HCSC – Photo Workshop – Student slide show

HCSC – Photo Workshop_ final student slideshow from Dave Allen on Vimeo.
All the proof is in the slide show. The 2008 High Cascade photo workshop campers produced an incredible body of work! Jeremy Jones and 400 campers showed up the view the weeks worth of images. Brad Kramer from Mack Dawg previewed their new movie for the first time anywhere in the world!


4 Responses to “HCSC – Photo Workshop – Student slide show”

  1. Bryce says:

    A big thank you to Trevor and all of the photographers who put on such an amazing workshop. And the slide show was totally inspiring. Way to kill it everyone!

  2. KD Johnson says:

    Trevor, Is there any way to get a copy of the photo of Lindsay Johnson seen at 1:26?

  3. jonathan says:

    Huge props to High Cascade for hosting such an awesome workshop! No fear about making mistakes or bad attitudes, EVERYONE is there for a great time, and to learn. Very rare that working professionals are leading the classes and taking the time to teach the next generation the right way to do something! Big thanks to Trevor, Tim, Christy, and Andy for being there and helping us along the way.

  4. trevorgraves says:

    Thanks Jon-

    I hope everyone takes something away and start on their paths of success and happiness.

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