Nemo visits Nike 6.0 Lightning Bolts party

Nike teamed up with Haro Bikes, and a bunch of contemporary artists with a cultural connection to BMX and created original works of art using Haro’s original number plate as their canvas.

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  1. Lew says:

    It’s Bob Haro, not to be confused with Haro bikes.

    Bob was the original kick-ass number plate creator and godfather of freestyle; he merged his passion for design and art, into a product (the Haro plate) and later a sport, and a BMX bicycle brand. In 1986 he sold the name Haro bicycles and today Bob is not affilated with Haro Bicycles. He runs Haro design and Axio brand bags. The Lightning Bolts show was a tribute to the creative spark in BMX and how it’s rippled out and influenced riders and the artistic side of BMX.

    Just sayin’.

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