Chase Jarvis gets first dibs on Nikon D90! Luckyyyy!

Chase Jarvis is one lucky son of a B! Nikon teamed up with his crew and gave them all D90’s weeks before the official press release debuting the camera came out, check out the specs here and peep the movie to see all the fun things this camera can do!

3 Responses to “Chase Jarvis gets first dibs on Nikon D90! Luckyyyy!”

  1. tg says:

    i hear it shoots video. that could be sweet.

  2. Ewald says:

    This is why I hate technology. Just when I buy a 300…

  3. Dan R says:

    There’s an article in yesterday’s NY Times that does a good review of the video capabilities. Thanks for the post and link to Chase’s site. Lots of interesting stuff going on over there.

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