Downtown Throwdown goes off in Seattle,WA

Qwest stadium hosted the 3rd annual Downtown Throwdown in Seattle this weekend. Krush Kulesza of Snowboy Productions headed up the show With over 8,000 dollars in loot to be given out. All riders were determined to snag that top spot. Up to the challenge were some of snowboardings best up and coming jibbers. Jesse Burtner ruled the crowd with an iron mic, on hand to judge the event were Pro shreds Sean Genovese, Jon Kooley, Darrel Mathis and Austin Smith. Hammers were thrown bodies were broken and when the smoke cleared, Jed Anderson was the only survivor. Taking 1st place a bag of loot back home. Click ahead to see some eye candy I snapped of the action!

Pat Milberry could not wait to strap in.

Nick Dirks out the gate with a back lip.

Winner 2 years running, Jed Anderson.

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  1. nwlipton says:

    I know you had to break some rules to get those arial views. Good job!

  2. Shelby White says:

    Looks like a lot of us were shooting photos there!

    I dig the first and second shot.

  3. MPew says:


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