That’s It, That’s All

I got in to work today not in the best mood, possibly from the spontaneous rainstorm I peddled through on the way in. But that’s just Portland, right? Boo hoo. All that changed when I saw Itunes was selling That’s It That’s All, the new snowboard video from Travis Rice and Curt Morgan, without batting an eye I bought it. I ended up watching it almost twice through before I forced myself to shut it off. I am at work, and should be working. I can only tell my boss I’m “researching” the video so many times before the jig is up.

This video sets the bar I had no clue existed for snowboard flicks. I got a sneak peek of some stills late last season from Tim Zimmerman who was photographing all the action along the way, those alone were making me drool to see this film. The film itself is a work of art, using the same camera rigs as the Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth documentaries they captured some of the greatest shots Ive seen in a long time or ever! The selection of riders is without compare and the tricks are amazing, who knew double corks could be done in so effortlessly? I think this video came at a great time in snowboarding, with Mack Dawg out of the game, someone needed to set up to be the “it” production company for snowboarding.  T.rice and Curt took that step…  in to a helicopter, blasting Maiden, and looking for the next pow line to film. Can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next!

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