Model Mayhem… For “professionals” only? HA!

Man, I received a message from my boss TG this morning that said: ” Seems you guys might have something to say about this site.” Ok, F.Y.I. I really have wanted to stay away from bashing and otherwise hating on other peoples way of doing what they do, art is relative, blah blah, but I can bite my tongue no longer… I’m talking to you. Well not the website it self, but more so the people the website has become populated with. I’m sure there is a small population of actual models and photographers looking to network and do legitimate work. Sadly, those few are vastly overshadowed by the sheer skull melting number of “models”  that look like they never got a call back from that casting call and waiting for their “big break”! Everyone knows showing your tits means your a professional model, any minute now ladies you’ll be a star! Don’t get rid of that latex jumper just yet!

Then we have the what even modelmayhem fondly refers to in the FAQ section as “GWC’s” or Guy with camera, here is their definition straight from the site:

What is GWC?
GWC is an acronym for “Guy With Camera.” It’s a derogatory term for an amateur photographer. And it has taken the intraweb by storm thanks to MM. It usually implies that said guy is only interested in photography in order to get hot ladies to get nekkid for him.

(Case in point.)

That pretty much sums up a good 98% of photographers on this site. Not to worry fellas even though the site calls your scam out, there will always be nieve young models waiting to take their tops off for your “art” (boner material) that will one day make them famous! Take a look around, it looks like a fucking soft core porn site, of poor photographic caliber might I ad. The saying “everyone is beautiful” should be taken with a grain of salt in this case. Phew! Well, If you made it through the vomit of text I just spewed, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Especially if your a member of…I mean, ModelMayhem.

Mertzy, OUT!

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  1. heatherhanrahan says:

    Aahhhhhhh, so refreshing. Doesn’t it feel good to get it out.

  2. Freak says:

    MM is like playing spin the bottle with cracked out Goth girls. I’m a DWC,
    “Dude With Camera/Cock” and I tell it like it is…I shoot wanna be Pornstars looking for their “big break” and a big cock.

  3. Kelli Miller says:

    ha ha ha oh man. What a terrific story. I was amazed at the pot shots taken by photographers toward agencies. And allowed by model mayhem. WOW! funny how some photographers think they know everything and funnier how everyone is a model now.
    Good luck MM in all you do. Some of your clients should be deleted from your site but really, in the end, the truth wins out.

    chillin like a villan

  4. Former MMer says:

    You guys shouldn’t be surprised. I have read several complaints online that the owner of Model Mayhem is involved in adult entertainment. I didn’t believe it until one of my own models was propositioned by “Tyler Adam” (the supposed owner of Model Mayhem).

    Research the following link and see the complaints for yourself:!

  5. MAC says:

    This is brilliant. I have known ‘photographers’ who shot for MM and ACTUALLY GAVE A LESSON/LECTURE/SESSION on how to shoot models???!!! WTF…Are you kidding? This same individual was also involved in the kidnapping of one of ‘his’ more popular models. Great company, great….err…..employees?? Simpletons shooting simpletons with photoshoped bodies (simply and poorly done I add) leads to a crap product that leads to the thought that ‘anyone can do it’. Professionals??? Professional what?? Answer…ASSCLOWNS.

  6. key says:

    Where did the all the other Honorable photographer go????

    Wow, I am a “guy with a camera” [1700.00 camera set] and have been doing beginners since 1990. Mostly glamour shoots for friends at the start and now the “unsuspecting public casual photographer”, that is to say I belong to a Ren-faire group and do 6-15 shoots a year.

    I have thought about joining MM but the rate of rejections 75% depending on which moderator you get, well i will not open my life and its details to be judged by moderators that can not complete a simple sentence on their own profiles.

    I have heard good thing about the site OMP [onemodelplace], or I’ll just stick to my favorite site for pic and well organized photos/people, the Deviant Art site is great.

    Be Safe, Take a friend, use a safe call [call before you go anywhere with another – use public places w/camera for meetings – and a call after you think your safely alone at home].

    98% of my work does not see the web except for email sample to the client.

    oh, my profession, James Bond in a brief-case.


    At a BBW shoot in Texas some years ago a BBW magazine from Calif. sent a lead-scout that was great and Honorable. On the other hand the video/camera photographer was leading on girls/ladies wanting sex for being included in the shoot and not even doing the session after he had sex with them. On the last day [3rd] drugs were involved. One of the last sessions was of a nice bbw lady pretending to be an office mgr. coming home and disrobing all the way to the bed and toys.

    Question I would like to have answered,
    “how many Pro-photographer VS non-Pro have attitude or want sex and before or after they will shoot the pictures/video?”

    My answer,
    “I speak to my models/friends making them feel relaxed and that is what it is all about [the inner light] and have had sex with 2, my girl friends at the time and I have seen as-much skin than a Doctor “.

  7. this is where the photos I used are located

    this conversation left me asking who’s the key master lol

    I have gone through all of the requirements and I meet every one. I am a photographer submitted 4 photo’s 3 different models all taken by me Gave a valid to the point description of why I am on the site in my about me. I am not an agency or a website I am just a photographer starting out. I am even going for a paid account I am not doing anything wrong on your requirement list now I am confused.

    May 24 09 03:18 pm
    Please check here for the requirements.
    The gatekeepers must have had an issue with your bio being about video or the image quality.
    Add some more photos and press resubmit.

    Imortalsaga Productions
    May 24 09 03:20 pm
    come on there is no way you can help me out. I have no way of knowing if I fill all of the requirements in the first place why I am still being told no.

    Imortalsaga Productions
    May 24 09 03:20 pm
    ok thankyou

    May 24 09 03:21 pm
    As a modeling site, personal snapshots are unacceptable. We suggest you upload better examples of your work.

    Imortalsaga Productions
    May 24 09 03:31 pm
    These are not personal snapshots they are actual paid jobs. unfortunately just starting out these are all I have and I got denied when I had the cleaned up shots up for try as well. I did fix the issue about the mentioning about my video and other services I provide to models. I tend to try for a more natural style instead of using a lot of artificial light I use what they already have to show there beauty.

    Imortalsaga Productions
    May 24 09 03:39 pm
    ok then if you are not going to accept me you don’t need to withdraw the 6 bucks for the first month and if you have I’m going to be needing it back this is just plain wrong. the photo’s are the same resolution of all the others on your sight you just don’t like the lighting.

    May 24 09 04:06 pm
    Your credit card is not billed unless you become active.

  8. Dan says:

    Granted much of what you say is true, but what you say about model mayhem is true of much of the internet. There are all sorts of sleazes and two bit hacks and “GWC” all over the net. Flickr, myspace, etc.

    When I first started shooting portraits I joined MM and organised three successful shoots- contacting models and makeup artists via the site. This provided a good platform on which to build the beginnings of a portrait portfolio.

    Like a lot of things you just need to be able to sift through the crap and be able to identify the types of people that you want to work with.

    Through working in the photographic industry I have met all sorts of sketchy people- many of them photographers, some of them run model agencies.

    A site like MM does provide a starting platform for photographers though, who are in the early stages of a photographic practice to network etc.

    I agree with much of what you say but I feel that there is a legitimate place for these sorts of sites. The very nature of them is in fact flawed because as soon as you put them on the internet the scammers and pornographers etc. will flock. But short of not having them what else can be done? The screening may also be flawed but who can really judge the validity of someone’s photography when they may well be in the early stages.

  9. Glenn says:

    Model Mayhem exists to make money. They make money by letting in any person that is alive and has a few photos of themselves or has taken a few photos of someone else.

    There is nothing professional about the site, you cannot run a proper casting call or search for models, the population of photographers are mostly a bunch of creepy men looking to photograph their “fine art nudes” on the weekends. Models range from homely to attractive but mostly it’s a lot of people who have no idea what modeling is about and have no interest in actually modeling. (They just want to be told how beautiful they are.)

    The forums on the site are filled with improper information from scam artists and fools but the moderators on the site feel that’s alright because everyone is allowed their opinion. (So bad information gets passed onto others as part of free speech.) To top it off, you have a whole section devoted to politics and it’s there you can see how many members are completely incapable of taking a decent photograph, they’re only on the site to meet young naked women and vent against minorities, illegals, gays, Obama, Muslims and anyone else who they consider weird. They call that section Soapbox but it should be called Land of Rush listeners who couldn’t properly shoot the side of a barn if their life depended on it.

    A good number of seriously creative people are leaving the site because they are so frustrated about the number of bumbling fools on their and then not being able to use it for it’s intended purpose, networking. They can’t find serious people to work with on a consistent basis and no one on MM’s part seems to care, they just want warm bodies and not really talented users.

  10. Melissa says:

    im a model member of Model Mayhem, and have been for a decent amount of time. It is a very good site for SOMEWHAT beginner models, although, i do agree on the fact that unprofessional photographers should NOT be allowed. I have had many requests and “opportunities” from “GWCs” and it is very annoying!! I’ve gotta say, alot of what everyone is saying is true, that it is a big scam. but for those of us who are actually trying to break through, or get big in the industry know exactly what to look out for and what to search for. for us, the website is a good place to get into the modeling/photography world.

  11. chris says:

    I guess i could say im semi pro, and i actually have a model mayhem account , and yea… its all true haha this site has gotten me very angry at time to time . Why you ask?

    – It is all about porno, when you look at someone who actually takes amazing pictures and i mean amazing, lots of special effects, or amazing costumes/wardrobe selection they get next to nothing for comments and views, then the picture next to it has the chicks tits popping out in a not so great set up its like what 5000 views , 60 comments? compared to the clothed one which is like 600 views 12 comments?? there is a big number difference

    -Its all trade for trade, For real professional models and photographers, or those who are fortunate enough to make money off of what they do…. they cant anymore!!!! because everyone wants to be a model or a effing photographer i did a search in my local area guess how many people are registered as “Professional Photographers’ 3000+ what a joke

    -You have models who have done 3 photo shoots maybe? not acting, agency represented , working for magazine or runway and they set “Standard Hourly Rates” like lets say 200 dollars an hour is what i have herd from a few girls with 3 photos in there portfolio. Seriously just because you work with one person off of model mayhem does not mean your well into your modeling career

    the guy who took the time to write this about model mayhem being a scam summed it up pretty good , it is shit, no professionalism at all, im trying to make a living doing what i do but all i here is trade for trade horrible man… horrible lol

  12. jazzy says:

    That is the most unprofessional site I have ever experienced. I have heard of several people who have tried to get an account on that site only to be rejected. In addition to this, the current models that have on the site look like trash!

  13. Gene Parker says:

    I am a former MM member that finally said ‘enough is enough’ with the crap on this site! It is at best an amateurishly run site with mentors and the so-called models coming to me were cracked-out whores trying to become models after failing in their strip club joints as dancers and hookers. Professional photographers…ha! Not a chance in hell!!! Young potential models being hit on by sleazy old men calling themselves photographers. In my opinion MM is nothing but a cesspool of young flesh where pimps that run the site pick up their new meat for the street in the pretense of being called new promising models!!!

  14. Model Allure says:

    Alternatives, my friends, alternatives.
    There is Google, there is Yahoo,
    There is Model Mayhem (what name implies what site about)

    And There is Model Allure What a beautiful name is new baby in city.
    New, but different. There is NO ugly girls, women, men in the world. There are people who do them so.
    Model Allure – Where Beautiful Models Meet Professional Photographers

    This is a dream of 99% of women to be an actress, a princess, ONE the best.
    Come on, folks, let it be.

  15. Ron Hunter says:

    The former owners, including founder Tyler Waitt, of one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world,, filed a federal lawsuit April 23, 2010 in United States
    District Court, Central District of California, claiming that Internet Brands, Inc., which bought the website from them in May 2008, has failed to fulfill the terms of the written Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement.

  16. Lycanchic says:

    Hi there, I have been a member or MM for over two years now, and they are the most unprofessional company I have ever worked with. Recently I came across a casting call for lingerie shots of three female models together (one being 16 years old!) Oh, and the cc states that her parents are ok with her doing lingerie, I contacted MM and one of their senior members (lol that’s the nicest way to put it) wrote back saying “I’ve photographed 16 year olds in less, there’s nothing illegal about it”. Um wrong! Yes, it is true that 16 year olds can be photographed with very little clothing (swim suit ads example) but to do so in a sexual manner is in fact illegal. Yeah, MM needs a wake up call. This isn’t the first I’ve heard of this type of thing at MM. Does anyone know of a way to bring in a third party to take on MM?
    Please let me know

  17. Your “case in point” has since been taken off the site, but I can guess what it was like. Here’s another example you could put in his place:

  18. hates MM says:

    I’m a model…I’ve been on MM for a year now and, unfortunately, I get a lot of my paid shoots from the site. If this wasn’t the case, I’d delete my profile and jump off in a heartbeat.

    The site is typically very slow, goes down more than it should, and has a fair amount of technical glitches (the latest involved all the profile tags on people’s profiles, up to a certain date, simply disappearing).

    The email system is very hard to use. You can’t even search your MM emails…there are so many features IB could’ve added when they bought the site, but they’ve been too lazy to improve it. They just sit back and coast on their profits.

    And don’t get me started about the MM moderators! They are a JOKE. Beware when you post in the forums…there are all kinds of teenage-y cliques on the forums who are total idiots. They will jump on you at the slightest provocation and insult you. They get away with insulting you, though, because the forum moderators are just as bad.

    I’m currently trying to figure out how to lodge a complaint against a moderator but I don’t hold out much hope. They’re like little dictators running around who are obviously frustrated by their lack of professional success, for the most part.

    Yeah-a bunch of hacks on that site, but until something better comes along, you gotta be on it so you don’t miss out on paid work.

  19. Sean says:

    I have been on Model Mayhem for a few years, just the other I was told my account had been deleted. I have worked with several models on the site. My work speaks for it self.

    I agree with you, this site and it’s so called gate keepers are pretty lame, they let any GWC on it. If you are shooting for yourself and not a actual business that has requested to pay you and is using your work for some purpose, then you are not a professional photographer.

    I have heard the stories of the site deleting profiles, which you loose all the contacts you have made and so forth. As a bit of a web geek, I decided to start a forum that is free for models only, photographers are free to view profiles and contact models but not register and post images.

    This forum will be setup for models so they can network, communicate, find work, and discuss issues. They also can post their images. As a photographer this site is for models to express free from fear of deletion. I hope you all come by and check it out, please let me know your thought so I can make it better.



  20. meh says:

    MM is meh, if you’re smart about it and strictly network with photographers in your area it’s not so bad. Like anything on the internet stay out of the politics and stay smart about working with people you don’t know. The site it’s self is god awful though, your messages disappear all the time, tags, comments it ALWAYS times out. It’s really aggravating, but even more annoying are the amateurs on there who message you wanting to work with you, then try to charge you their “rates”

    Things to remember when dealing with MM or ANY internet site, creeps are everywhere but especially when it comes to modeling.
    Be careful with any video work
    Ask a ton of questions when booking shoots, find out exactly what they want you to do before setting up shoots
    Look at their portfolio to find any models you know or at least know of
    ALWAYS bring someone with you
    and if it seems shady, dont go

    This all seems like common sense, but apparently no one has that anymore. I’m not defending MM because the site its self sucks, but you can’t really blame the site for people being creeps there are just to many people on there.

  21. madysonelle says:

    I am a member of Model mayhem. I was on this site but not very active, I had 4 professional shoots that came out amazing, and the best thing about it they were free. TFP TFC this helped build my portfolio after I paid $1000 for my very first shoot. Then was relieved to have been able to get photo’s of myself for my independent business. I had 2 situations on that site about 2 years ago. First one, I got an offer for a paid shoot in Florida Photographers name Peter Peniwinski or something like that. My was he cultured….lol I say that as a joke. He spoke with a heavy french accent, his website was either romanian, or greek, and his last name sounds polish….. he lived in California. anyways, the shoot was for a weeding dress line…and total payment $2500 with a deposit upfront of $400 well he sent me a deposit of $3500 in the form of money orders. I found that strange. His excuse was like the rest of the phishing bs out there….. ” was a mistake, please deposit into your bank and call me” I had no knowledge of money crimes…. and I had a real bad feeling in my gut…. but I deposited the money but told my bank the situation and they held checks until they were cleared. Well they were bad, and Peter’s panties were in a knot because I didn’t send the “extra mistake money” to where ever lol!!!! Well I simply explained to him that I was not stupid, and if it was indeed a mishap with the sending of way more money…. more than the initial deposit…. then they should tighten it up because I could have said F you and took all the money.. anyways I also didn’t understand why I had to deposit and send out what was suppose to me my money for a photo shoot….. cleaver, and different form of phishing but not cool. Next one was a gwc who sounded legit, and professional, with references like website and what not. well I was agreeing to nudes tasteful of coarse. I like in NYC and my travel was suppose to be paid for, so I ask about the lodging…. and my good friend in fla with gun lol was going to bring me there and make sure I was safe. Thats the plan I had….. well after talking to the GWC his idea and expectations were a bit different. He wanted me to stay with him in his home, and didn’t like that I was bringing someone. Well I called him out and told him he was insane, and should be arrested….but this too was suppose to be a paid shoot, sounded professional, until we talked about the details. I am very blunt, and tactful when speaking… especially when it comes to perverts, that think they can out smart me by a few references, good polite grammar, a pay check, and a friendly offer to stay in there house HAHA I do not fall for that desperation to commit a sexual crime….. OMG disgusting.

    Anyways I am on a budget, funds are very very low, and i really need to update my photo’s…. i have lost weight, and look different…. and I am looking to do any sort of TF shoot or a good professional shoot, with artistic, creative, self photo’s that are sexy, simi nude tasteful classsy and no body parts exposed…..and some with fetish attire, heels, sexy clothing, and thigh high funky socks…. I need them for my website that I am building and my advertisement for my business. so contact me at if you want to, or know anyone, or have some alternative ideas for me thanks so much!!

  22. Frank says:

    I’ve been on that site for a few years and never booked one paying job…..basically it became a site for “bathroom mirror models”…I’m out!

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