucci & Co who just launched their new site, have some excellent photographers. However, they don’t seem much different than your average agency. Their selection of photographers have a well connected yet individual (artsy) ascetic but not one of them really stands out in my mind as an artist I’d admire. Yet. If i wasn’t living it up here in the heart of Portland and this oasis we call studionemo I’d sign with MS Logan in a heart beat. I am whole heartedly an inspired admirer of every photographer they rep. Santucci & Co falls just short of that edgy and hip agency they undoubtedly aspire to be. I was shocked to see that they aren’t even representing the best photographer on their site. Her name is Flora Hanitijo and she is in the emerging talent section of the site. Check out her personal site shes pretty amazing.

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